1. S

    Drill down by Week

    Hi All, I have a problem with the line chart i,e I am unable to show the data by week wise but I can able to see by day wise. Please help me to show the data by week and day wise like the below screen shot. Please check the my output: I used my order data for my axis and I can see by...
  2. J

    customer wise month wise report

    Hi Very Urgent and very necessary. Please someone reply Kindly some one please help me to make month wise and customer wise report from a unsorted data with Pivot Table or Macro. sample file link attached here https://www.dropbox.com/s/cdl5r9k24f6banb/Sample.xlsx?dl=0 :confused:
  3. J

    How to make a customer wise,month wise report

    Hi Can someone kindly help me to make a customer wise and month sales report with the file attached. Can we make with pivot table. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cdl5r9k24f6banb/Sample.xlsx?dl=0
  4. M

    Seeking Complicated Formula to fetch Data from 3 different Sheet

    Hello All, I am seeking support about a complicated formula. Below is situation details : 1. Sheet 1 : Term Name = this sheet contains Days of the Week, From Time, To Time, Room wise sample Term Name 2. Sheet 2 : Class Name = this sheet contains Days of the Week, From Time, To Time, Room wise...
  5. K

    copy from main sheet to another sheet

    sheet 01 i want to copy this and paste sheet 02,sheet 03, sheet 04 . and at the sme time paste this heading is sheet wise SHEET 02, SHEET 03,SHEET 04 etc. for this pasting have any code...?
  6. V

    Need help on MS access calculated field Dsum

    Hi Experts, Need your help on creating a calculated field in MS access query. I have 3 Tables Headcount, Attendance & Break data, Training & Meeting Headcount table has staff wise date and shift intime against which i need the staff wise date wise available hours and Break hours duration...
  7. xlhelp15

    IF condition in loop and set background color

    Hello Experts, I need your precious solution through VBA for the below query. I need to match these days in a row wise with the Goal set for the resources and highlight background color if that respective day is lesser than the Goal. for eg, Row1 : Goal : 40 ; Column 08/01/2018 : 45 Column...
  8. V

    Formula to count leaves in a month

    Hi All, Below is the data of the staff who has taken leave on the below dates. I need a formula which can cull out month wise , staff wise leave taken. Data <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date Staff Leave taken 03-Apr-18 AA 1 06-Apr-18 BB 1 18-Apr-18 EE 1 06-Apr-18 BB 1...
  9. S

    extract data from tracking website

    hello, I need to make a macro which gives me all data in excel sheet. navigate = "https://dhli.dhl.com/dhli-client/publicTracking;jsessionid=MuT9kDg8oL30V33Jlb54cCs8bDGGblnaMn5E9F7gjyqka0kaQvGm!1423467458?0" after navigating..... search by = "Any" to search value =...
  10. S

    Index Match Date and Month

    Hi, How to index match with date and month ranges. I am looking for two different output based on the following data. 1. Date wise 2.Month wise I apply the following formula in I3==IF(MATCH($G$3,$A$3:$A$1000,0),INDEX(DATA!$C$3:$E$1000,MATCH($H3,DATA!$B$3:$B$1000,0),MATCH(I$2,DATA...
  11. P

    VBA Question

    Hi I need help in VBA coding I have region wise different excel worksheets and on each sheet in column D there are some comments and in Column E and F I have values against which there are certain headers in column H Now I want to collect all the comments from column D and values from...
  12. S

    Power BI Visualisation Filter issue

    Hi Everyone, I Have a following table from which i created my Power BI Dashboard. <tbody> Table:-1 City Product Revenue Mumbai Desktop 953774 Mumbai Keyboard 793440 Chennai Laptop 391087 Kolkata Mouse 188533 Delhi Keyboard 943413 Mumbai Laptop 317314 Chennai CFL 157082...
  13. A

    Adding a formula in power pivot

    Hello Experts, I would like your help regarding a problem I am facing when using power pivot. I have three excel sheets containing different data. Sheet 1 contains customer wise revenue, Sheet 2 contains customer wise month end receivables and sheet 3 contains full list of customer along with...

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