1. L

    Multi Select Dropdown List (Data Validation) for Excel Web version?

    Hello, I am trying to create a column where there is a drop down list in each cell and have the ability to select multiple options. I know how to get the drop down list with data validation and I found this page that allows me to successfully select multiple (without repetition) with a VBA...
  2. O

    Get data from web - log in issues

    Hi, I want to use the "Get data from Web" built in function. The website requires a log-in, and everyone who uses the excel arc is logged in, in Chrome. My first question is, when the navigator browses the web, can I set it to use Chrome, so everyone is logged in automatically? Or, can I...
  3. A

    import data from web like color, name and model

    hello everyone ... i have learned a lot about excel from u now i am looking for a small help :( i have a sheet foll of products name and i need to find its specification such as, name, color, model number (if any), brand name for example: i have a product with its code in Column 1 called...
  4. D

    Get External Data from Web issue

    Hi all, I am trying to collect FInancial data from reuters.com, using Data - Get External data - From Web, where I simply paste, for example, this link AAPL.OQ - Apple Inc. Financials | Reuters and click Import. However, when I get the data in Excel, I see everything except for the table...
  5. M

    Load cumulative data from Web .csv data Query to Excel table for a different Parameter Date each time

    Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well during these difficult times! I have an Excel Power Query question and I hope someone is able to help me! I created several connections in Power Query which are currently 'connections only' within Queries & Connections. All data is being imported from...
  6. G

    Exporting to Web-page problem

    Hello to everyone, after weeks of unsuccessful attempts I kindly ask for an opinion. It concerns exporting the print area of XXX.xls Sheet1 to web page (.htm); the xls sheet contains data and images (jpg, gif …. imported from the outside). Well, with an old Excel 2003 (on Windows 10) there are...
  7. S

    VBA to copy/paste data from already open chrome web page

    Hi, I have been searching with no luck to find a solution to copying/pasting data from an open chrome web page. I have chrome web page open (the web page has a title, so hoping to use the title). On the page there are columns with headers and columns of data. I'd like to select certain columns...
  8. K

    Data Extraction From Web Charts Through VBA Coding

    Hi Team, I am trying to extract data from web charts. If we hover on charts we are able to see the values of each field. So, for this I have to note down all the values in excel sheet. This is really time taking. for your reference purpose in the below web address there is trend chart, if we...
  9. F

    Complete web data from Excel

    Hello All. I need to complete a price of different articles on a website and they give me the data in Excel. I explain: Every week they send me an Excel with different article prices and I have to update those on the web. The Excel are two columns, one with the ID field and the other with...
  10. D

    Any way to pull in data from already-open web pages (without reloading them?)

    Goal: scrape data from ~300 web pages (of identical format), each with stock market data for a different symbol. I currently use VBA that uses Excel's built-in Web Query tool to loop through all 300 URLs, pulling the data from each as it goes. Problem is that it takes ~5 minutes, which I want...
  11. P

    Web Scraping, get HTML data from web

    I have used Excel VBA to navigate to a web site. I am trying to pull data from a specific part of the website. When I inspect the element the following is displayed: <span id="Status">Ready to Drop Ship</span> Does anyone know how to get the data "Ready to Drop Ship" from the above HTML code...
  12. R

    power query to import data from web page that use login name

    I am trying to extract data from a web page through power query, new query using excel 2016 but unsuccessful as it requires to login to access the web page , Anyone knows a technique to achieve this.:confused::confused:
  13. B

    Web Query

    Good morning all, I would like to know how to set up a web query using excel. what are the best and simplest ways to do this?
  14. I

    Web Import issue with text in the data table

    Hi I am trying to import data from the web. Some of the fields in the table originate from user input free format text which includes line breaks. The importer is interpreting this as additional rows and creating these in excel. Is there any way I can prevent this? I haven't been able to...
  15. G

    Need to Upload a PDF into the Web page

    Hi , I m New to VB and I was struggling to the code for upload a PDF into the web page. I need to upload a PDF in (https://draftable.com/compare) in this website please help here and provide any code to upload a PDF using VBA. I have tried to upload PDF but getting error when "Choose File...
  16. A

    Help with web query

    Hello. I am trying to import a webpage and its tables into excel I use the data tab, then from web, and import the webpage When I do this, the web view on the pop-up displays the webpage perfectly. Note - It does have the "table highlighting is disabled because...." On this webpage, there...
  17. E

    Stop Excel hyperlinks from opening in a web page

    At some point, my hyperlinks (that use to open up in Excel) started opening up in a web page. I think this is due to a global change that IT made in at my company (not sure). I am looking for a setting to stop this from happening. I am using simple hyperlinks to open other Excel workbooks. I...
  18. gravanoc

    Trouble Understanding Which Formula is needed

    Hi, I'm having a major headache right now and can't think straight on this. I've tried a couple of solutions, but still can't wrap my head around what is needed. Basically, I am trying to return a value from the first tab contingent on whether or not the value underneath cell A1 on that tab...
  19. J

    Speeding up 900 Simultaneous Web Queries

    Hello: I currently have a spreadsheet that is pulling pricing information from the Internet in 900 queries. Currently, each query returns a 4 x 7 table of data assigned to a unique worksheet. The problem is that it is taking 1 hour, 20 minutes to update. So far, I have disabled the...
  20. L

    Auto Fill Customer Information Based on ID

    Hi, Is there a good way to auto fill the Template sheet customer information in yellow from the Customers sheet based on the ID entered in cell I6? Thank you Excel WorkbookBCDE6Estimate For7[Contact Name]8[Company Name]9[Street Address]10[City][ST][Zip Code]11[Phone]12[Email]Template Excel...

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