word 2007

  1. E

    VBA to delete chart image in Word

    Hi community. Hope you can help a VBA novice. I've found some VBA code which enables charts in excel to be pasted in to a Word doc. See code below. I want to enhance this further so could you advise on how I do the following: delete the charts in the word doc (40+ each with its own bookmark...
  2. Nayasoch

    Find Bold letter and add ** Before and after each bold letter of entire paragraph in Word

    Hello guys I need help with Ms word, where I have entire paragraph....I am looking for any vba code to add ** before and after each bold letter...so far I have Sum AsteriskText() Dim keepSearch As Boolean keepSearch = False Selection.Tables(1).Columns(3).Select Do...
  3. B

    Bold Every Other Word

    I would like to have VBA bold every other word in a Word 2007 document. Though I have never really taken to VBA, I thought, "No problem." Wrong. Seems VBA maintains that punctuation and paragraph marks are words. I overcame that by testing for case of the left most character of what VBA thinks...
  4. R

    Data Recognition Between Excel and Word Documents

    Hello, I have an excel spreadsheet that is set up for a mail merge with all required fields included. The addresses are for the headquarters of companies, there is an additional field that includes the state that the companies need to resubmit a tax excemption cert. for. The letter I will be...
  5. N

    How to add headers and footers in a word file from a macro?

    Hi, I have an excel file which has a macro to create a word file and copy contents of the excel to it. Using the same macro ,i want to add Headers and Footers to my Word file as soon as its created. The footers have 2 images(1 lower left corner & 1 lower right corner) along with other text in...
  6. H

    Excel 2007 Sheet as a Data Source For Word 2007 Mail Merge

    Hi All, I have data on two sheets of a workbook which are joined by a VLOOKUP. I have the data I want to use in a mail merge on one of the two sheets in this workbook, but, when I create a new data source for my Word Merge using ODBC data sources, the workbook only contains one sheet, and it...
  7. A

    Merge direct from Excel

    I merge several letters per day, from a database that I have in Excel. For each merge, I have to create a new Word document from a template. To do this I go to the mailings tab; Click on Edit the Recipients List and select the recipient. This can get very tedious indeed. Is there any way that I...
  8. E

    Change Word Macro to work in Outlook 2007

    For each reply in Outlook, I need to remove the text in the body of the message starting with the word "From" through the word "Support." I recorded the Macro in Word but I can't get it to work in Outlook. I also need to delete the information appearing between the two forward slashes that...
  9. M

    Word 2007: Using a check box to customize a document

    I'm working on creating a customizable form for our office and need some help. The document I'm looking to create may have one component or multiple components depending on the needs of the individual person using it. In essence, one person may just need Section A to show, while someone else...
  10. cvincent

    Excel 2007 VBA to Merge Selected Data into Word Merge Form

    I am attempting to utilize data from my Excel file to merge into a Word form. Users can use search buttons to filter selected data, which is then copied to a tab entitled "Selected Contacts". I can then run a macro that opens my Word 2007 merge document, but I am unable to create the code to...
  11. T

    Protect and Upprotect - Word 2007 Doc

    Mornin', I've got a template in Word 2007 that I'm creating that several people will be using and, to avoid issues from people accidentally changing or deleting stuff in the document, I'm restricting editting to form fields only and password protecting it. What I want to happen is for the...
  12. T

    Workbooks.Open Issue

    Good Afternoon, I'm still new to VBA, so bear with me as I try and explain my problem... I am using a VBA in Word to pull information from an Excel file to populate my document. The Excel file is the result of a process that I have no control over and don't have the ability to change but a few...
  13. T

    Word 2007 VBA AutoFormat Types

    Morning all! So this is a Word 2007 VBA question, but I haven't found a forum like this for Word, yet. If you have any suggestions as to one, I'm all ears. I'm creating a table in my document that I want to format to look good. Word, apparently, has certain predefined formats. Word's VBA Help...
  14. I

    Macro for duplicating date from datepicker in word

    Hi there, I'm new to the field of macros. I would like to get the macro for duplicating a date, which is selected using date picker into same word file in a different location. Appreciate your kind support. :) Thanks in advance,
  15. M

    MS Word 2007 Forms

    Hello, does anyone know that if in MS Word 2007 you can create a macro that says that if a check box is checked it automatically updates a plain text control box with a value and then locks it for editing please? Thanks in adv, Paul
  16. E

    Word macro to save .docm as pdf with specific filename of "surname"&"date"

    Hi all, This is my first venture into a forum so I will try to be detailed and concise! Here's the scenario: Using Word 2007 I have a mail merged .docm file that includes two macros. The first is an AutoOpen macro that opens the "Find Entry" window, prompting the user to search for one...
  17. U

    Macro for Printing in Word 2007

    Right folks....Now I have to say that you all seem to be waaaayyy ahead of me when it comes to the wonders of Macros and MS Office, but bear with me here...:) I'm just starting out with Macros in Word.... When printing certain documents, I use the "Print Exceptions" settings, e.g. for a 10 page...
  18. D

    excel VBA to insert todays date in word

    Hey all, What I would like to do is by use if excel VBA, I would like to have excel prompt word to enter in "todays date" where ever I have placed the respective variable. For instance, where ever I have [todays_date] located in my WordTemplate, then todays date will be inserted when I run my...
  19. D

    find and replace in word with format

    I am looking to use excel 07 vba to find and replace into word and apply bullet point formatting to specified text. Here is an example of my code: Dim wrdApp As Word.Application Dim wrdDoc As Word.Document Set wrdApp = CreateObject("Word.Application") wrdApp.Visible = True Set wrdDoc =...
  20. R

    Permutations of Text String for Phone Scripts

    I have phone scripts that can be built from 6 different categories. Each of the 6 categories has anywhere from 1 to 11 different scripts within them. I want to generate every possible script from these options, i.e: Part I: "Hi, as of 8am, on march 20th" Part II: "our records indicate 2...

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