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    VBA website login

    I wrote a piece of code to open a website and log in on the website. I used different variantions of the code with the help of these two topics:<wbr>excel-questions/461524-visual-<wbr>basic-applications-open-<wbr>website-logon-username-<wbr>password-3.html...
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    Excel (VBA) to tries to pull data from a website but the page times out before it logs in

    Hello, I've just obtained this addon but it's not working in the sense that it won't log in to the website it was meant to. In the VBA the data goes like this: Sub logIntoCapsim(control As Object) Dim x As Integer Dim a As New agent a.visible = True a.openpage...
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    using VBA to enter website login information

    I am trying to automate the login to a website that I use regularly. I have written code that will succesfully: 1. Open the website 2. Enter the correct username 3. Enter the correct password Whenever the code attempts to .submit the information I get a website error that states my...
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    Logging in to multi-factor authentication websites

    I would like to log in to a bank website that uses multi-factor authentication (where you click on buttons to enter a password). The problem is that if I enter my password into the input field it fails because there is a formula that transforms the password you enter into something else...

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