1. S

    vba Error: Converting Word Doc to PDF

    I generate a Word Document populating the bookmarks within it from excel and then tried exporting to PDF. Constantly getting error even after adding Microsoft Word Library 16.0. What am I doing wrong here? The code points to wdExportFormatPDF as Variable not Defined. <code style="margin: 0px...
  2. A

    How remove the Last 5 character throu VBA

    Hi Folks I need small macros removeing Last 5 character of the Word In Exp: AT_1833 I need AT only. Removring _1833
  3. D

    How can I open a read only word document using vba?

    Hello everyone, this is the code I am using to open a word document using excel vba: Dim objWord As Object Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application") objWord.Visible = True objWord.Documents.Open "C:\Users\dmargraf\Documents\Makro Aufgabe\Testdoc Word.docx" I need to open...
  4. rjplante

    Check workbook name for specific word

    I am looking for a way to see if the workbook name contains the word "Template". If so, I want the macro to prompt the user to save the file. I have the code listed below, but it does not seem to give the correct response. How do I get this to work? If ThisWorkbook.Name = "*Template*" Then...
  5. K

    Nested formulas

    I am trying to create a formula that includes the following =IF(T2=0,IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Redemption",E2)),"Redemption",IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Subscription",E2)),"Subscription",))) HOWEVER, if T2 does not equal 0, it will equal "Exchange" but i need it to also look at cell P2, and if p2 contains...
  6. E

    Selecting Row based on a Cell Value

    Hi all, I have data that is always changing. I need a macro that searches through column AH for the word "Black". If the word "Black" is found then that row gets selected and the font gets changed to red. I have to code for the red font, I just cant figure out how to select the specific row...
  7. F

    Conditional Formating Problem

    Hi everyone, this is Francis Ogwal, I made a population Pyramid using Conditional formatting Data Bar with City in the middle, Number of Males on the right and females on the left, i want to copy it and paste it into word to write a report but the bars are not being shown unless i link it has...
  8. P

    Linking an Excel Snag List to the Comments in a Word File

    Is it possible to link an Excel file to the comments being generated in a Word file? I have a situation at work where we have a Word document that is being used by several different people who are adding comments to it. One of the guys is using an Excel file to create a snag list of issues...
  9. D

    excel/word select all then delselect certain items

    i know in windows explorer...ctrl + A then holding ctrl then clicking the item you wanna deselect works,....doesn't seem to work for me in excel/word in word, for example, im trying to select all, then deslect the first two headers, then delete the body of text below
  10. J

    macro formula/conditional formatting

    here is my macro. I have to highlight rows that only have the word "pad" in column M only. I changed it to M:M but it highlighted several columns that did not have the word pad in it. Selection.FormatConditions(1).StopIfTrue = False Cells.Select Selection.FormatConditions.add...
  11. T

    Color code every other group of cells

    I need to color code a group of cells every time a value changes. For example, in column A, I have the word Truck in the first 5 cells, then the word Horse in the next 5 cells, then the word Plane in the next 8 cells, etc. I need a formula to color cod each group of cells whenever the value...
  12. B

    Highlight cells whose word count exceeds a given limit

    I have a questionnaire being filled out by 10 respondents, and I want to limit the word count of the replies. Through some googling, I've found this formula for counting the words in a cell: =IF(LEN(TRIM(A2))=0,0,LEN(TRIM(A2))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2," ",""))+1) What I would like to do, on each of 70...
  13. M

    Using an IF condition in a VLOOKUP formula

    I am trying to figure out logic to combine an IF condition into the outcome of a VLOOKUP formula Column A of "Worksheet A" is a list of serial numbers Column B of "Worksheet A" is where a formula will be that looks for the value in column A against a table of serial numbers in column A of...
  14. 2

    MS Word Bar Codes

    Hello, Could you please point to why my MS Word 2016 cannot view (and save) bar codes. Upon opening (or saving) a document that already has a bar code my MS Word converts the bar codes to text. Do you know how to fix this behavior? Regards, Rajesh
  15. M

    Converting 0100-0200 into 01:00-02:00 though VBA/Formulas

    Good Evening, I have two queries: Firstly, I have a excel spreadsheet where it imports the booking data from the word form. Owing to the word form timing format, the timing in excel appear as 0100-0200 whereas I would like them to appear as 01:00-02:00. Is that possible through coding or...
  16. M

    Using Excel to close the correct word document

    I have been using Excel to create a report, that is then pasted into another application. Because of the restrictions of the other application, I need to copy the information from Excel, Paste it into Word, and then copy from Word to paste into the application. (it has to do with merged cells...
  17. D

    Copy / Paste from Excel to Word

    Hi, Is it possible to extract data from a cell in Excel and paste it in a specific place, for example, the second table of a Word template, row 2, cell 3? So far, I've only managed to paste the data at the end of the Word doc... Thanks
  18. Q

    VBA Help Needed

    Hi, I need help with some copy and pasting help within excel. In column M, all of my cells begin with "Door Surf Color:" Followed by a code or a word which is then followed by a space and then more text. I am looking for a way for a macro or something like it to read the cell, copy the word or...
  19. T

    Running into Error 462: The remote server machine does not exist

    Hey guys, I have a macro where it saves a word file; however, it won't always run, everyone once in awhile it throws the error 462: The remote server machine does not exist. or it'll throw an error saying can't find active document. it will work through once I go to the task manager and close...
  20. M

    Setting a style to a word document created from Excel VBA

    I have some code I've used in a few projects that creates a new word document (from excel vba) and pastes in a string. I remove the last character (a ") and set the font and font size. What new in this part of the code is I want to set the style to No Space. I recorded the vba from word and...

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