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    Hello, I want to create a hyperlink to a website from a button in Sheet 1, the address for the website with the required filter details is in Sheet 4, range A14. I have copied the address and it loads the correct details, I cant however find an option to create a hyperlink referencing a cell...
  2. A

    Macro for downloading files from website into excel

    Hi Community Members Is it possible to do a excel vba to automate the following? Initially, I was intending to record a mouse & keyboard movement macro, please advise :) Step1: Open a website URL and login using credentials (Username and Password) daily Step2: Navigate the website via a few...
  3. U

    Not Working VBA to log into Website

    I am attempting to log into a website in efforts to pull data. The Code I have pasted below, does not work for my application. If I am to change the website to gmail it will run without error. This code will open the log in page, and then errors out at: "Loop Unti oBrowser.readyState =...
  4. L

    Excel I'm working in 2 different workbooks and matching product codes for my website

    Hey Guys and Gals, I am trying to do a bulk upload of products to my website, the suppliers have sent me the entire product range as a CSV, but I only stock a fraction of the products. What I want to do is to copy and paste all the information from them in to my workbook which I have exported...
  5. S

    VBA code to copy a text from Website.

    Hi Everyone, Anybody help me to get a simple VBA code that do the following *Navigate a specified URL *Copy a specified text from the website and paste it into a cell Thank you in advance.
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    Read link to mp4 File from Website 4Players

    Hi all, i want to read a link to a mp4 file from this website: Here is a screenshot where you can see the mp4 File. I use the Firefox inspector, and he show the link? How can i get this link? I am...
  7. J

    Explorer Compatability Mode

    Hi There, I'm doing a project where I regularly have to access I would like to cut and paste on to an Excel spreadsheet but the website won't let me highlight. Help!! regards JerryH09
  8. D

    Debug help

    Hi all, i cannot debug this code, i suspect it's not pushing the postcodes into the website but it's giving me precious little feedback as to whats wrong - any ideas? Sub Postcode_Distances() Dim URL As String Dim count As Integer Dim waitCounter As Integer Dim fromCheck As String Dim toCheck...
  9. C

    Macro to retrieve value in columns from a website (ASP.NET)

    This is the website: I uploaded my Excel spreadsheet here: it's a stock market portfolio (I'm getting destroyed). I'd like to update the "curr. price" column automatically. The macro should look up each "Code" (Col J:J), retrieve it's...
  10. S

    Pulling information from web into Excel

    I have a list of about 8,000 part numbers and I need to search by each part number on a website and then copy and paste over a manufacture part no, manufacturer name, and the description. Here is a short list the part numbers, and the website is...
  11. R

    VBA: Web Scraping HTML Code

    I am trying to pull the following HTML information from the following webpage (and would hope to duplicate this effort to pull all of the prices on the page): How would I do this? I have the...
  12. J

    trying to manipulate website thru vba

    I'm having an issue attempting to manipulate a website with vba. It is a secure website so I cant post it. I need suggestions i can test or if someone can explain what i'm missing. so far i can open the website & login, no issue & i can click the button to navigate to the search screen, here i...
  13. N

    Suggestions on a to-do list

    I amhoping to get some suggestions for what I am trying to accomplish. I amcreating a worksheet for all users in my department. I am looking to create ato-do list section in my worksheet that will include a list of tasks that willbe copied from a website. The user will copy data from this...
  14. A

    VBA Coding for getting data from website (username, password, downloading excel)

    Hi All, I'm quite a beginner for VBA coding. But I want to use VBA for getting data from website where my steps are as follows 1. entering website 2. paste username and password 3. change the date to query data 4. click "download excel" 5. copy data from downloaded excel to my worksheet Can...
  15. S

    Scraping data from website

    I have a macro that scrapes football results from a website called BetExplorer. It has worked fine for several years, however now the macro gets stuck with the message "Run time error '91' : object variable or with block variable not set" when i press debug, it takes me to this line highlighted...
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    ImportHTML or similar

    Hi Is there any way to pull tables from the following website into a google sheet? Have tried IMPORTHTML but with no luck. Thanks

    Assign 2 actions to a userform command button

    Becoming a regular on here lately! Okay, so I have cell D15 that a user selects a web address from a dropdown list, and clicks the Command button to be taken to that website. I need the selection to go back to default after the the button is clicked and the user is taken to the website. D15 has...
  18. J

    Importing Data From Website

    Hi I'm looking for some advice/ help. I'd like to import data (betting odds) from a website into Excel - admittedly I have no idea where to start as I've never attempted anything like this before. Here's what I'm trying to achieve... Source of odds; Oddsportal (
  19. M

    Dynamic Qurey

    I’ve been trying to find a way to change location and date from import web page and wondered if somebody could help please? The two areas are highlighted in bold and “RAM” I was going to use a...
  20. Y

    VBA Web Form filling works but values not recognized by website

    Hi guys I'm new here and struggling with online form automation. My task is to use this website to generate IBAN codes: I have all the necessary data listed in a Database. Done a lot of research and managed to fill the form, but, even though correct, the...

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