1. E

    VBA to Save workbook and then save as/save copy

    Hi all, If possible I need a VBA that does the following:- Saves the current workbook then, Save as/copies the workbook into txt format. I have the following code but, it appears to be bypassing the first step (just saving the sheet) before moving onto the second step...
  2. J

    VBA code to Modify Formula using new External Workbook Hyperlink

    Hi, I have a Workbook that serves as an aggregation of data from several other external workbooks (same file directory). The workbooks being referenced are all uniform, so the specific sheet and cell reference is always the same in a column with the only thing changing being the workbook name...
  3. Dan Wilson

    Freeze Panes help

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with 7 worksheets with several Macros. There is also a Macro in the "This Workbook" that runs every time the workbook is opened to set all the workbooks to a generic condition. Recently I discovered the need to use the...
  4. S

    Can pivot tables in worksheet be shared in another excel workbook and changes dynamically?

    Hello all, I have a workbook with about 10 worksheets. One of the worksheets contains pivot tables and slicers. I would like to check if it is possible share/extract this worksheet with pivot tables on another excel workbook, and that changes will be updated dynamically. Reason being I would...
  5. D

    looping through multiple workbooks copying file paths as Hyperlinks run time error 5

    Hi, i think this is just a syntax issue but i cant seem to get it right. If anyone can help i would be very grateful. this script works at looping through all of the workbooks in a user defined folder and copying a specified range to a big list in the target worksheet of the workbook where the...
  6. N

    Excel worksheet in Teams

    Hi all, My workplace has recently moved across to O365 and use Teams. Within our Sharepoint file structure/Teams, we have a workbook that is manually updated each week. In the workbook, I have a sheet, called 'Dashboard'. On it there are a series of view only charts. Does anyone know how I can...
  7. O

    Copy from one workbook to another workbook

    Hi, I have the following code in a master spreadsheet that I am using to try and copy rows from one workbook to another workbook depending on the value in column R in the source workbook. Both workbooks are opening OK but nothing is getting copied across, any advice please?. Thx, John...
  8. L

    Use Table Column Headers as .Cells(x,header)

    old thread: Instead of using the column # in a cell/range reference I want to use the Table Column Header name. In workbook 1 the columns will continue to update over time, but...
  9. K

    Remove File from Excel Recent Documents

    Hello, I have had this piece of code within a few macros for a while and it has been working fine. The VBA project has not been modified at all. As far as i know nothing has changed with our company excel install, version etc. but it has suddenly started causing errors. Anyone know why, or...
  10. A

    copy consecutive numbers in filter data

    HI all I have a list of codes in Column A in a workbook A1 to A100 i want to paste them into a filter list in another workbook that countains 100 items too but as mentioned within filter. I tried paste visible things only but doesn't work any solution? thanks in advance Antonio
  11. Nelson78

    Copy and Paste same format

    Hello everybody. I've filtered some records on the original workbook and I've pasted them in a new workbook. If .SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Count > 2 Then .Offset(1, 0).Resize(lr - 1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).EntireRow.Copy new.Sheets(1).Range("A2") End...
  12. J

    Sending a workbook in Page Layout

    hey everyone, i need some help. I have finalized my workbook, each tab has one page per sheet in the workbook, i want to send this to my team however I want them to view these sheets as page layout view. my problem is i only want the active sheet in each tab and i can't get rid of any...
  13. rjplante

    Check workbook name for specific word

    I am looking for a way to see if the workbook name contains the word "Template". If so, I want the macro to prompt the user to save the file. I have the code listed below, but it does not seem to give the correct response. How do I get this to work? If ThisWorkbook.Name = "*Template*" Then...
  14. I

    Open and print sheets in a workbook using vba

    I want to be able to click a command button and the macro will open another work book and print the first 3 sheets in the new workbook This is what I got so far Private sub commandbutton_click() If Range("A1").value=4 then "c:\work\april\ivan\dinner\reciepts.xlsm"...
  15. M

    2 Workbooks, Workbooks.Worksheets.DataBodyRange(col,row) = Value Pastes to Wrong Workbook

    Hey! Goal: I have two workbooks open, the code sends information from one workbook to the other. Dim tbSendTo As ListObject Set tbSendTo = Workbooks(wbName_SendTo).Worksheets(wsName_SendTo).ListObjects(tbName_SendTo) tbSendTo.DataBodyRange(Row, colInput) = returnValue Problem: The code is...
  16. G

    VBA Loop to replace a worksheet in multiple workbooks

    Hello, It is the first time I use VBA and I am struggling aquite q bit with a task. Here is the issue: I have some 120 workbooks in a folder, and all have the same structure (same number of sheets, same names, and same order). If a user changes a sheet in one of these workbooks (by adding...
  17. P

    VBA - I dont want the destination workbook to be visible when opening to copy pasting

    Hi, I have a project where I am copying data from one workbook to another using VBA. The syntax has data copying from one workbook, opening another workbook, pasting, then save, and close. The thing is that the other workbook is visible when it opens, and saves then closes. I want it to be...
  18. G

    Subscript out of range error

    I'm trying to copy data in Cell F33 on one workbook to cell B5 on another workbook. Whenever I run the code, I get "subscript out of range" and the debugger highlights the 6th line, containing the copy range. Sub Copy() Dim x As Workbook Dim y As Workbook Set x = Workbooks.Open("Report")...
  19. F

    How to track changes of a shared workbook in a separate workbook

    Hi All, Is there any chance to track the changes of a shared workbook in a separate workbook. Since the workbook needs to be shared with 20 users and adding the code to the same workbook will slow down the file. Since the file consists of 10 excel sheets. Please help in adding a code to...

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