vlookup and contains

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    How can I do a partial match in a vlookup (True fails)

    I have a spreadsheet with thousands of lines from event logs. I want to search for very specific wors int he event logs. Here are a couple example lines from an event log: Name: Microsoft-Windows-DiskDiagnosticDataCollector Status: SCHED_S_TASK_DISABLED MD5: [N/A] Creator: Microsoft...
  2. C

    Search a mobile phone prefix in a table array

    I have 2 tables: A) a list of 3,000+ names with corresponding mobile numbers. B) a list of mobile phone prefixes (4 digits) belonging to 3 mobile phone carriers. Question: I want to know what mobile phone carrier each of the 3,000 mobile numbers belongs to by matching the first 4 digits of the...
  3. F

    Use Trim while doing and Index Search Match. Simple formula 4 a complex task ?

    Hi, I have the below excel file in dropbox. promise it's clean :) I would like a simple formula for a complex task. Do not want to add any columns or sort any data. The data will not be sorted alphabetically in any tab. 1) worksheet "email" has a person's full name in column A (with a space...
  4. J

    Vlookup with date range

    I have three sheets. From "Invoice", I want to find the correct lookup sheet based on year, match the LookupCode, and pull the correct Price where PurchaseDate is between BeginDate and EndDate. This one has kicked my behind. Any expertise welcome! Sheet Invoice <tbody> Year LookupCode...
  5. L

    Vlookup based on values from two columns

    I have a spreadsheet (Excel 2010). I want to fill categoryid in Sheet One based on values of Skill and State which are part of field in Sheet two. Sheet One (Has Four Columns and I am looking for filling CategoryID based on Sheet Two FirstName LastName Skill State CategoryID John...
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    How to vlookup multiple partial value?

    Hello excel gurus, I was wondering if anyone is aware of any formula that can do a list of partial vlookups? Please see my example below. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 484pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=645><COLGROUP><COL style="WIDTH: 194pt...
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    text string seach and count???

    Alright i have a term i want to search say "Large Dog" I have a list of about 200 rows of files (located in a few main folders on my computer) that i want to search through each of the text strings. Is there a way that i can search through the entire list and have the formula return return a...
  8. K

    Why am I getting a #N/A??

    here is my formula: if(vlookup(a26,d3:g36,4,0)=0,"","True") What am I doing wrong not to get a blank instead of #N/A
  9. C

    Vlookup with Contains

    I'm trying to put together a Vlookup, but i'm having problems as the lookup value contains the data i want to lookup rather than being an exact match. In Sheet1 Column G i have the following (just a sample) 2880-00000064-METZROTH V 011111<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...

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