1. 3

    Excel VBA - Copy text from nested Word tables

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know a macro which would open a word document and copy all tables, included nested tables to an excel sheet? I have tried a couple different ones online but they don't seem to capture the nested tables. Another solution would be top copy ALL text from the word document to...
  2. M

    Export Comments with referred text and line numbers from Word to Excel

    Hello, Unfortunately, I have no idea about Macros and VBA and everything I find in the internet is half information so I hope someone can tell me step by step what to do: For my master thesis, I commented on interviews in Word. To analyse further, I need to export the comments with the...
  3. J

    How to copy date from excel to word

    Hi, I have the below code which opens a word document and find words in column A and replaces it with the text in the adjacent cell in Column B. This works well. My issue is that when it copies a date from one of the cells to word, it displays the date as a number rather than a date. Public...
  4. G

    Key Word Search

    I am currently using a nested '=find(text,cell)' formula to categorise a list for example. If the term Doctor, Surgeon, Nurse, OT is in cell containing job title then the formula will return 'Medical'. This I have done by nesting separate find fictions for each key work with an if statement...
  5. L

    Copying multiple rtf file contents with formatting into a single cell in Excel

    I am busy making an eCommerce website, I have made a csv database with all the information that I need. The issue I am facing now, I have thousands of rtf files for each items product description that I would like to add into excel. The contents of each rtf file should be copied into a single...
  6. G

    Excel-Word Interop, Add Watermark Issue

    I have a workbook that will convert multiple word documents at once into PDF format. I am combining two macros I found on the web to try and get them to open a word doc, place a watermark on the doc, and then export it as a PDF. It will do this once for each file in a folder that I specify in...
  7. M

    Noob Help Please

    I am hoping someone can help. It seems like such an easy thing to do and I just can't find the answer anywhere. So, I would like to search a range of cells F2:F6 (APPLICATION) for the word "Yes" The word will be returned in multiple cells and I would like to copy the B2:B6 corresponding cell...
  8. T

    Help with Word Table

    Good day all I need help with a MS Word form. I've searched all over the net and followed everything I've seen (I think) and I'm still stuck. I have a word table that I want people to fill out as a form. but I don't want the person to be able to change the forms layout. Specifically the height...
  9. willow1985

    LEFT function of a certain word by a certain amount of characters

    Hello, I am looking for a formula that can find a certain work and return only 10 characters to the left of that word. For example OTHER INFORMATION.... FOR PO# 55222 FROM COMPANY Left of "From Company" I want it to return the PO# 55222 Any help would be appreciated Thank you! :) Carla
  10. J

    Bookmarks in a word document

    Hi There! I have two columns of data, one that has a list of bookmarks and another with corresponding data in a workbook. I need to write a macro that looks at the data column, assesses to see if it blank. If it is not blank, it needs to look at the bookmark name and put the data into the...
  11. S

    Conditional Formatting Formula

    I need to write a formula that highlights cells that contain an error if the next cell contains the word "Venmo." IF (AND (I3=ISERROR , J3 CONTAINS THE WORD VENMO)) then color the cell red I know my formula is silly, but think it conveys what I am trying to do?? :-D TIA!!! Sarah PS, I know...
  12. B

    VBA in Excel to format all tables in Word document

    Hello All, My inexperience is showing here and I hope someone can help. I have some VBA code in an Excel workbook that creates a Word document then copies various objects from the workbook to various associated bookmarks in the Word document. After I have completed copying and pasting some...
  13. G

    Conditional Format with Search and Days

    Hello, I'm attempting to add conditional formatting to a sheet. The Conditional Format is based on: 1) Column A contains the word "Sales" AND Column C is < 30 2) Column A does not contain the word "Sales" AND Column C is < 90 I attempted to build out the formula, but it does not work as...
  14. L

    Insert Images to Excel Linked Word Table

    I have a VBA code that copies a seelction of cells from Excel and creates a Word table that is linked to the original document. I need to be able to insert images into the created word table. The table will allow me to do this, but each time the link to excel is refreshed the images disappear...
  15. T

    Formula for conditional formatting

    I'd like to highlight a row based on certain criteria. Say for example in row 7, if C7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, and if D7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, and if E7 contains the word "checked" or its empty, then i want this row to be highlighted. Thanks in advance!
  16. F

    VBA code to automatically save pdf file and also without displaying it

    I have a code that populate word documents then prints to pdf. The problem is I have to click SAVE for each one then the display of the PDF opens. Is there a way to automatically SAVE and also prevent the preview from coming up? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Below is the code: Sub...
  17. A

    Mail merge with excel

    I use excel spreadsheets (xls, DDE) as the database for my mail merge in word. After the upgrade to Word 2016, the excel open a new file (Book2) automatically when I open the word file. The main problem is that when the new excel file (Book 2) was opened, all the previous entered data was not...
  18. F

    VBA Fill in Word Template and save as PDF

    I'm looking for some help tweaking this code. I have data in an excel sheet and a Word template. It will fill in the template but when it goes to save it pops up and I have to manually save it. I want it to save and move on to the next line. Any help would be appreciated. The code I have so...
  19. N

    COUNTIF for a word within a phrase

    I'm trying to count the number of times a word appears within a phrase. Each row lists an action taken by an agent (i.e. Policy: Transfer / Sellers). I'm trying to use COUNTIF to count how many of the row contain a specific word, like "Transfer" but it keeps giving the result as zero. I...
  20. L

    Importing Word Content into Excel

    Hi all, I have hundreds of word documents. I would like to extract the contents from the word documents and add them into excel with each cell in a single representing a unique word document. For example, B1 would represent word doc 1 B2 would represent word doc 2 .... ... . B897 would...

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