1. S

    Getting a store chain's name from a branch

    Let's say I have the store column below. I'm trying to make a formula that will scrub the column and return an output with just the type of store as shown in the "Desired Output" column. Because the amount of words before/after the type varies, I couldn't use the mid function to look for a set...
  2. M

    Dynamic large funtion?

    Hi all, Hopefully it's possible, what not in excel :) I'm familiar with the large function, the thing is that I would like to make it dynamic with a vlookup or match function in it. So in the below case if a user wants to find out the highest sales of the three weeks by a certain product, he...
  3. B

    how to do this lookup?

    Please see table below. I'm trying to figure out how to do a lookup for these values? For example if I wanted to know how many CPU's were sold by Dell, the answer below is 11. But what would be the way to do that lookup? I know how to do vlookups and sumifs but can't figure this one out...
  4. E

    VBA - Sophisticated approach to find and highlight duplicates

    Hello VBA pros, I have a tricky problem (well it is for me) regarding duplicates in a dataset. Regularly I receive manually generated customer lists from our finance/sales or another department including an overview of customers and their revenues in a specific period (customer name in column A...
  5. J

    Another "finding duplicates" macro

    I seem to have lost my log in info and the site doesnt recognize my email address so a new account it is. I have a spreadsheet that has 14 columns and 50k+ rows, but I need to search for duplicates in 2 of the columns... but not just duplicates.... here is some sample data. One of the columns...
  6. S

    Another Sorting Question

    I have the following code which starts off by pasting into cells A1 through B6 the following data. All of the data pasted into column "A" is numeric. I ran the macro recorder and then copied and pasted that into the bottom of my code. When it gets to the line...

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