1. S

    Excel WEEKNUM equivalent Power Query M Function

    Hi Guys Does anyone know if there is any M function for Power Query to return the equivalent Weeknum function as used in Excel (see below) that I can use to in a custom column expression in power query to return the week number of a corresponding date column. You will notice that I would like...
  2. V

    Week numbers but in the same month only add up

    Hello All I am trying to add up multiple rows of date to show the outstanding sales for each week At the moment I am using the formula WEEKNUM using the daily date The issue I have is that the WEEKNUM sometimes rolls the date into the next month which I can't have I have to be accurate to...
  3. A

    How to use WeekNum in a SumIf

    Hi Excel Peoples I've got a table with dates as headers and I want to sum up the values under those dates depending if they fell under this week or last week. <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width...
  4. T


    I have a formula below , where I need the week number from 1 - 13 depending on the upload date & what Qtr we are in. =WEEKNUM(J4058)-WEEKNUM(LOOKUP(J4058,DATE(YEAR(J4058),{3,6,9,12},30))) When a new QTR starts, the weeknum should be "1", however it keeps populating as "0". Any help would...
  5. D

    WEEKNUM - every 10 week 6 digits

    Hi, I did use weeknum on my calendar table and it was mostly correct, but also incorrect in some places. So I'll probably have to remake, but I still want to understand the issue. But the absolute strangest thing that has occured is that every 10 week (10, 20, 30, 40 and 50) is a 6 digit...
  6. R

    WEEKNUM Problems

    Hello Forumers! I hope this message finds you well. I am currently trying to solve a problem with the WEEKNUM formula... I need to convert specific dates to week numbers (as the formula works) however, I am wondering if it is possible to edit the formula or add in more items to it so that it...
  7. M

    Runtime Error 1004 - Active method of range class failed - multiple sheets

    Good evening all, I've had a read through various posts but due to my lack of knowledge, it is difficult to determine if others are have the same runtime error as me or not. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful. I have a workbook, that originally contained just the one sheet. The...
  8. B

    How Many Wednesdays in a Month Where Weeknum is OddNum

    Trying to figure out the formula for this. Type the following in column A: Jan 2018 Feb 2018 Mar 2018 ... In column B, the formula will calculate how many Wednesdays there are in that Month where Weeknum is an odd number. Most months have 2, but a few will have 3.
  9. Swordfishtrombone

    Weeknum() --> First Day of Week

    Hi, I have a cell (A1) that is contains a date and time (e.g.: 8/1/2018 8:00 AM) I have another cell that uses the WEEKNUM() function to convert that date and time info to a number (The date 8/1/2018 converts to 31). What I would like to do is to convert that number (31) to the first date of...
  10. M

    Get Monthday from week of month.

    Dear Gents, For example, if Sounday is first day. I need to get 4 monthday from week of month. (1,2,3,4) for week two in this month, I need to get (5,6,7,8,9,10,11) ........ So if I know the week of this month. How can I get 1st day of this week or last of this week? Thanks. The week of...
  11. H

    Count days of a range within a weeknum

    Hi all, I have a bit trouble wrapping my head around this little roadblock I came across. I have a cell with a start date and another cell with an end date let's call them a1 and a2. I want to count how many of the days between the 2 dates are the same week number. example: a1= 4/11/18 a2=...
  12. L

    Sumproduct & weeknum

    Hello, can you pls explain something to me? I am using formula =SUMPRODUCT(--(WEEKNUM(A1:A5+0,21)=1)) where in A1:A5 is date 01/01/2018. Formula is working fine, in Excel 2007+ Weeknum can handle array by adding +0. I am just wondering, whats happening behind, that this same formula does not...
  13. J

    Converting a COLUMN formula to a ROW formula

    trying to make a rolling 6 week chart so if COL A has my list of weeks and COL B has my list of total my OFFSET named range formulas are Total =OFFSET($B$2,COUNTA($B:$B)-($C$2+1),0,$C$2,1) Weeknum =OFFSET($A$2,COUNTA($A:$A)-($C$2+1),0,$C$2,1) note C2 is the location of the...
  14. A


    Dear friends, I want to use weeknum function for the entries from 1st of September. But I want the entries, starting from 1st of September as Week 1. Where as the function returns the week number 35. So my query is, can we have customized weeknum ? I mean, can I start 1st Of September as Week...
  15. A

    WeekNum, Month and Year

    Hi, I have the following code and would like to get the week number based on the date on column E. I tried to run the code but nothing happens. Basically, it checks each cell in column S if it is blank. If the cell is blank, it should get the corresponding week number based on the date in...
  16. M

    Company with different calendar year

    Hi everyone, I've been looking for a solution but haven't been able to find one! I hope you can help! My issue is that my company has a different calendar year, it starts in April and ends in March, I want to use the formula to get the Week Number however a simple WEEKNUM() is not useful in...
  17. V

    weeknum program

    hi..I need program. entering the week number and year in userform.. returns all dates in that week in cells. I tried a formula =DATE(A1,1,1)-WEEKNUM(DATE(A1,1,1)-2)+B2*7 Which I found in net..work fine only but. Tried to put in program it's not running properly I need program to return all...
  18. S

    Using WeekNum as a variable to total a sum range with a criteria range

    Thanks in advance for helping out... Excel 2013 / Win7 I would like to update the criteria in a formula which contains a criteria range based upon the value of the weeknum. The range of cells decreases as each week passes. I have one cell which is the criteria =weeknum(today()), a...
  19. C

    Weeknum Function

    I have an Excel 2010 Spreadsheet which contains a number of random dates in column P. What I am trying to do is highlight the row if the date is within 4 weeks of the current date, I would also like to highlight the dates in a different colour if the date is within 3 weeks of the current date...
  20. anonymust

    Week number calculation cell

    Hey guys and gals, I need some help on getting a week number calulated .. I've tried to use WEEKNUM function, but that didnt seem to work out right for me when I saved the file (based on computer system, it always changes In my excel file (uploaded here on Mega.co.nz) I would like cell...
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