1. F

    Trying to track weight loss over 8 cells in the same row with the last cell showing the weight gain or loss

    i have a formula that works for 3 weight entries {=IF($AP5="",$AG5-$Y5,$AP5-$Y5)} Y= first weight entry, AG5= second weight entry and AP5= third weight entry. I am not sure how to expand it to figure weight gain or loss for seven entries. All help is always appreciated.:beerchug:
  2. andrewb90

    Averaging with weighted numbers

    Hello, I have a set of number I am trying to average, but am having a problem. In cells c6:c10 I have numbers (130 in this case) in cell c4 I also have 130, in c5 I have 4. c5 represents that the 130 from c4 is an average of 4 numbers. What I am trying to get is the average of all the...
  3. F

    Weighted Average (I think!)

    Help! I am trying to compile a return on investment (ROI) workbook for my business, which contains four subsequent departments. When I calculate my ROI for the whole organization I get one number, then when I break it down by each of the four departments and then compile those four ROI numbers...
  4. B

    How to create a formula for weighing and summing an undefined number of rows?

    Hello, I am looking for help to crack this one: I want to calculate the total discount to customers based on discounts on individual products. However the number of products vary from each customer. How can I do this fast and automatic in excel? (And I am stuck with a column in between the two...
  5. N

    Using Excel to determine which row to choose

    Hello Excel experts out there, I have multiple rows of data with same batch number & different end dates. I want to be able to use Excel assign a weight to the row base on the latest end date. After that, I want to pivot the data base on the weight assigned to it. Pls see below for example...
  6. R

    Only be able to write in a cell if another has content in it... PLEASE HELP

    Hey, I'm creating a BMI calculator in MS Excel 2010. I worked out the formula for calculating the BMI... but my problem now is: There is a cell in which the user can write a target BMI (what they want to achieve). What I want is that the user should only be allowed to write in that cell if...
  7. B

    Imperial Weights in charts

    This has me confused! I have a sheet with a column of dates and a column of imperial weights that look like "10st 6lb". I need to chart the weights but cant seem to do it. I converted the cell into something I thought Excel would understand by using the following...

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