1. T

    AVERAGEIF question

    I want to average all cells in a row based on the day of the week in another row and I only want it to include cells greater then 0. Essentially for the average returned in R2, the range is A2:N2, if A1:N1 is Sunday, return average for sundays and only include in the average if cell in row 2 is...
  2. B

    Update excel value based on day of the week

    Hi, I'm creating a spreadsheet with a list of all my employees, however rather than updating their availability daily, is there a code so that their shift is updated depending on the business day within every 2 weeks? Ex: Employee A is off on the 1st and 2nd Wednesday every 2 weeks, so when...
  3. A

    Countif formula help

    Hi Guys, can you please help me with below report, I need a formula in "Analysis table" which will count number of WFH, PL, UL, SL based on "Report" table. I need count based on criteria Name and Days of week. For ex - I need a formula which will show me count of "SL" for Mr. A on Monday...
  4. R

    Query changing dates to numbers and pulling data incorrectly

    Currently I am trying to figure out why Query is changing the information and pulling on cells it shouldn't be? I have a table setup which is this: <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 100px"><col...
  5. R

    Add multiple spaces in a cell

    I hope someone can assist with what seems a simple formula that I have failed to grasp. In the example below I would like to add spaces before a value in a cell depending upon the value in another cell. Example: Column A - Text Monday Tuesday Wednesday Column B - Number of Spaces 2 4 6...
  6. N


    Hello, I am wondering how to enter the month and date on a new spread sheet that excludes sat and sun but adds tues and thur twice on the spead sheet. Can someone assst? It should look like this <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Monday, June 3, 2019 Tuesday, June 4, 2019 Tuesday, June 4...
  7. A

    Formula for conditional formating - NOT AS EASY AS IT SEEMS

    Hi all, Wondering if someone could help me with a problem. I need a formula do add to conditional formating to auto turn grey lines depending on day change and acording to the table below? <tbody> 01-01-2019 MONDAY 01-01-2019<strike></strike> <strike></strike>MONDAY<strike></strike>...
  8. J

    Populating data in one cell by selecting another cell

    I have an excel calendar (Sunday-B1 through Monday-H1). Each day has four horizontal cells in to allow for several entries. For example, Wednesday the 1st uses E2-E5, Thursday is F2-F5. The next Wednesday would be E6-E9 and so on. In those cells, I have names of meetings. What I would like to do...
  9. B

    Help with a macro please

    Hi Everyone, I need to run a macro that would insert the DAY in C2 based on the DATE in B2 so if B2 is 4/10/19, then C2 would be Wednesday. Thank You!
  10. L

    Sum Week To Date Sales

    Hi I have a 26 week daily sales data dump that I need to sum X week week to date I have my week number (1, 2.. 26) along row 1, split out by Sunday, Monday... Saturday in row 2 with sales data below Below is required output, how can I go about this? <tbody> 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3...
  11. D

    find the date of last week's wednesday

    so every wed, I send out an e-mail so I'll be sending out an e-mail Feb 13 (wednesday), but the report is actually spanning from Feb 6 (last week's wed) to Feb 12. note that if last week's wed was a holiday, it would be from Feb 7 (Thur) to Feb 12. I've already made a table to take into...
  12. L

    Hyperlink multiple worksheets based on cells

    Hi, I have a worksheet called 'Dates' and listed in column A is the dates below. I also have an individual worksheet in the same file for each of these dates so I was wondering if there is a quick way to hyperlink each of these cells to the worksheet that has the same name? I have 1st Jan to...
  13. P

    auto date filler

    ive a workbook that the days never change in A2 i have 10/09/15 (Saturday) and in A3 i have 09/09/15 (Wednesday) in A4 i have 12/09/15 (Saturday) and in A4 i have 16/09/15 (Wednesday) so on and so on so instead of having to put in the date manually id like a formula to do this for me can...
  14. bluefeather8989

    Sort a range of days with todays day on top

    I have a long list of days (Monday-Sunday) I need to sort this list with the current day on top. example: today is Wednesday short the list will show Wednesday on top followed by Thursday, Friday, Saturday and so on with Tuesday on the bottom.
  15. A


    Hi Gurus, Happy new year 2019. I have entered 02-01-19 in a cell B6 and want " Wednesday" in cell C6. Which formula do I use. Thanking you, AFD
  16. B

    Date Formula

    Hi all, Merry Christmas!!! I was wondering if you lovely people had any ideas on a formula i can use that will run down a list of dates and tell me the day (example Monday) then also know if its the Monday the previous week then Monday -1 and the monday the week before so Monday -2 So for...
  17. A

    Find Week start and End Date from any sepecific date of week required in Excel and MS Access.

    Hi Everyone, I want week start date (Thursday) and week end date (Wednesday) from current selected month, I have tried to find First date of week by this formula "=MIN(C3-WEEKDAY(C3,14)+1,EOMONTH(C3,0))" and Week End Date by Formula "=MIN(C3+(7-WEEKDAY(C3,14)+0), EOMONTH(C3, 0))". Formula...
  18. L

    conditional formatting - text contain

    Hi I have column like the one below. I want to highlight all cells that contain Friday. So I went to CF-->highlight cells rules-->text that contains, then i typed Friday (or later typed friday) but nothing happened. What could be the issue? I highlighted the column before applying CF. Also the...
  19. I

    Output dates based on current date/quarter/week

    Hi, I checked the other posts to the forum, but the tools were not specific enough. I'm attempting to display a due date based on the current date that coincides with the next quarter or week. Specifically, I want to know: - How I can find the Wednesday before the next month end - How I can...
  20. K

    Re: How to count Sundays worked in a specific month based on a cell value

    Re: How to count Sundays worked in a specific month based on a cell value Hi All, I need to count the Sundays that an employee worked in a month. The below table is what I am using. According to this table the employee has worked one Sunday out of the two Sundays shown in the table. The...

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