1. S

    [VBA] extending Autofilter to filter with multiple words, using wildcard

    The following codes only manage to filter for 2 words. (i.e. txt, txt) When user inputs more than 2 words to filter (i.e. txt, txt, txt), an error just returns. Is there any workaround to filter more than 2 words, for a particular column? Thanks! Sub Test() iTxt = InputBox("containing ...
  2. J

    Possible to find frequency of words used in a worksheet, sans specifying any word to be found?

    I have a worksheet full of data, across which I'd like to see what words are used most often in it? Then to see all results, from most frequently used, to least frequently used words? *I'd like to be able to do this both across a worksheet, as well as along a column, or row? I know the...
  3. J

    Is there a way to count the most frequently used words in a worksheet? And also to add 3 words to either side, and to be able to see how many times th

    I have a worksheet full of data, across which I'd like to gauge what words + 3 words on either side appear most frequently in that set of data. To begin, I'd like to see what words appear most commonly in this data. And then to search for some of those words + 3 words on either side them. So...
  4. T

    VBA - Userform - ComboBox changing contents to number

    Hi, I have a userform with multiple comboboxes on, but i'm having trouble with one in particular. When clicking the drop down, it lists the two items from the named range. But when i select an item, the userform will then show either 0 or 1 (rather than the words "Single" or "Multiple" from...
  5. M

    delete rows with specific text amend current code to pick up upper or lower case

    I have the following code that basically searches column O and deletes any rows that contain the words in the array. Only problem is it wont remove rows where the words have capitals in or vice versa. I have lots of keywords to search for so adding different versions of each word isn't an...
  6. F

    Countifs with partial match

    I need a countifs column that will count values in columns that contain the words TA2 and EFG. The column headings are something like "2019: Year 11 TA2 (22 Jan 2019): Mathematics: EFG" So I need to count any value where the column that contains the words TA2 and EFG and the student has a...
  7. A

    How to extract multiple words in middle of the cell

    Hi I facing an issue in extract words between some specific word for example: I am studying in <start:loc> London <end> but I live with my mother in <start:loc> Manchester <end> and in vacation I go to <start:loc> Cardiff <end> I want to extract the word between tags <start:loc> <end> in one...
  8. W

    Checking long string for list of keywords and extracting only the keyword if exists

    Hi Team Can anyone help me please? I have a long string in column A. What I am trying to do is check for a list of words (need wildcards) (the word or words will only appear (if at all) once) and if the word(s) exists, copy that word to a separate column, say B. So check for say, "book"...
  9. O


    Looking to return an answer when text in a different cell contains the same text. I as using the below formula, but it does not seem to be working. =IF(ISNUMBER(FIND(A62,Licenses)),"YES","NO") NOTE,the actual text in A62 may not exactly equal "Licenses", but instead may contain that text...
  10. C

    combining rows(300 words) into 30 words each in separate cell

    Dear all, I need to combine 300 words in a column (separate cells) in to 30 words in single cell each. I will have to do it many more times.... I use the forumula =concatenate(transpose(INDEX(A1:A1000,30*(row()-1)+1):INDEX(A1:A1000,30*(row()-1)+30))&" ") and drag it down. Problem is I have to...
  11. E

    How to delete text between two specific words in cell?

    Hello, I am trying to create an excel function that will identify two specific words embedded in messages of varying lengths (that I scraped from a message board online) and delete all the text in between those two words. Specifically, the message board that I scraped the data from allowed...
  12. M

    split string at every nth Word but ignoring counting those in parentheses

    I am using the following UDF to split a long string into rows of predefined number of words in based on input incell "D3". Public Function SplitOnNth(ByVal inputStr$, ByVal StartPos&, ByVal NumWords&) As String Dim arr() As String, i As Long, newArr() As String arr =...
  13. M

    convert currency from numbers to words

    hello, i want to convert the rupees from numric to words. how can we do that?
  14. J

    VBA Spacing between two words

    Hi everyone, I've been trying the whole day but can't figure it out. I need to align words in two rows. (It's used in an automatic header.) What I've stumbled upon was that adding spaces doesn't automaticly mean words align perfectly. What is want to accomplish is something like this. <tbody>...
  15. B

    Replace 3 Characters from Right in String

    Hello, I tried to find an example online, but no luck. I have a huge list of strings that some of them end with "ini" as a suffix. I would like to replace it with "not". The trick here is that the length of words is variable, it can go from 3 until 15 and more. Not all words have such suffix...
  16. D

    How to shorten the length of the words in excel, Foreg. if i have words of 50 characters and i want to shrink it to 25 , is there any formula to do so

    How to shorten the length of the words in excel, Foreg. if i have words of 50 characters and i want to shrink it to 25 , is there any formula to do so?
  17. M

    word Count

    i want to be able to stop a user adding more then 100 words into a cell. i have a cell B16 in which the user puts in a description and i want to limit it to 100 words
  18. S

    Changing Sorting Order

    Hi, Is there a way to modify the way Excel sorts cells? This "A to Z" or "Z to A" algorithm is faulty as hell and apparently hasn't been updated since the dawn of time. It constantly sorts words in many languages in a horribly wrong order. Is it possible to create custom sorting routines...
  19. W

    Excel file opens with strange characters

    How can I convert my excel spreadsheet from these strange characters into words and numbers?
  20. K

    Hyperlink multiple words in the comment section

    I am attempting to hyperlink multiple words in a comment section on Excel 2016. When right clicking on a work in the comment, the hyperlink is grayed out and dos not allow for a hyperlink. The only option is to hyperlink the entire cell. Is there a setting that needs to be changed in order to...

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