1. P

    Sorting referenced column and rows

    Hi Guys, i have a unique problem I cannot find a solution for. Need help, I have a tabel where the first column is a VLOOKUP column from a list of names. Subsequent columns are input data with no formulas. Now, If I add a name to the name list, it shows up in the first column, but, obviously...
  2. S

    2 sheets, Connect 2 formulas, Vlookup and Concatenate

    Hi Great minds. Greetings. I have a file with 2 sheets Values for example: <tbody> Sheet 1 Code Product Type Colour sd123 Necklace Oxidized Black hf32 Bangles Gold Rose Gold </tbody> If we input a code from sheet 1 to sheet 2 manually, we would like to get the following result...
  3. C

    Vlookup Indirect Match function error

    Hi all, I am in a major pickle at the moment :eeek: Help! I would like the formula to find the pricing across multiple tabs and the problem is the pricing column. The pricing column is situated on a different column letter and row number on each tab: Please see the link below for the...
  4. M

    VLOOKUP using hidden/filtered data

    I have a list of prices, products, customers, etc. that are in categories (Beef, Chicken, etc.) and in subsets (Salisbury, Ground, Raw, etc.). I am using the Aggregate function to determine the lowest price. Then, I use the VLOOKUP function to search that lowest price for who is purchasing...
  5. M


    Which is faster? I have two workbooks. One has all the personnel information and the other has equipment information. They team up to create picking sheets for the warehouse. Each provides information to the other one via vlookups. I was wondering if instead of doing a vlookup I could simply...
  6. trishcollins

    vlookup on table column with cells containing multiple entries separated by commas

    I have a table that has a list of requirements from various documents. The table is called "Combined_Req". Each requirement is assigned a unique identifier "ID", that is in the form of "CR-1", "CR-2", etc." I have another table called "Req_by_Category" where I have consolidated like...
  7. T

    Use A Tab Name As Part Of A VLOOKUP Formula

    Hi all, I am trying to use a tab name as part of a VLOOKUP formula however what I have so far returns #N/A VLOOKUP Formula =VLOOKUP(U5,'SCORING BY MONTH'!A4:B203,2,FALSE) And in cell U5 I have the following: =MID(CELL("filename",A1),FIND("]",CELL("filename",A1))+1,255) In this instance this...
  8. O

    Vlookup with variable lookup value

    Hello, Is it possible for a VLOOKUP to have a multiple lookup value. For example: =VLOOKUP(A1,'Data'!$A$1:$D$1000,2,FALSE) If the lookup value in A1 is empty it can look at a different lookup value in A2? Thanks in advance, Chris
  9. J

    Lock Formula Return Value

    Is there a way to lock the return value of a formula. I need my vlookup formula to return the value and leave it unchanged because the data range vlookup is pulling from will be deleted on a daily basis. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.
  10. J

    Update summary worksheet comment with data from worksheets

    I am working with two workbooks. In the first workbook, I have a worksheet that lists 100 ip addresses. I have another workbook that has 100 tabs. Each tab matches one of the ip addresses that are on the first workbook. Also, each tab in the second workbook has anywhere from 10 to 30 rows of...
  11. P

    VLOOKUP with multiple rows

    Hi all, Trying to write a formula but getting stuck. I have a list of around 30 items that are "Not Despatched". This list changes and I want to pull the updated list (which may be in different row numbers as time goes by, and there may be greater or fewer lines). I tried VLOOKUP however...
  12. P

    VLOOKUP to return from multiple columns from another workbook

    Hi Does anyone know how i can return multiple column using VLOOKUP in a new workbook? I have tried this off the net but it won't work. =VLOOKUP(A3,[Parks and Leisure Sites.xlsx]Sheet1'!$A:$F,{2,3,4,5},FALSE) Thanks Ernie
  13. M

    VLOOKUP then return date between two dates

    Hi all, I need to do a VLOOKUP combined with a way to get a value association between two dates. On the left hand side is the range where authorization IDs and effective/expiration dates are. On the right hand side is where a lot of data will be with names, service dates, and a column to find...
  14. C

    ISNA VLOOKUP INDIRECT combination does not work

    Hi all, I'm having trouble with the following formula below: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($C$3,INDIRECT("'"&"*"&$B4&"*"&"'!$A:$A"),1,0)),"NO","YES")) The indirect function does not seem to work with the vlookup or I am doing it wrong. Please see below for the excel file...
  15. D

    VLookup not working in VBA

    Hello, I'm attempting to do a VLookup in a macro while using the Match function to dynamically determine which column to look in. I did some testing by sending values to a Msgbox to validate I am passing the correct values. Ex: MsgBox "Match Value is : " & Match1 <== the value was 13...
  16. A

    Is Vlookup appropriate

    I have a spreadsheet I need to add tax ids to but tax ids are on the second tab. I want to match it with vendor number. Would vlookup be appropriate and how would it work? Say the vendor numbers are in column A on both tabs but the tax Id is on tab 2 in column b.
  17. T

    SUMIFS and Vlookup

    I cant seem to get my head around SUMIFS and VLOOKUP, Im currently using: =SUMIF('Gas July'!$B$2:$D$217, VLOOKUP($A3, 'Gas July'!$B$2:$D$217, 1, FALSE), 'Gas July'!$D$2:$D$217) Which points to a sheet with only July Data and multiple sites and it gives me the number I want (total usage for...
  18. K

    vlookup time format

    Hi all, i have a question on time format when vlookup. how can i easier to identify (conditional formatting with color or vlookup to return with my request only?) the table below if i want greater than 18:30(subject to change in A1) <tbody> 18:45 21:30 17:15 16:30 21:00 19:45...
  19. C

    I think I need a V Lookup?????

    I could use some help with a V Lookup. The first sheet is a list of names in column 1 in columns 2-5 those are weeks in the year based on the second sheet. Said person can select any of the 52 weeks and up to 4 different weeks. I am working a vacation bid where people select which week they want...
  20. E

    Tracing Formula Frustrations — due to complex cell referencing​

    Suffering some apparent limitations of Excel. Excel cell referencing (i.e. $A$6) can become a major pain when I have to make changes to a complex spreadsheet. Multiple formulas to update etc. Tracing the formula is a major pain! I.e. Vlookup(A3, ProductMaster!$A$1:$D$25, 3, false) verses...

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