1. C

    sumifs formula

    =SUMIFS('VISTA DUMP'!A:A,A1,'VISTA DUMP'!G:G,"OPEN",'VISTA DUMP'!J:J) Hey guys cant get this formula right i am trying to make a sumifs formula to check if column A in sheet 1 appears in vista dump column A and contains "open" in vista column G it will add the corresponding numbers in vista...
  2. FuzzyTom

    Excel Macro Stopped Working

    Excel 2007 My excel macro suddenly stopped working on a Windows 8.1 professional. The macro starts and then just continues to run until I stop it. Even if I "run to cursor" in visual basic the macro seems to be doing nothing and will run until I stop it. This macro has been working for...
  3. N

    SendKeys on Vista

    hello forum, i've made an VBA tool that would take the printscreen of the previous active window and copy it into Excel using Sendkeys the program is running perfect on XP but fails big time on Vista. do you know if there is anything specific with Vista that would have an effect on the...
  4. T

    Counting only occurences of text item in a list that has a value entered against it in the same row

    MS Excel 2007, Vista, The task asks that I find the item of (in this case) second hand uniform that has sold most units. To do so I need to create a list of unique items (text) found in a column that list all individual items that are or have been in stock. (which I can do using Advanced...
  5. J

    Copy Files to A Compressed Folder

    I am trying to put several files into a zipped file (Windows Vista uses compressed folders) inside of my VB coding. I have tried making a folder with a ".zip" extension and copying files into it. The result was not a compressed folder. I have looked for a way to address with file attributes...
  6. B

    excel 2007

    How do I assign a cell containing a single letter and a cell containing a numerical value. I want to be able to input a letter and get its assigned numerical output in a different cell. Can someone write me a formula for this?
  7. K

    Strange behaviour

    I’ve made on my computer a dual boot. First: - Windows XP (NLD) - Office 2007 (NLD) - Office 2003 (NLD) Second: - Windows 7 (ENG) - Office 2007 (NLD) If I start with WinXp and run the excel file, in both versions of Excel, then there is no problem. When I start with Windows 7 I get the next...
  8. L

    Vista/Windows Media Player/podcasts

    For better or for worse, I bought a laptop with Vista. I was able to listen to Mr. Excel's archived podcasts beforehand with no problem. It would appear in a new tab in Explorer 7.0. After installing Windows Media Player I have problems. It tries to open in Windows Media...
  9. J

    Excel applications that run in both XP/2003 and Vista

    I have several Excel applications that run fine in XP/2003. I know at some point I will need to re-write them to run in Excel Vista. Have others had success re-writing applications for Vista, yet maintaining compatibility in XP/2003? Thanks. Jeff

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