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    multiple comboboxes

    Hi, I am new in forum and I need help :) I have a word document (word 2007), with tables. I want to fill tables, using data from excel workbook (excel 2007). There will be 20 tables with 15 rows each approximately. In every row I want to add and combobox (activeX), where user can choose an mark...
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    Repeat data N times on Word table from Excel

    Hi Folks, I am trying to repeat data on existing word table based on a cell value. Example: i want to repeat Text "Hello" 10 times and "Bye" 6 times. I have this code on in excel file, I am able to pass the data to the table but it wont repeat values as mentioned in cell value.Please let me...
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    Locking a Cell linked to Word Document

    I have several cells that are linked to a word document and they work great as long as I don't add row or columns or change the original location of the cell. Is there a way that I can add a row or a column in the excel worksheet without throwing off all my linked cells? Eg. I have cell D129...
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    Word tables to a single Excel spreadsheet

    All, I am trying to import table(s) from word documents to a single excel spreadsheet. The word files contain a varying number of tables. I tried it myself and long story short, couldn't do it. I then searched on the web and found this web site and the macro below. The macro below orginally put...
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    Need help with replace function in VBA

    Hi All, I'm working with a word table pasted into excel. The dashes in the word table paste into Excel (2003) as small boxes. I can use the find and replace function in Excel and in the Excel environment the replace function works. I recorded the replace function so I could develop the action...

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