1. L

    using sheet code name to call Activate function

    Hi I have workbook which has worksheet called hello or sheet1(hello) that is how it looks like in the vba project window. The code below does not work because of Workbooks(1).Sheet1.Activate but if I changed it to workbooks(1).worksheets("hello").Activate it will work! Why is that? thank...
  2. Gerald Higgins

    VBA, make code move across from main file to extract file

    Thanks in advance for any help ! So I’m still learning VBA, using a combination of the macro recorder, this website, trial and error, and so on. I have a file, let’s call it “FILE A”, which has a number of worksheets. The file includes some code that pulls in data from a number of other...
  3. J

    APA Assistance

    Hello incredible people. Below, you will see APA citations for articles I have to read. Journal articles end with a number and a parenthesis but only some have page numbers. Books have state names or abbreviation and the end of the citation. I would like a column to identify it I am citing a...
  4. M

    VBA code to open a file

    Hi, I m new to VBA coding - I am looking for some guidance to the following: I would like to use a workbook to search for a folder in explorer, open the desired workbook in that folder, then slect a range of data from the selected workbook and store it in a new work book. I need something that...
  5. O

    Autofill with gaps

    Hello all, The form that I am working with requires me to pull the information from a different sheet. The information is stored with a gap of 38 rows, so standard autofill doesn't work. Is it possible to achieve this? thank you, Oksana
  6. M

    Build a Sort Dynamically

    I am trying to work out how to build a sort when I do not know at the outset how many columns I need to sort on. The first object was to see if I could pass the range and sort key dynamically. The following Macro does that getting range and column to sort by. When I try and build the entire...
  7. Darth_Williams

    Returning a Value From A Drop Down List

    Good morning all, I have a dependant drop down list working at the moment where the first list shows suppliers and the second shows the items that supplier has. I am trying to work it so that once an item has been selected the value will automatically populate in another column. I thought a...
  8. M

    Lottery Combinations

    Hello,</SPAN></SPAN> I need a lottery generator that can pick few numbers from each group to make all possible sets of combinations, layout can be different if require to be fit for the macro to work no problem. </SPAN></SPAN> Example.... 2num from Group1, 2num from Group2, 1num from Group3...
  9. A

    32 bit to 64 bit Macros

    Let me start off by saying that I am very much a novice to VBA, Macros, Excel and Access. But here it goes. At work we have an Access database and an Excelmacro sheet. They work together and they were both built in a 32 bitsystem. They are upgrading us to Win 10 64bit and Office 2016...
  10. C

    ISNA VLOOKUP INDIRECT combination does not work

    Hi all, I'm having trouble with the following formula below: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP($C$3,INDIRECT("'"&"*"&$B4&"*"&"'!$A:$A"),1,0)),"NO","YES")) The indirect function does not seem to work with the vlookup or I am doing it wrong. Please see below for the excel file...
  11. F

    Sending mail

    I was using a CDO sub to send mail and it work great. I now have upgraded my computer and bought the newest subscription for Excel. I am not sure what happened but the sub does not work any more. I am hoping someone will be able to give me some code that will work. This has ruined my entire...
  12. B

    Change reference columns of a chart

    Hi all. I have a spreadsheet with 90+ charts on, and need to change the cell references by 2 columns (i.e. from column G to column E). Is there a quick way to do this without having to go in to each chart manually? I tried recording a macro, but instead of just replacing the G for E it types...
  13. C

    VBA Autofilter With Multiple "Ors"

    The macro below works fine upto and including Criteria2. I manually added Criteria3 using Criteria2 as a template. It does not work. What syntax am I missing ? Thx Sub X_3B() ' ' X_3B Macro ' ' Range("F4").Select ActiveSheet.Range("$A$4:$AD$150000").AutoFilter Field:=6...
  14. C

    Populating a TextBox with a % Value taken from worksheet cells

    Hi there, I have a calculation taking place on a work sheet - a calculation to work out a percentage. =IFERROR(SUM(D6/D5),0) In this example I'm using Loan (£100,000) / Property Value (£200,000) = 0.5 (formatted to %) = 50% All I want to do it have my user form pull through the value of...
  15. T

    Text into date format

    Please help me out converting numbers into date format in column O Text THS100219 THS092719 THS091819 THS080719 into 10/02/19 09/27/19 09/18/19 I tried format cell into date. it does not work. Thanks
  16. S

    Sorting Code (alphabetize) stopped working

    This line of code used to work. Now this, among a few others, doesn't seem to work. It kicks up a 438 "Object doesn't support this property or method" code and highlights the top line.... ideas? I can sort if I manually highlight and click sort.... Range("B3:K102").Select...
  17. D

    Building a better mousetrap.

    Hey guys, I'm brand new here, and I just joined a few minutes ago. I work at a prison work release and we have to sign prisoners in and out of the facility, and sometimes it gets pretty overwhelming. When you work 12 hour graveyard shifts, it's kind of hard to convert, calculate and subtract...
  18. M

    Highlighting Pollutant Values above Limit Values for multiple Dischargers

    Hi All, What would be the best way to see what values obtained by Dischargers were above Pollutant Limit Values? I am dealing with 77 Dischargers and 126 pollutants, meaning, I have 77 spreadsheets and I need to check for each pollutant (126) if they were above the limit. I know how to do...
  19. C

    Conditional SUMPRODUCT to also ignore blanks

    Hi, I have the following code which calculates a weighted average: =SUMPRODUCT(--($U$2:$U$1203=AE3),$AB$2:$AB$1203,$C$2:$C$1203)/SUMIF($U$2:$U$1203,AE3,$C$2:$C$1203) It works very well except that I would like it to ignore blank cells in the range $AB$2:$AB$1203 I tried to change it to the...
  20. M

    Formula "TYPE" into Function for VBA

    Hi all, how can I "converting" this formula: Range("B2") = "=TYPE(RC[-1])" into VBA ? as: Msgbox Application.WorksheetFunction.Type("B2") ---> (but does not work!!!) Tia.

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