1. M

    vlookup in VBA using selection.currentregion in another sheet

    i'm new to both macros and vba I have a pivot table in sheet FR Pivot and a table in sheet Final. I want to pick up the pivot table data and use vlookup to fill in values in my table in the Final sheet. The issue is that the pivot table can be dynamic. So I'm trying the following: Dim Range1...
  2. L

    Lookup Minimum value in a range

    I would like to lookup a value in a table and have it return the lowest matching value If I look up the age 6, it should return 39 If I look up the age 7, it should return 49
  3. T

    Can this be done through a Pivot Table/Vlookup?

    Hi all, Novice here, hope someone can help! Would appreciate some help on this query and if this can be done with a Pivot table. I have a range of data as per Image 1 below. The end result I'm looking for is a sort of Resource Planner as per Image 2, something that gives me the name of the...
  4. Grizlore

    Looking up a "banned" item from a Userform with VBA lockup

    I am looking for some help please, I am sure it is something simple. When I enter a numerical value into the Userform textbox "txtRTAs" I would like it to look at a worksheet to see if the number is there. IF it is, then I want a simple MsgBox to inform that this number is there and "banned"...
  5. G


    Hello, I am doing a vlookup on one column's values which includes multiple data types (dates, number, or #N/A for not available. The one column's results will either be: 1) a date (formatted MM/DD/YYYY) 2) or it will be a number, positive or negative 3) or it will be not available (#N/A)...
  6. L

    Return next highest number using INDEX

    Hi all, So this one may be a bit confusing to explain so I'll try my best! I'm on O365. I have a table, which will grow by rows as time goes on. ID1 ID2 ID3 ID4 ID5 ID6 ID7 ID8 1 2 aaa bbb ccc ddd 100 100 2 2 eee fff ggg hhh 400 400 3 3 iii jjj kkk lll 700...
  7. H

    Match Lookup to another worksheet

    Hi, I have the following VLOOKUP formula which is working well. =IF(D9>=1,IFERROR(VLOOKUP(D9,[Tbl_XX_Costs.xlsx]Sheet1!$B$2:$S$4999,4,FALSE),"EMPTY"),"") However I came by an article online that explained that using the MATCH instead of Vlookups to a column is better because if the column in...
  8. W


    Example I wish to find the best way to add the following data Lookup Pop abc Pop21 def Pop22 ghi Pop23 jkl Pop24 mno Pop25 pqr Pop26 stu Pop27 to the end of the correct row in the next available empty cell. The problem is each row is a different length Name Key field A1 A2...
  9. M

    Assigning cells based on Alpha

    Hello - Looking for a solution: At work we are assigned by suppliers based on Alpha. Currently I have a list of suppliers (see example below) In another report, I do a VLOOKUP by Supplier ID which searches my list below and assigns it to the appropriate person in a pivot I created. However...
  10. G

    Vlookup formula pulling data from wrong table

    Hi, I have a vlookup formula that I recycle and update the lookup reference on as the fiscal year changes: =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A24,FEES_FY21,$H$2+1,0),0). I have multiple sheets in the workbook, and for some reason on some of the sheets, even though the reference has been changed to FY21, it is...
  11. L

    Comparing datasets using match and index functions

    I have two datasets I am comparing for discrepancies, call it table A and table B Essentially, I want to be able to overlay table B ontop of the first data set to see where the errors, differences and gaps are. A vlookup for every column is maybe not the best solution, since column names of...
  12. C

    VLookup Worksheet Function: Run TIme 1004 issue

    I am receiving a "Run Time Error 1004 - Unable to get the VLookup property if the WorksheetFunction" for the below, but not until the 3rd Vlookup runs. Values are in the lookup table, etc...Help! I don't understand why the first two run but not the third and fourth. The only difference between...
  13. Z

    help needed with formula

    hi, i have this table which consist all the transaction happen in the month(Mytransaction). in another table(Summary), i would like to do a summary based on the transaction table. in one of the cells is to input the latest balance of the account so the problem is that I want a formula to detect...
  14. I

    Normal Formula and Array Formula

    I have question is it possible to combine a normal formula and array formula because as of my knowledge one only requires enter and another ctrl shift and enter. How do I combine them both if it is possible? =IF(IFNA(VLOOKUP(M2,CHOOSE({1,2},IF('[Tier Price List.xlsx...
  15. L

    Easy problem for yall. But not me.

    Group, I have a data base that I am trying to use VLOOKUP and find the QTY for SO-ABCD for the 5PM 7PM and so on but I am not figuring out how to do, can you all excel gods help me?
  16. A

    PLEASE HELP!!! Can Not Get Formulas To Work??

    I need to know what the VLOOKUP FORMULA is for moving numbers between these 2 sheets because I can not figure out the formula myself. I have tried all day, and I can not get it. JUST LIKE IT SHOWS IN THE SCREENSHOT ABOVE. I have 2 sheets named "Testing Day 1" and "Month 1 Week 1". I want to...
  17. T

    Need help nesting a VLookup inside an index, I think?

    Hello all, I've got a problem with a table I set up. Here is the reference table: 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13 2011-12 2010-11 2009-10 2008-09 Division # Div Name Division OH Division OH Division OH Division OH Division OH Division OH Division OH...
  18. J

    Vlookup Help Please.. :)

    Hi there, I am struggling to get this to work and its bugging me! i hope you lovely people can help me. Basically if the content within column A and B of sheet one, matches the content of column A and B on sheet 2, then insert date from column D on sheet 2 into column J on sheet 1 I hope...
  19. P

    Looking for help with v or h lookups

    Let me start by saying I am a pretty newbie to Excel - I know the basics but V/H lookups are out of my capabilities. What I am looking to do: I have bike mile logs on two sheets and on a third are thee highest or max for a particular stat. I was able to create the max sheet but what i would...
  20. I

    Index match not working for grater than value

    Hi there! I'm trying to make the index match formula work for -1 (greater than values) as I don't have the exact match for the value I'm looking for: I have an invoice table and a tariff table and based on the value of the weight in the invoice I need it to get the cost. If I use vlookup (image...

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