1. K

    Unprotect worksheet being asked when workbook is opened

    Hi, I have multiple sheets that are protected for using the standard Protect Sheet (select locked cells and select unlocked cells both ticked) but when the workbook is opened it prompts the user to provide the password to unprotect for as many instances that there are locked sheets in the...
  2. D

    Run Time Error '13': Type Mismatch on time calculation

    Hello, I found a code online that is very useful for one of my purposes but it is throwing a Mismatch error when I am attempting to use it. The code is placed in 'ThisWorkbook' to start calculating the time someone is in a workbook- to eventually kick them out automatically (with a different...
  3. R

    automate save workbook as PDF and email to a fixed address.

    Has anyone written a script that would save the 4 sheets of a workbook as a 4 page PDF and then email that PDF to a specific address from my gmail address? Ideally I would like that PDF file to have today's date in the name.
  4. P

    Hyperlink icon or Hyperlink formula

    Hi, I am creating a summary sheet book with hyperlink icon or hyperlink formula to the another workbook “datasheet“ however i found the below issues. 1. For the right click and create hyperlink, it is easy to do but when I save as the summary sheet workbook and the another workbook "datasheet"...
  5. H

    Advanced filter from another workbook

    Fluff very kindly posted the following code to enable the automation of advanced filtering from one worksheet to another in the same workbook for variable criteria without having to reinput the criteria each time. But how would this be done from another workbook? The data is in a workbook...
  6. N

    Message Box Pop up twice while closing workbook event

    Hi All, I am using below code to save the current file in another location and also want a pop up message if user want to save a copy of file or not ? but every time I am closing the workbook the message box pop up twice. Can anybody help me out what mistake I am doing ? Private Sub...
  7. M

    Need to change XLSTART location

    My company has completely locked down the C drive of my new laptop. I cannot copy my macro workbook to XLSTART. Is there any way to change the location of the XLSTART folder?
  8. T

    VBA to get data from closed notebook and deposit new workbook output into a different file location

    All, I developed a process for a small data set and it now needs to scale to cover large data grabs from outside of the workbook (in closed workbooks on a drive) then have the macro deposit the output into new workbooks in a different file folder (currently my code drops the new workbooks into...
  9. M

    VBA - Send Email with PDF attached + picture/table in the body

    Hi, I want to send an Outlook email from my workbook with: 1. a PDF attached = from one workbook sheet called "DbD Month". 2. a picture of a table in a range in the sheet called "Pickup". The current challenges are: 1. My current Macro pastes the "pickup" table in the Body but the size is...
  10. A

    Selecting workbook then worksheet without using sheet name

    I am trying to use a macro across a number of worksheets in a workbook I am not very good at writing VBA so just record it but from some reason the macro just references the one sheet how do I change it so that it doesnt just look for the same sheet all the time? Also the number of rows varies...
  11. D

    dynamically changing a formula for vlookup

    is there a way to dynamically change the workbook name in a Formula vba statement? I'm looping thru multiple workbooks based on the filename found in the directory and each passthru of the macro would have to reflect the workbook just opened. first pass workbook name is "Servers with...
  12. N

    Looking to find cell value among specific sheets in workbook

    Hi, Thanks for looking at my question. I am working in Excel 2016. I want to look up a specific cell value from among a range of worksheets (in the same workbook) and have it return the worksheet name the value is found on. The sample page from the workbook is in the link below, i tried to...
  13. L

    How to print every pages double sided in excel?

    Hi, For now, I go to print, select entire workbook, choose double sided, next page, rinse and repeat. The problem is I have 50 pages to do, is there a way to print the entire workbook double sided automatically? Thanks.
  14. N

    Help with VBA!

    Good day to all, As I’m fairly new in VBA.. Appreciate if you could help me on this! So I have this excel workbook with a set of raw data (workbook1) which i wanna automate to import/copy&paste the data to another workbook (to open workbook2 with dialogbox). Eg: Cell (A1:J1) (Workbook1) copy...
  15. P

    Error message when opening an Excel workbook

    I don't know if anyone out there has experienced the error message when opening an Excel workbook. I have a workbook with 37 worksheets. A few of them have Tables, not Pivot Tables but regular Tables with drop down arrows. I also have many macros and most of them create the Tables for me...
  16. S

    Copy worksheets to new workbook, delete connections, then save new workbook

    I am trying to copy two worksheets to a new workbook and rename/save that new workbook. When I copy the worksheets over - the queries are copying with it...which is causing issues when I try to save the new workbook. To get around this, I am having to delete the queries / connections...then...
  17. I

    Open userform when worksheet opens advice

    Afternoon, I would like the userform to open when i open the workbook. At present i have the following which works fine when i navigate worksheet to worksheet but need some advice please for it to run when i open the workbook. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() If Range("A2") = "" Then...
  18. G

    Change workbook name to same as host folder name.

    Hi all, Is there a way to automatically change workbook name dependent on which folder its in? If say the host folder is called "2019" and the workbook is called "test.xlsm". When "test.xlsm" workbook is placed into the "2019" folder the workbook then changes name to 2019.xlsm? regards Ged
  19. S

    Move sheets to another sheet if condition meets

    Hello Team, I have workbooks stored in the folder with the different names, i have to create a master out of those in one workbook. Workbooks stored in the folder contains name starting from Apples_x.xlsx ddd_Apples_Y.xlsx CCC.Apples.xlsx Grapes_dd.xlsx Grapes_PP.xlsx Each workbook contains...
  20. F

    Copy Data from One Workbook to Another

    Hello all, Should be a simple piece of code, but I'm getting a timeout error. I've got a workbook, let's call it "summary", which I want to put a macro in that will open another workbook, select all the data from a specific tab "CFG", and paste it into a tab, of the same name "CFG" within the...

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