1. 0

    If(And) with a Vlookup

    Hi everyone, I have a situation where I've got a spreadsheet with 2 different columns of data that must match. If they match, I'll need to do a vlookup in order to find a specific account ID on another sheet. What I want to do is from sheet 1, if Acct Type = "Deposit", and Tender Type =...
  2. J

    Vlookup with 2 conditions

    Beginning in Column H3, based on the value in column G3, I want to return the starting goalie for the game. So for game 1 I want to return "Pekka Rinne", Game 2 "Jusse Saros" from the array $A$3:$D$12 The linked picture of the example sheet, the eventual array will be 2000 rows...
  3. R


    Hi Excelperts, Need help on following try to create a dashboard. Have herewith attached a sample file But first need to match data from Column H to A of Sheet 'Oct-19' On dashboard need following data are to be Displayed with the help Index on Sl-No in column G of Sheet 'Oct-19' & lock/protect...
  4. L

    Find related items based on multiple criteria > index+match multiple criteria or somthing else?

    Hi all, This is a challenge, at least for me. What I'm trying to achieve is the following: I've a big list of items with several specs. I want to project the matching items (with the same specs) in columns after the item to match. Simplified example of the data: <tbody> Item Spec 1 Spec 2...

    VLOOKUP MATCH Not returning all results

    Hi Guys. I wonder if anyone could help to shed some light on something I'm struggling with here.. I'm trying to do a simple VLOOKUP MATCH as follows: On Sheet 'HomeQuote' I have a DV dropdown in cell D15 that the user selects a model, in this example selecting H1. ('Home Quote'!$D$15) I have a...
  6. K


    Hello, I am having issues figuring out how to essentially do a VLOOKUP searching for CONCATENATED or AMENDED information Explanation: On one sheet, I have names with unique values that I could use for a vlookup for agents that go to different trainings: Smith, Joe could have the following...
  7. M

    Find matching code & Find first negative value & Define date of the negation & Write it down

    Hello all, I ran into a problem with my excel file. I am trying to calculate when I will need to add some additional quantity of material, but the table I am taking data from is not exactly helping. Fig. 1 shows how the data are approximately displayed. You can see production for each weak...
  8. N

    VBA Vlookup reference to number more than 10 digits

    Hello, I have a worksheet that contains Product details (BarCode, Name, Category...) I have the following code to lookup the name reference to the entered BarCode It works well if the number is less than 10 digits Ex: if I entered this number in the "txtBarCode", it will lookup the name and...
  9. B

    vlookup with repeat and length

    Hello, I'm using a vlookup to pull the last four digits of a credit card number, but some of the numbers begin with a zero. here is my current formula =VLOOKUP(G2,Billing!$A:$P,14,FALSE)
  10. R

    Disreguard #N/A when adding a column of numbers.

    I have a column of numbers that come from a vlookup. I want to add this column up skipping the cells with a #N/A result from the vlookup. Thanks guys.
  11. V

    Complex function

    Good afternoon Dear All, Firtsly i would like to apologize if my question contains any misunderstandings. I have a workbook where there are many sheets with many informations but i want to take a specific value from all those sheets. Imagine that there are lists of products per category in...
  12. M

    imported text not recognised in vlookup

    Hello I have a problem whereby I have to copy data from my work system into excel and then run a vlookup againt the data. The problem is that the data is not recognised by the vlookup formula in all cases. the data is part numbers, and is a mix of numerical and alpha numerical. eg 30524 30536...
  13. J

    Use VLookup in VBA

    Can I use vlookup to search values and ranges and two sheets and return results to a blank sheet (Sheet3)? For example, sheet2 has a value in B2. Sheet1 has the same value in E2, but I want to return the value in A2 to sheet3. I want to do this is vba. If possible, any suggestions to get me...
  14. M

    If VLookup

    I'll try to explain what I'm doing then add a picture for context. On another sheet (we'll call sheet 2) I have added two values together to get a sum. Those values are in column K. In K those values are either marked as "-" or a number. On sheet 1, I am trying to do a vlookup of that value...
  15. E

    Vlookup based on Moving Target range

    Hi everyone, Pulling my hair out today trying to figure this one out! I have a large reference doc where the given value I'm trying to locate can be found anywhere between columns J - U. From there I need to lookup the value in column AA, hence my vlookup range is somewhat dynamic. I am already...
  16. sakis_s

    Help with duplicate values move horizontally

    Hi! I'm looking for a formula to do the following: I have: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 <colgroup><col width="68"></colgroup><tbody> 2040899 </tbody> <colgroup><col width="68"></colgroup><tbody> 54Z4 </tbody> 2 <colgroup><col...
  17. H

    Vlookup with multiple occurances of a value

    Hi. I have a master postcode list and have been using Vlookup to check if my postcode is in the master list and to bring back info from neighbouring cells in the master postcode list. This was working well until I found that my postcode could occur more than once in the master list (with...
  18. I

    VLOOKUP Returns #NA when data is present

    I cant wrap my head around this error, I have 2 excel sheets, I am using VLOOKUP to add new pricing from the new sheet to the old sheet, I have triple checked a couple of numbers and noticed some exists on both sheets. Yet I it inputs #NA in that cell, I have cross checked a few numbers and saw...
  19. P

    Vlookup or Index the last or 1st Non zero value

    Hi, There are quite a bit of lookup last or 1st non zero value in a row or column as below link http://www.xldynamic.com/source/xld.LastValue.html Is there a way to combined it with vlookup, OR sum(if(criteria, if(criteria,range))), so we can search a range based on some row and column match...
  20. I

    VLOOKUP and IFNA give me a 0 when data exists

    I have 2 workbooks i want to pull data from and merge into one main page, I have followed the instructions per this Youtube video, but I am getting a 0 in over 50% of the fields that have a valid value. Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yea2Zvb8Q7s Here is my formula...

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