1. D

    Tick a checkbox online from Excel VBA

    Hi, I have a website with different different checkboxes, all with their own ID. I also have a list in Excel, each with their corresponding ID of the checkbox that is currently online. Example: Text 1 | Checkbox ID 1 Text 2 | Checkbox ID 2 Text 3 | Checkbox ID 3 What I would like (if someone...
  2. K

    Possible to pull data from a website to show count of unread faxes?

    Hello, I am looking to see if it is possible to pull data into google sheets (or excel) directly from a website to show a live count of how many unread items there are. This is for a business where we receive faxes through a system called SRFax. My best guess for something like this would be...
  3. J

    Clicking a button on a website

    Hi, I'm trying to write a macro to open a website and carry out a search for the location within a Cell in my workbook. The website is the British Geological Survey. Geology of Britain viewer | British Geological Survey (BGS) Typical when I open the website I have to click the button near...
  4. H

    Download data from website that requires login id and password

    I want to do a macro (hopefully record macro) and need to extract data from a website that requires a password. However, my colleagues have their own login ID and password, and i do not want to share my login ID and password with them. What should I do such that i can retrieve data from the...
  5. G

    Pull Multiple values from a website

    Good Afternoon, I am trying to look up multiple values against a website and return the value from the website in the next cell. So if I have got data in B1:B30, I want excel to go to a website look at the data in column B and return the result in Column C. The code below works perfect when...
  6. G

    Check Data against a website

    Good Afternoon, I quite new to excel VBA so sorry if I've not posted correctly. I was wondering if there I away to run a Macro that will check a MOT date and return the date the MOT is due. I.e if I have got a registration number in cell A1 and another registration in A2 and so on, I won't...
  7. M

    Website Scrapping in excel

    I need query to scrape following website link data into excel spread sheet There are 18,839 properties results appearing on above link. Fields I am looking to be exported into excel are price, location, telephone, square meters and the link of that property. 1st case...
  8. P

    Scrape details from generated webpage

    Hi We're looking at a basic licensing tool - it's going to be straight forward where someone inputs a licence code (generated from website) which auto populates a single line confirmation. I'm trying to see how I'd add this single line into a excel cell somehow, and then work with the string...
  9. G

    Deconding nested ASPX website data into Excel (plus a little javascript)

    I'm trying to pull some data from KY education websites (publicly available, starting at I've done programs before parsing website data, but at an HTML level; ASPX is a new beast for me, and so I'm in learning mode. What I'm wanting to...
  10. szita2000

    VBA - Any way to cycle between excel window and browser window?

    Hi guys. I need to display one of my excel file on a big screen, but also need to show some data from our internal website. (In the website format, so no. Data connection is not an option) I tried messing with the Set objShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application"), but I could only find method...
  11. B

    VBA Open Website and Click Buttons

    Trying to open a website that has a table, navigate to the download button(s) and export the table to Excel, using Chrome. I can open the website, but that's as far as I could ever get.
  12. D

    Power Query behind a Password protected website

    I'm trying to get tables from a website which is password protected by username and password. It uses the classical web form with a "post" command to access to all the information so I cannot use Basic authentication. I've look in internet for a solution without success. Can anyone help me?
  13. V

    Trouble with Import functions

    I have a golf spreadsheet I've been using and want to try and take it to the next level. I want to be able to automatically update players handicaps from a website, specifically On that website you can lookup a players handicap by name or by course. However, once you're in this...
  14. R

    Error Message when opening a workbook

    I have been creating a 24 page workbook for simple accounting for a non profit group. I've updated the pages and used the "Save As" option from books volume 1 (initial) to volume 5. Now when I try and open my volume 5 I get a long list of error and it asked me if I want to correct them yes or...
  15. S

    VBA code to save files

    Hi guys Is there a way to link an excel spreadsheet to a website? Each case I work on has different dates. This tells me how many reports I need to download from a company internal website. When I go on the company website, I select the report and use cute pdf to save this file on the hard...
  16. M

    batch Geocode

    Hi all, im attempting to use the website to take a list of postcodes in column A and either take the results straight from the website and paste into B and C. Or download the csv File and import into the correct columns. Sub geoCode() Dim IE As...
  17. 3

    how to extract a website address(not hyperlink) from within a text using a formula

    I wonder if there is a way to extract a website address from within a text. noting that : 1- text field contains mix of email addresses and website address 2- email address can be before the website address or after it 3-some cells contain more than a mail address and a website address 4- there...
  18. S

    Export Data from website using javascript

    Hi there, I am trying to export data from a website example: When I do, the data pasted from excel is shown vertically and not horizontally as on the website. Is there an easy alternative to get this data from the website to excel in a similar...
  19. W

    ImportXML function to extract data

    Dear All, Kindly need your help. I have a task to extract some data for multiple websites. I found out that it's possible to do with ImportXML in Google Docs. That would be superb but I'm a bit lost how to write the formula. An example, I need to extract the ranking number from the following...
  20. P

    Copy data from IE using VBA

    Hi All, I have a VBA code which will open a website. Now i want an information to be copied from the website to the excel sheet. In the website at the top right corner there will be a text with name "Last Refresh" followed by that it will have date and time. I want this to be pasted in the...

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