1. B

    Wildcard Search in Excel

    Hi Am using a Wildcard Search in an Xlookup =Xlookup(”*”&A1&”*”,B5:B199,C5:C199,,2) Works fine if the lookup cell contains a value, when the Lookup cell does not contain a value matches with first cell to contain a space anywhere, cannot work out a way to stop this behaviour, Does anyone...
  2. M

    COUNTIF ignore wildcards

    I have nearly the same problem like in this thread and tried its solution: https://www.mrexcel.com/board/threads/dont-use-as-a-wildcard.1154860/ I have two Sheets. On the first sheet ("Query" )I have a column where I want to format a word if this word exists anywhere on the second sheet...
  3. Y

    SUMIFS with two wildcards

    Hi everyone, I am trying to use a version of the SUMIF function to convert 'one-way' flight segments to 'round trip' segments (e.g. sum all flights trips Atlanta - Nashville, and Nashville - Atlanta into one row 'Atlanta - Nashville'. The formulas I come up are quite extensive and long...
  4. G

    Perform different calculations based on cell content

    I've looked around and could not come up with a good idea of how to accomplish what I would like to happen. Basically, I have about half a dozen different simple calculations that need to be done in the same cell, and what the calculations are depend on certain partial text that needs to be...
  5. B

    Short version for countif

    Hi, I have a formula like this =IF(OR(COUNTIF(A1,"*"&"ABC"&"*"),COUNTIF(A1,"*"&"DEF"&"*"),COUNTIF(A1,"*"&"GHI"&"*"),COUNTIF(A1,"*"&"JKL"&"*"),COUNTIF(A1,"*"&"MNO"&"*"),"IMPORT","LOCAL") Is there a way to just put all wildcards condition in a column to make to formula shorter? I have a total...
  6. M

    Find and Replace

    Hello, I am trying to find and replace 2 place decimals numbers in a column with 3 place decimals using vba. The problem is that some of the numbers are over an hour (1.16 should be 1.167) in time. I tired using wildcards, but it seems to put the wildcard character in with the number. Any help...
  7. X

    Replacing Wildcard Text in Find/Replace

    Is there away to “move” the info that’s captured with the * wildcard character when you’re using Find & Replace? For example: I’m looking at a sheet with the following in Column A 1 Public Records of Baltimore County, State of Maryland 2 Public Records of Cuyahoga County, State of...
  8. M

    Lookup/IF on Times with Wildcards

    is it possible? Example data below. Basically, I want to build a formula that says on x date (01/02/2018), is there a value during the 7:00/8:00/9:00 hour? I've tried wildcards and lookups, but I think the format of the time is the biggest issue. I can get results if I enter as '7:32 vs...
  9. S

    Find . . . Using Boolean, Dates, and Wildcards

    I found out how to do this in Win 10 File Explorer: Learning Windows Search: Use Boolean, Dates, and Wildcards to Give Your Searches a Boost . . . https://www.howtogeek.com/school/learning-windows-search/lesson4/ I don't see that that syntax works in Excel 2010's "Find" Do you have to use a...
  10. P

    using wildcards in vba

    Hi I have the following path: FileCopy Source:="\\retail\$test\Group \AllAreasExcCO\01-01 UAT.xlsx" How do I use a wildcard here so rather specifying "01-01 UAT.xlsx" it would consider anything that matched "01-01" &."xlsx" TIA
  11. G

    VBA Code to Open Adobe File with Wildcards in String

    HI there, Here is my code: Sub Open_CAReport() Dim FANum As Variant FANum = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Range("B2").Value Dim Analytics As String Analytics = "X:\abt\ABTP\Programs\ABTP_Reports\ABTP_Analytics\@2018 Client Analytics_US" Dim effmon As String effmon =...
  12. H

    Using wildcards in IF statement

    Hello I am trying to use wildcards in an If statement but cant seem to get it to work. Here is what I have so far =IF(OR(ISNUMBER(SEARCH({"*FF*","*HV*","*CTC*","*CLC*"},I12:V12))),"Full","Error") If I only reference one cell (I12) it works beautifully but when I add in the additional cells...
  13. L

    If This (combo box value) Then That (Range Value) [Wildcards]

    I have a script I'm working on, I have very little actual knowledge of VBA Script except for a college class years ago... I have this snippet of script - PrivateSub cmdContact_Click() <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-weight...
  14. C

    Wildcards messing up macro?

    Hey Everyone! I have a macro which uses "find and replace" with wildcards to change a few paragraphs of text on each page. There are many wildcards in it, but mostly ^13 which is the paragraph break. At the end of the macro it generates a separate PDF file of every page. For each page it uses...
  15. K

    Find/Replace VBA Request

    Hi all, I am looking for some VBA to do a find/replace that can be applied to a defined a range. I would prefer not to have to reference a new worksheet/table if at all possible. The characters I am looking to find/replace are: Find What: * Replace With: % Find What: ? Replace...
  16. N

    OR and wildcards

    =IF(OR(B4={"1A","1B","2A","2B","18A","18B"})... Is it possible to change this so that all it does it look for A or B in cell B4?
  17. F

    vlookup with wildcards

    can't get "*"& cell ref wildcard to work, trying to vlookup in ref to a column of nfl teams 2-3 character abbreviations, GB vlookup formula DAL vlookup formula SEA and so on ... looking into another sheet that has all teams with their fantasy points allowed by position in...
  18. T

    Apply filter using more than two wildcards

    Hi Friends, Linux = Array("*Linux*", "*Solaris*", "*Sun OS*") d.Add "WindowsOS", WindowsOS d.Add "Linux", Linux . . . . ActiveSheet.Columns.AutoFilter field:=Columns(vcolumn).Column, Criteria1:=d.Items()(i), Operator:=xlFilterValues As u all know here d.Items()(i) will be...
  19. C

    PQ Replace Text With List

    In PQ, is it possible to replace specific characters of a text string with a list of values? I would like to replace a wildcard ("*") with a list of possible values to output a list of all possible combinations. For instance, I have a 10-digit account number where a person can input wildcards...
  20. C

    Wildcards with a cell reference and if statement....?

    It seems that VBA in Excel does not really allow for the use of wildcards the same way as formulas...? Sub mehstuff() For c = 1 To 20000 If Sheets("Combined Samples").Cells(c, 4) = "*" & Worksheets("Temp").Cells(1, 1) & "*" Then...

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