1. W

    Lookup IF this, AND that AND that AND...

    Hello Wizards! In advance thank you so much for any help. I am self taught and have gotten along "ok" (I spend hours to complete what you all would deem simple) but my current need is too complex for me to think thru. Here goes: I am attempting to create a lookup from a cover sheet to another...
  2. H

    Multiple VLOOKUPS with specific text outputs in IF statements

    I have been looking everywhere for a solution but have had no luck so far, hopefully one of you can help me with this. I want to compare the text in E2 with a list of text in I, J, and K, and if the VLOOKUP is succesful in I, the formula should input the text "Nybyg", if unsuccesful it should...
  3. A

    Find the most frequently used set of values

    I have a spreadsheet with more than 200 columns, and each column has different values with different sizes. I'm trying to find some sets of values and here are my questions; 1) How can I find the most frequently used set with size 3? (eg. CD8, CD3, CD4 or CD8, FoxP3, PanCK) 2) After I...
  4. A

    VBA - Userform Data entry - Prompt if VLOOKUP error (#n/a)

    I have a excel file that is designed for entering drawing numbers to use as a register. The file is design to search a part of the drawing number and relate it to a client # on a different sheet. I want my userform to prompt the user if no return is found relating the newly entered drawing...
  5. R

    What is the most efficient way to solve this both the problems and are there multiple ways to solve them? Please let me know. Much appreciated!

    I have tried solving the problem Q1 and Q2 and I am getting errors. I have attached the images with this. PS- Q1 and Q2 are the questions. Tab1, Tab2 and Tab3 is the data I have to work on. How do I got about the same? Please help me out. Thanks!
  6. S

    Vlookup with cell background color

    Dear All, Please help me out or suggest me how to vlookup with cell backgrond color, eg. i have sheet1 & 1000 names in column A and i want to vlookup columnB values with multiple cell colors (with formatting) in sheet2 ColumnB according to columnA. please suggest me any shortcut or vlookup...
  7. K

    Keep first word of cell - but ignore if cell only contains one word

    Hi All, I have to do some VLOOKUP formulas and need to isolate words that I can match between two workbooks. I am using the below formula to isolate the first word in the cell - example "Camelot Cement Wallpaper" =LEFT(B2,FIND(" ",B2)-1) I am left with "Camelot" Which is working great, but I...
  8. A

    How to automate the vlookup that fetch data from different folder and file.

    Sir and all Excel enthusiast. It would be helpful if please help in Vba program Requirement: I need to fetch data unsing vlookup from different work ketp in different folder. Can any help me to automate this task using VBA code. Thanks in advance.
  9. M

    How to Sum and update a specific cell that already has a value, with a Userform

    I have the following sheet witha Userform. and what i need to do is - (1). I need the vba code to select a code from the drop down ComboBox. - (I Already figured it out) (2). once the code is selected, i need to update the specific value of that row in Column "F" according to the code selected...
  10. J

    Dynamic Valuelist based on selected dropdown

    I'm fairly new to excel. I have googled this with no help. I will try to explain this the best way I can. I have a field that I created a dropdown from a named range. I then want to use the value selected to create another dropdown list, but its filtered to only display certain values from the...
  11. tomsov

    Combining sum result from multiple tables

    Hello, I'm struggling with a combined table result issue as follows and I'm hoping someone can help. I've got 5 seperate sheets, all with named tables that are exactly the same format - the tables refer to customer orders that contain the same data - so order live/dead, order number, part...
  12. A

    Complicated Excel Sheet including formula and VB Script

    Dear Experts I have a complicated issue for which I need your help. Attached is the csv file 01012020.csv Problem I need to import these csv files for each day of 2020 into an excel sheet and create an excel file filtered for each dept. So for example I have imported csv files from 01012020 to...
  13. Q

    vlookup - how do i see/highlight changes made in the table?

    Hello everyone, I have a table with a lot of prices for some products, and from my 2nd excel document i pull data to update those prices with =vlookup function. But it takes a lot of time for me to go from 1-2-3-4-5... and look at the prices and see if any price changed. Is there a way to...
  14. A

    Creating a string using Vlookups in VBA

    Good morning, I have created a userform for people to use to generate a unique reference for a campaign. I use text boxes, option buttons and combo boxes to get the data which is then input into a worksheet and then use a vlookup formula in a worksheet to create the reference. The reference has...
  15. W

    Add nested condition to existing excel formula

    Hello, I'm relatively new to more complex nested formulas in Excel (Windows, 2016) and would appreciate some assistance. I’m trying to add a condition to an existing formula that currently performs vlookups based on the text of another cell (H3); the new condition that says if cell H2 contains...
  16. R

    Most Improved

    Alright, so 3 problems I need yall's help with please... I posted pictures to give a better idea. I'm hitting a wall... and i'm not an expert with vlookups or array formulas :( 1. I'm trying to get the top 5 Most improved sales associates. I want names & %Increase 2. And the 5 with the...
  17. J

    Populate data from different sheets into 1 page based on criteria

    Hello - I am having some trouble on how to automate excel to grab bits of data from cells in other sheets (same workbook) and bring it into a single page summary. For example, I am wanting to populate this table and based on what serial number is typed in (B-002 etc), the table below will...
  18. A

    Lookup based on two criteria

    Hello I have a problem. I have two tables in Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 of a workbook. There are 3 fields in each of the tables out of which Name and Date are common in both the worksheets with varying data. Now I want to function which matches the name and date with the hours worked on that date by...
  19. D

    Lookup and return multiple values

    Hello, I have a large data set containing automobile model/name (year make model engine) and their associated part numbers. Some of the automotive names repeat due to multiple part numbers for that particular model. What I am trying to do is to combine all part numbers associated with a...
  20. G

    Keep a record of changing cell values in a column in Excel

    I have a column that uses VLOOKUP to bring in values from another sheet. I would like to save the precious value of any cell in this column to the corresponding cell in the next column whenever the cell value has changed. Example: Current values: Cell A1=1, A2=2 If VLOOKUP brings a different...

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