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    use variable to make things easy

    I have the following code courtesy of Michael M. Is there away I could put a variable at the top of the code to change the year(withdraw_2018) to be, withdraw_2019, withdraw_2020etc. as the years change rather than hunting through the code looking for the year? I tried; Dim X as string X =...
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    sum of a column

    Hi, When I run this I get a #NAME in I2. I would like to know what I'm doing wrong... Thanks! BTW I there an easer way to do this? Sub SumOfColumn() ' ' ' Dim WithDraw As String 'named cell is WithDraw_2018 WithDraw = "WithDraw_2018" Sheets("sheet2").Select Range("I2").Select...
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    If Date in Cell matches a Date in a range of cells

    <tbody> A B C D 1 Withdraw Date Withdraw Amt Daily Date (from the 1st to EOM)- I change C1 to the first each month) 2 8/15/2018 $(1000) 9/1/2018 3 8/25/2018 9/2/2018 ($500) 4 9/2/2018 ($500) 9/3/2018 5 9/4/2018 ($2500) 9/4/2018 ($2500) 6 9/5/2018 ($800) 9/5/2018 ($800) 7...
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    What formula is able to solve my inventory management

    Before withdraw on inventory monitoring page: <tbody> A B C D 1 Part Number Start Stock Qty In Stock Balance 2 123 10 8 3 456 20 7 4 789 30 6 5 101 40 5 </tbody> Withdrawing on inventory withdrawal page(different tab): <tbody> A B C D E 1 Date Withdraw Part Number Withdraw Qty...
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    if lookup doesn't work...?

    Hi Excel Gurus, I have a list of invoice number such as: 12RD000252 15RC000564 18MD000548 18MC004512 type: RD deposit RC credit MD withdraw MC credit I would like to lookup the respective invoices whether it is a deposit or a credit or a withdraw.. I have the respective formula...
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    Finding biggest observation conditioned on several factors

    Hi, I need to make a formula to return the largest number of Deposits of NOK for any given day in the previous 30 days. The deposits are timestamped by the minute. So I need to add the number of deposits per day for each day of the previous 30 days and then find the largest number of deposits...

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