waterfall chart

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    How to show multiple lines in a waterfall chart?

    Hi, I want to create a waterfall chart that shows the accumulative value of rainfall for each year. So basically the line can only go up. The X-axis shows the days from 0 to 366 The Y-axis shows the rainfall value in mm (0 to 1500) I am able to do that for one year but if I want to add a second...
  2. A

    Stacked waterfall graph problems

    Hi All, I am trying to adjust a waterfall/bridge graph that is used to analyse operating profit year on year. The graph is illustrating the change in operating profit by Business units. Within one Business unit there has been a £1.5m growth and a £1.7m loss within a new branch unique to...
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    Overlapping Waterfall Chart

    I have a waterfall chart (for no reason other than I thought it would be different) with costs up one side for various dates along the other. This works, I've got this bit sorted, pretty confident at the selecting of cells. What I want to have is another set of data that isn't the same size...
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    Adding a Segmented Bar to a Waterfall Chart

    Hi, I have two charts. The first one is a waterfall chart with bars for for sales opportunities and their stages of completion.i.e the x-axis will have the % to completion at which the deal currently stands at such as 90%, 70% etc. and the y-axis refers to the amount of the deal. The second...
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    Dynamic Watefall chart

    Hi, Is there a way of making the formatting of a graph so that the start and End bar are always the same colour format? I think this is probably VBA but a VBA trick but no sure? The reason i need to do this is I am using dynamic waterfall chart (using a stacked graph) where the X axis changes...
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    waterfall chart scale

    I'm working on implementing a waterfall chart into some month end cash flows charts and am having trouble with the scale. I have an inflow that is infinitely bigger than all the other inflows and am wondering how to "hide" a portion of the graph so all the inflows show up on the graph. Just...

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