workbook name

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    Search through files in folder and return rows containing specific text and also workbook name

    Hi All, I have a folder containing .xlsx files. "C:\Masterfolder" I would like to build a macro that opens each file and searches column B the cells for text containing "SA2" and return the row back to one workbook I also need the work book name. For example Workbook1name SA2 Row data SA2...
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    declaring workbook names

    I am having some trouble with this code and know it's most probably an easy little syntax I am missing. the 'FileNameR' is text in a cell of the full workbook name including the file extension. I have also tried declaring it as a string (besides the variant). The error is coming on 'InaWB' with...
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    Renaming Multiple Worksheets

    Hello, I have a workbook full of order sheets, I am attempting to figure out a code that will automatically generate the name of sheet based on one cells' value (ex. W9). However; if they cell should be empty, I would like it to keep the name as Sheet1 or Sheet2, etc. Attempted to find sources...
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    Help! Trying to reference a closed workbook??

    Hi All, I want to copy cells A1:A5 from "book1" into "book2", but if "book2" isn't open, i want the macro to open it, copy the cells into it, then save "book2". I have the below, but it doesn't work because I don't think i'm referencing the workbooks correctly? Both are saved on my desktop...
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    Name of the workbook when moving data back and forth

    I am having some trouble writing a code for a macro that moves data between documents. The document that I transfer data from is an excel extract from a survey, so everytime I have to run the macro, it is with a new document with a new name. I can get so far as to move the first cell...
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    Workbook name Reference error

    I have created a template named “Stock Quantity Calculator 2007 Template 10K a2.xltm” with many macro in it. When opening a new workbook with this template I am getting errors because some of the code is looking for the template name not the newly created workbook name. What would be the code...
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    Workbook Name

    I have a program that is using two workbooks. Actually, the first workbook opens the second workbook. Therefore, for example, Workbook1 and Workbook2. So, if in Workbook1, how to set the name of the workbook to Workbook2, and vice versa?
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    Macro to split data into seperate worksheets

    Hi All, I am stuck at one point with my macro. I have a macro below which splits the data in my workbook (Attached) into seperate workbooks on the basis of each change in data, and saves the new workbooks with the value available in column A. Everything else works perfectly with this code I...
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    Macro Save Workbook Name for (Re)Activate

    I am trying to run a macro from workbook A that opens workbook B (containing appointments), copies required data and paste it into workbook A. The challenge I have is that workbook A is renamed each week as 05/18/2009.xls....05/25/2009.xls. (etc.) so if I hard code the re-activate workbook A...

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