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    Open Excel Workbook from Word and kill Word VBA process

    Hi! I have an interesting nut to crack. I am making a Word install program for Excel. The install program executes from Word, checks if the updated font-file is installed (normal.dotm) and opens Excel (Workbooks.Open) if the lastest font-file is not installed. On the install program in Excel...
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    Creating a custom editor for Domain specific Language

    Hi I have created an editor i.e, a cell or a text box, in which text can be entered manually or from dropdown lists present in the same sheet. If a keyword is inputted manually, it is validated that it must belong to the values in dropdown lists. What i need is There should be a separate...
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    VBA Modify Text in Embeded Word Document through Excel Macro

    Hi, I have an embedded word document that I want to have references to the cells in the worksheet. How can I write VBA code that updates the text values in the embed document using the cell value. Or references the cell value in the embed document. If this is no clear, I want to have cell...
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    Automation Error -- I Need a Guru!

    I'm having trouble creating a report, in Word, from Excel. Every other time I try to execute the macro, I get an error 426. I did a search and found someone else with the same problem: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=124028&highlight=remote+server+machine And his problem was...
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    Check the Word box in references via code?

    Hey all! I'm writing a macro which will be shared by other users who most-likely won't have references to MS Word enabled (the box checked in Tools->References). Is there a code I can put in there that would activate this, if necessary? Thanks!
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    Copy word drawing into excel

    I created a timeline made up of different shapes & text in Word. I've grouped them into one 'picture' which I would like to copy into Excel. What I'm trying to achieve is to have a picture of the timeline above data entered in the spreadsheet below. When I copy paste or import Microsoft...

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