waterfall chart in excel

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    Waterfall chart

    Hi I'm creating a waterfall chart in Excel 2016 and would like to know how to do two things, please: 1) to re-set the bars so they all start from zero eg at the moment, I have a bar which has the value 123 ie 123 instances occurred in this particular instance. But it goes from 150 on the...
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    Resize Waterfall Chart

    using Office 2016 trying to change the size of a Waterfall chart without much success. I tried - With ActiveChart.Parent.Select ActiveSheet.Shapes.Select ("Chart 1") .Height = 300 .Width = 600 No luck. I also tried to just resize it by recording a macro and this is all that...
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    Excel Help - expense waterfall over a partial period

    Hello, this is my first time posting to this site and could really use some help with the below, as I have already spent a long time trying to figure out an appropriate formula. I am creating a waterfall schedule based off monthly expenses, and need to allocate the total monthly expense for a...
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    Waterfall Chart in Excel

    I want to make a chart that shows the progressive variance from a budget amount to and actual amount. If my budget is 1,000,000 and I have 4 categories of variance - revenue is down 200,000, DL is favorable by 50,000, Distribution is not favorable by 100,000 and admin is not favorable by...

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