1. I

    VBA, Unable to SaveAs2, Error 438 "Object does not support this property or method"

    I'm using Office 365. Trying to save each of my named ranges in Excel as their own separate Word docs (docx). I get this error 438 in the line I highlighted in Red. Any help appreciated. It seems like the issue is with wdDoc or activeDocument? Sub CopyWorksheetsToWord() Dim wdApp, wdDoc, nm As...
  2. J

    Convert PDF to Excel and Copy into existing excel sheet

    Hi, I want to convert a pdf file to excel and be able to transfer the data into another workbook using VBA. Based on research, converting pdf to excel can be done by first converting to Word document and then to excel. But I want to know if the excel conversion can be transferred into an...
  3. F

    (Word VBA) set CellAlignVerticalTop for every tables in selection

    Hi, I want to create VBA that helps me set Word Table format as follow: - align each table to center of the document - this one work fine. - set text format in each cells Align Top Left (this is identical to select Table and go to Table Tools > Layout > click Align Top Left at Alignment area.)...
  4. Dermot

    Merging Excel to Word and Powerpoint

    It is not difficult to merge Excel data to Word documents, but this destroys the bookmarks, and if you find you want to redo the merge after you've substantially modified the Word document, that can be frustrating. I wanted a merge that could be repeated as often as required, which meant...
  5. C

    Excel VBA Errors when trying to copy and paste objects from Excel to Word

    Hello All, I have some VBA code that I need help refining. The problem I am having is inconsistent and unexplained errors, from my research it appears that the issue is with the clipboard crashing. How the VBA code works: I have an embedded Word documents with various bookmarks and reference...
  6. khawarameer

    Converting HTML Code to Table in MS Word

    Dear All, I have an html code available in an excel column (Please refer below table). My aim is to send that code to Word Document using mail merge and convert the code in to a Table when it is merged in word document. However when excel column in merged in Word Document the html code is not...
  7. D

    Delete text outside the <<...>> brackets

    Hi, I have a question, I have a word document which is in arabic, the file has a lot of text that I have placed between the following brackets: «............» Is there any way i can delete ALL the text in the document and just preserve whats between these two brackets? Please help me... Thanks
  8. O

    Excel VBA create listboxes not working - error 1004

    Hi, Done some searching and sheet is not protected as others have had the issue with - its just being created as a new workbook. So this is part of a word macro I am updating that I wrote before, but inside the macro I call the Excel creation function. The goal is I want to create an excel...
  9. S

    Delete two lines above bookmark - keep bookmark VBA

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I want to write a macro to delete two lines above a bookmark in a word document. So far so good, but the bookmark itself should not be deleted. I have come up with the following code: Sub DeletetwoLinesAboveBookmark1() Dim r As Word.Range Set r =...
  10. S

    Format text between two bookmarks in word (VBA)

    Hello, i hope you all are well. I am looking for a way to format text (e.g. size, fond and line spacing) between two bookmarks ("Start" and "End") of a word document using VBA. Do you have ideas / tips how i can solve this problem? Thanks in Advance and best regards, Sarah
  11. S

    Insert Text between two bookmarks of a word document into a new word document (after bookmark)

    Hello, i hope you all are healthy! I want to insert the text written between two bookmarks ("Beginning_old") and ("End_old") of an baseline word document, into a new word document. In the new word document, the text should be inserted between a bookmark called "Beggining_newdoc" and a...
  12. S

    Insert text from Excel into word document - after bookmark

    Hello, I hope you all are well. I want to insert text from an excel-cell (B16) into a word document. The text should be inserted after the respective bookmark ("B1"). I have written the following code: Sub InsertAfterBookmark() Dim objWord As Object Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws =...
  13. S

    Delete content of Word chapters but keep the title - VBA

    Hello, I hope all of you are healthy. I have a word document that contains several chapters including assessments concerning various topics. Since I have to update the document each week, I have tried to write a macro that deletes the contents of all chapters, but keeps the title of the...
  14. B

    Keep Excel text formatting when transferring data to Word with Excel VBA

    Hi Guys! I'm using the following Excel VBA code to generate a WordDoc and then transfer text from my ExcelDoc to the WordDoc: Sub Generate_WordDoc() Dim WordDoc As Object Dim FileName, TagName, TagValue As String Dim CustRow As Long Dim WordContent As Word.Range With Sheet1 Set wordapp =...
  15. M

    Replace charts in a Word document at bookmarked locations

    Hi there, I have an Excel spreadsheet and a Word document that work in pair. The spreadsheet is reviewed and updated regularly so the charts there represent the most up-to-date information. On the other hand, the Word document which contains the same charts (previously pasted as pictures)...
  16. 3

    Excel VBA - Copy text from nested Word tables

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know a macro which would open a word document and copy all tables, included nested tables to an excel sheet? I have tried a couple different ones online but they don't seem to capture the nested tables. Another solution would be top copy ALL text from the word document to...
  17. M

    Export Comments with referred text and line numbers from Word to Excel

    Hello, Unfortunately, I have no idea about Macros and VBA and everything I find in the internet is half information so I hope someone can tell me step by step what to do: For my master thesis, I commented on interviews in Word. To analyse further, I need to export the comments with the...
  18. J

    How to copy date from excel to word

    Hi, I have the below code which opens a word document and find words in column A and replaces it with the text in the adjacent cell in Column B. This works well. My issue is that when it copies a date from one of the cells to word, it displays the date as a number rather than a date. Public...
  19. G

    Key Word Search

    I am currently using a nested '=find(text,cell)' formula to categorise a list for example. If the term Doctor, Surgeon, Nurse, OT is in cell containing job title then the formula will return 'Medical'. This I have done by nesting separate find fictions for each key work with an if statement...
  20. L

    Copying multiple rtf file contents with formatting into a single cell in Excel

    I am busy making an eCommerce website, I have made a csv database with all the information that I need. The issue I am facing now, I have thousands of rtf files for each items product description that I would like to add into excel. The contents of each rtf file should be copied into a single...

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