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    Running vba on 64 bit and 32 bit

    Hi everyone, I'm new to vba so please bear with me ? I'm using office 2016, 64 bit on win10 and have used code from online to create a function in excel to count coloured cells. This works fine using 2016, 64bit win10 and 2010, 64 bit win7 however it does not work on 2010 32 bit win7. Any...
  2. S

    Comparison and identifying & listing unique values in the Columns

    Hello all, I am working on an automation task, where i am requried to compare & identify the unique part numbers from Base-BOM & other BOMS. my needs are as follows: 1) The mismatching values should get highlighted and the values of those cells should be copied to another cells I have worked on...
  3. A

    Excel Jeanie issues with Win7?

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there are are install issues with Excel Jeanie on Win7? I (well my sys admin) is getting an error when it is starting to install (sorry but I don't have the exact detail at this time since I can't try and install (no admin access) and the sys admin didn't take...
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    How to program Excel 2010 Win7 64bit to play audio waves in response to changing variables

    Operating environment: Windows 7 64 bit running Excel 2010. My present application processes streaming data and generates constantly changing visual interpretations. Now I want to make the application talk to me in English. My plan: 1. Record a variety of alert messages and action commands as...
  5. D

    Win7 wallpaper rotation disrupted each time

    Hi guys, Today I have a question totally not related to Excel. But I hope that your expertise can also support in this case. This has been bugging for a long while now. I have a question about influencing the Win7 wallpaper rotation via batch or other code. The issue I encounter is like...
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    Problem with Reference Paths in Excel VBAProject

    Hi, I'm struggling in a conversion from using Excel 2003 on XP -> Excel 2010 on Win7. Microsoft Web Components seems to be the issue. When I open a SS in Win7, I get an error "An Object could not be loaded". There is an embedded Microsoft Office Spreadsheet on one of the forms in the SS...
  7. G

    Excel 2010 - Windows 7

    Very odd issue came up and after searching the web, can't really find an answer. Windows 7 - Just installed Office 2010 Standard. All of the excel files can not be opened directly. If you open Excel and open the file from there, it opens without an issue. I verified the file associations...

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