1. M

    Help needed taking my Excel project prioritization tool to the next level. Novice needing advice.

    Hello there, I am attempting to create a project planning and management tool for our workplace. What this entails is obtaining "work hours", an "in date", and an "out date" for each project. The program will divide the number of working hours over each business day that a project may be worked...
  2. J

    Cunditional formatting with greater than and weekday parameters

    I am trying to conditionally format a cell that contains a formula based on the day of the week that it currently is and the value that the formula is outputing. I want the cell to be highlighted if the curent day is Tuesday and the value is > 14.9 , Wednesday and the value is >29.9 , Thursday...
  3. F

    Conditional Formatting Ignoring Weekdays

    Hi All, I've looked through Google and this forum but can't find an answer to this specific issue. Apologies if it was out there and I missed it. I'm not an expert by any means, my formulas may look convoluted. I have columns like these where they highlight to different colors based on dates...
  4. C

    Rolling metrics, blank in days to come

    Hello, I'm currently creating a metrics tracking sheet that is updated via reports from SAP. The reports run from Sunday-Saturday for the current week. The days in the future only carry a zero value since they have not occurred yet and cause my formulas to display the zero value. I'm looking for...
  5. R

    Weekends no matter the current day

    I am looking for a formula that no matter what today date is it will always return the dates for the following Saturday and Sunday.
  6. D

    VBA to create a folder name with the date for Monday and Friday separated by a hyphen?

    Hi Folks, I have found a great macro which allows you to check for the existence of folders in a file-path matching: Year, Month and Day (i.e., creating the folder if it doesn't exist). For instance, if the FilePath starts: C:\Temp Time Sheets\ it checks for C:\Temp Time Sheets\2019\ C:\Temp...
  7. P

    Excel Weekday Function Issue

    I have an issue (or lack of understanding) of the Weekday function (Excel O365) Formula in Column B is =weekday(Col A,2) cell in column B formatted as general Formula in Column C is =weekday(Col A,2) cell in Column C is formatted as ddd Column A Column B Column C...
  8. J

    Help with dates

    Alright guys, I'm pretty new to VBA and am working on a fairly simple userform to display data from multiple sheets in one place. I need help with one aspect, I need to convert days of the week to actual dates. The trick is I need to find the next available day of the week based on today's...
  9. J

    Need Formula for Timeband Name in Answer Column as per Below Details

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Telecast Date Telecast Day Day Start Time End Time Time Zone Answer 1-Aug-19 Thursday Weekday 7:00:00 12:00:00 Morning Prime Time 2-Aug-19 Friday Weekday 17:00:00 21:00:00 Evening 3-Aug-19 Saturday Weekend 13:00:00 16:00:00...
  10. G

    counting trends over time - by hour, and by day

    Please forgive my appalling lack of Excel vocabulary. I'm not even sure what what I'm trying to do is called. :) I have a spreadsheet to track the time and frequency of occurrences, say phone calls. My data is like: Weekday Date 9:00 hour 10:00 hour 11:00...
  11. C

    How to determine 1st, 2nd, or 3rd "Monday" (or any given weekday) a specific date represents

    I am looking for formula that can tell me if a given daterepresents the first, second, third and so on of that particular weekday. For instance, I have a column with a list of days (columnA), and I have a column beside that (column B) that identifies what day ofthe week that date represents via...
  12. B

    WEEKDAY & TODAY function.

    Hi Everyone! So I have an Excel doc that I print out for a hand written report. I have a week beginning cell that should always show the upcoming Monday date, UNLESS today is Monday, then it should show today's date. I usually print this out on Friday, but last week did not have time to get it...
  13. A

    How to put an ISBLANK in WEEKDAY

    Hi, I’m creating a calculator which will show an expectation each day someone is at work. Currently this is what I have, so on a weekday it returns 5, weekends return 8. However I would like it to return an empty cell if C3 is empty as this means they are not in. =IF(WEEKDAY(A3,2)>5,8,5) How...
  14. G

    Weekday shows the wrong day

    Hello everybody, Back again after sooo long I am facing a problem with the weekday function that after a bit of googling I saw that is a common question but I couldn't find an answer. Say in cell A1 there is the date 10-01-2019 which is a Thursday =weekday(A1,1) gives a 5 (correct). Applying...
  15. B

    Group pivot table by day and get weekday

    Hello, In my pivot table i'm grouping my date by days with 7 days. That gives me a start and end date. I would like to get the weekday at the start and end date. Date format: ddd dd-mm-yyyy Is this possible?
  16. J

    If Statement not working with Weekday function in VBA

    This program works seamlessly when I have the cell referenced to today's date and it is Friday, but when I want to type in a date that isn't =Today() for some reason it does not recognize that the typed in date is a Friday. Can someone help me figure out why that is? :confused: From my...
  17. A


    Hi Gurus, Happy new year 2019. I have entered 02-01-19 in a cell B6 and want " Wednesday" in cell C6. Which formula do I use. Thanking you, AFD
  18. S

    Average if Formula Help

    Hello. how can i add weekday to the formula below. right now the formula im using is giving me the average interval, i need it to say per weekday per interval . im trying to get the average for all mondays in the year at 8:30 am. {=AVERAGE(IF(($A$2:$B$18927)=$E2,$C$2:$C$18927))} a...
  19. J

    IF functions with weekdays

    Hi guys. I have a Rota sheet that I'm doing some work on. I have an if function in to retrieve the data from the master Rota for each user if they are in that day. The issues I'm having is the coloum beside it. I want to put a formula in that says for example if b4 is not empty weekday is...
  20. P

    Discrepancy formula and VBA Weekday

    Hi there. Im using this formula in Cell N4 ="Week "&(N6-($D$4-WEEKDAY($D$4;1)+2))/7+1 N4 has general formatng. This work as a charm. I get the output "Week [and a single digit number]" However, I need to control this from VBA The code: Private Sub Commandbutton1_Click()...
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