1. Z

    VBA if ReadOnly Loop

    Hi All, Hoping someone can help me with this. I have some code that will open another Workbook, add data, save/close. I’m trying to create a loop that will check if the file is opened read only, if the file is opened read only, if like it to close the file and try to open it again, after 5...
  2. B

    Copy and Paste then Auto save from 2 wbs into 1 wb

    Hi all How to copy and paste 2 wbs from 2 locations into one then run macro 1 then auto save the combine wb into the same folder with wb1 , same name as wb1 but add specific text1 and time stamp at the end & (.csv ) After that, the macro will automatically redo copy and paste 2 wbs above...
  3. W

    Workbook Sheet Referncing Problem

    Good evening all, I'm trying to make a program that will allow the user to click on a cell or select multiple cells and the contents of that cell, or a selection of cells, will then be pasted into another workbook. I'm using a selection change event to accomplish this. It works fine until I...
  4. L

    Stuck: Compare worksheet value and output to new file with unchanged AND changed values

    I've just started this job, and I know this can be done easier than it is right now. Currently, it takes days to manually locate changed data in a newly submitted file (WB2) and update the master spreadsheet (WB1). I've used the Compare worksheet function in Excel 2016 which has provided me...
  5. melodramatic

    Open File, copy to WB1 - getting hung up

    I'm been tasked with creating a macro that will take a new listing of data, and compare it to existing data in my main workbook. Unfortunately, I keep getting hung up with it, and I am totally lost. What I'm wanting to do - Go to the specific folder, and choose the file to update (works...
  6. J

    VBA: Update Read-Only Workbook

    Hello there, I'm not sure if this is even a possibility... I'm hoping so! Currently, in wb1, I have a macro that opens wb2 to update data and if wb2 is read-only, it will ExitSub. My concern is, wb2 will be accessed VERY frequently by other users so I’m wondering if I set wb2 as read-only to...
  7. J

    Working with multiple workbooks using VBA

    Hello, I currently have this code: Dim FileName As String FileName = Sheets("Tracker").Range("A4") Dim FileName1 As String FileName1 = Sheets("Tracker").Range("A5") Set wB2 = Workbooks.Open("file location") If wB2.ReadOnly Then ActiveWorkbook.Close...

    Help with renaming a value in a cell with a letter

    Hello to all, We have a WB1 that upon opening evaluates cell d37 if D37 is blank then VB will go out to the network, search another wb2, and retrieve a number and apply that number to D37 of the current WB1. Next, if d37 of wb1 is populated we use this: If Range("D37").Value <> "" Then Exit...
  9. K

    Popup Message Box VBA

    Hi guys, I have a code and I am not sure how to add a popup message box to appear; One if it cant find workbook 1 and another to say copy completed once it has copied over. Please any help would be appreciated! Thank you The code I have is: Sub CopyData() Dim Wb1 As Workbook, wb2 As...
  10. S

    Silly Question: formulas referencing tables in closed workbooks

    So this might be a silly question .... I have done some research and haven't quite found an answer that either makes sense to me, or is clear enough. I am having an issue with some of my formulas. I have workbook 1 (wb1) and workbook 2 (wb2). In wb1, I have some formulas, let's use Vlookup as...
  11. A

    I can not determine how to transfer a sheet to overlay or replace one in another workbook

    Using Win10 and Office2013, I have 2 workbooks in same folder. wb1 uses form textboxes to input data that Imove to rows of 'Sheet1' when user hits form 'Post' button. Each row specifies wb2 sheet names and col/rowcoordinates to be updated from this data. At completion user hits 'Transfer'button...
  12. A

    Switching Views Between Windows

    I feel a bit silly asking this as it should be one of the more basic Excel VBA commands. I have an open maximized workbook (wb1). VBA code within this workbook creates a copy of one of it's worksheets to a new workbook (wb2) through a userform (uf1) and saves it. After wb2 is saved, it remains...
  13. S

    Formula to copy text from a different sheet with a condition

    I have 2 worksheets from 2 separate workbooks. For this question I will say Workbook 1 and worksheet 1 is called WB1 and WS1, the other is WB2 and WS2. On WB2, WS2, I want it to extrapolate row information from WB1, WS1 if it contains the word DV in Column A2-A117. I want it to pull info...
  14. J

    VBA select between to workbooks

    Having two workbooks WB1 stored under: C:\WBA.xlsx Sheet 1 WB2 stored under: C:\WB2.xlsx Sheet 1 Now I want to create a macro which first activates cell A1 in sheet 1 in WB1 and then by tabbing F8 in VBE selects cell A1 in sheet 1 in WB2
  15. M

    Copying a column from one workbook to another

    Hi all. Long time lurker here. Usually I can get my excel question answered by searching the forums but I'm having a bit of a problem with this one, despite its simplicity. I have two workbooks open, I want to transfer what is in cell H9:H50 in my first open workbook to H9:H50 in the second...
  16. S

    Enter value in WB2 only if a value is present in both WB1 and WB2

    I have two workbooks say WB1 and WB2. I need to enter the value in the WB2's new worksheet only if a value is present in both WB1 and WB2. How can I do this using macros. Please help. Thanks!
  17. R

    VBA Declaring a workbook

    Hello, I found this code below and modified it to work for my purpose. It goes into a workbook and copies a range into another workbook in a specific sheet. I keep getting an error on the "Set wb1 = Workbooks" line. It appears it can't find the WB. Can someone tell me what I'm missing? Sub...
  18. R

    Open up multiple workbooks to obtain data with vba

    Hi All, I am attempting to get some code working in excel, where it will open up a series of workbooks, copy the data from a sheet out, then paste it onto the main workbook, ideally under the previously pasted data. I have a list of names for what each workbook is called, so I need some code...
  19. N

    Subscript out range

    I am getting a subscript out range error on the line Set wsLr = Workbooks(wsName).Worksheets("F17-F18 Releases") in the following code can any one help Public wbSrc As Excel.Workbook Dim wsSrc As Worksheet Dim wsLr As Worksheet Public wsName As String Private Sub Filter() 'Dim...
  20. A

    Add mutiple worksheet in new workbook and copy & paste data value and format from another worksheet

    Hi, Following code is adding workbook (wb2) and add worksheet subsequently. Copy data from Wb1 and paste in Wb2 in added new worksheet but not able to paste format of wb1. Please make changes in following code to simplify it as well. Highly appreciate your help. Sub Summary() Dim...

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