1. A

    Need To SumIf A Certain Criteria And WeekNum and/or Month

    I'd like to be able to sumif based on a certain criteria (vendor code in my case, here being ACM) plus the week number. In a seperate cell i'd like to sumif by this same criteria plus the entire month. See below: <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Vendor Date WeekNum...
  2. I

    SaveAs with WeekNum to update the file name everyweek

    I download data from home office every week. I make a few edits and then need to save it a few times with different names for different uses later. My question this go around: Is it possible to have it save with the week number automatically updating each week? I thought this would work but I...
  3. P

    Week Num and using Dynamic Dates

    I have a Week Ending Date Ranges that follow every Sunday. My report has a box the user enters the Week Ending they want to see, then the report will populate the next 7 week endings to view report. So if the user enters week ending 3/17/12, the report will populate the next 7 weeks, I simply...
  4. M

    Excel Gantt chart using w/c horizontally and actual dates vertically

    Hi I'm trying to create an Excel Gantt template that has week commencing across the horizontal axis (ie 2/1/12, 9/1/12) On the vertical axis based on each task I have the start date and end date (as actual dates (is 4/1/12 SD 10/1/12 ED) What I would like is for Excel to automatically...
  5. S

    week number not saturday or monday start(formula not macro)

    can weeknum work with the week starting on saturday instead of sunday or monday? if not, what are my options?
  6. T

    Week Number

    I have an excel sheet for paychecks for total hours and i use the weeknumber function to total up paychecks that i should be getting and compare with actual, however the weeknum function that i use i can only get to start on monday or sunday, but i need the week to start over on friday how do i...
  7. T

    Week Number

    I am trying to make a column for week numbers that either needs to start on thursday or end on thursday, right now i have =WEEKNUM(A4,2) and i think i need to change the 2 but im not sure really appreciate the help!
  8. A


    I have a worksheet which records call data against users. In column A (from A2 down) there are user names, in column B (call type) and in Row 1:1 there are dates. e.g. <TABLE style="WIDTH: 231pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" border=0 cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=306><COLGROUP><COL...
  9. C

    Calculating Weeknumber

    I have a spreadsheet where I get a forecast in monthly numbers, and I want to blow it out to weekly buckets using VBA. I have the Month, and the number of weeks per month. How could I compute the weeknumber based on these two items? I am at a loss. Thanks!
  10. I/O_Dork

    WeekNum not working properly - Why?

    When I use the WeekNum function =WeekNum(A2,1) to pull the week number for a row of cells with consecutive dates excel is saying that Tueday is the first day of each week. What the heck is gonig on and how do I fix this? Excel seems to be off by two days - the clock in my windows task bar seems...

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