1. B

    VBA: Problem when addressing Workbook or Window via String

    Hello, Does anyone know the bug or problem where you get an error message (error 9 or 91) when you address a "window" or a "workbook" with a string like this? strFile = "NameOfWorkbook" Windows(strFile).visible = false Workbooks(strFile).Close The strange thing is, that this code is...
  2. P

    Toggle between workbooks

    I have a userform in a workbook called frmSelectFile with the workbook named Main. The userform opens other workbooks. Once those other workbooks are open, they are considered the Activeworkbook. So I had to Load frmSelectFile so workbook Main now is the Activeworkbook. So my question is how can...
  3. xlhelp15

    Any idea of how to close list of workbooks using VBA ?

    Hello Genius - Is there a way to close list of workbooks using VBA ? Have tried the way of Workbooks("sample1").close but it closed only the sample1 WB. I need to close Sample1, Sample5, Sample12 in a row when I click the command button. Thank you for considering my request.
  4. A

    Linked workbooks

    My workbooks contain a lot of formulas. When I have te workbooks open it causes excel to be very-very slow. I need to find a solution as it is affecting my work. Please help.
  5. S

    Updating Table

    Hi I have a excel CSV file which is auto generated to the same file on the company server every day. I have an excel workbook which contains a table of the exact information that is in the CSV file This table (will) contain Pivot information which will drive a dashboard (including some...
  6. T

    Compare values from two workbooks, if values match in certain columns then copy across value from a different column

    Hi I have had a look online but I couldn't find any similar to what I am looking to achieve that I would be able to modify. I have two workbooks. I need to compare the values in columns B from both of these workbooks, if the values match then copy the value from the cell in column A from...
  7. T

    Excel 2016. Control-Taaaaaabbbbbbbbbbb!!!! Noooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!!

    I poked around online and couldn't find the answer (only others facing the same problem with no solution), but I'm hoping against hope there is one... Control+tab and control+shift+tab used to allow navigation between workbooks in an (in retrospect) incredibly predictable fashion. Now, in 2016...
  8. R

    How to properly use Activate or Select method with multiple workbooks VBA

    Hey party people, I am trying to navigate and read data from specific sheets from multiple workbooks using VBA. When working with a single workbook, I use SheetX.Select often (X = 1, 2, 3... whatever sheet number I'm looking for at the moment) because the tabs change names, move order, or...
  9. U

    How do I prevent my macro from hanging when Opening or Closing a workbook?

    I have a macro that opens workbooks collects information and closes the workbook. It runs perfectly when I have a break point in the program, I just have to hit F5 to continue. I am running a UserForm as vbModeless to show where I am in the process. When I let it run it locks on a few...
  10. A

    Excel pauses 2-3 seconds after enter data in a cell

    Hello. I'm having a problem with one specific Excel file. Excel seems to "pause" (become non-responsive) for 2-3 seconds after I type a number or text in a cell and then press "Enter" or an arrow key to move to another cell. It's almost as if Excel is recalculating - but recalculation is set...
  11. J

    VBA - Enter worksheet names into a "Master Sheet" and copy data

    Hi there I am trying to do something probably quite simple but read a few tutorials and been unable to figure it out..... so calling for help !! I know I cant add attachments so have saved an Excel file into dropbox - link below...
  12. K

    Running macros from multiple workbooks

    I have two workbooks with two different macros. How do I run a macro from workbook1 then go to workbook2 to run the second macro without having to click through different workbooks? First Macro, allows you to open a file and copy and paste information based on column header. Second Macro...
  13. M

    Default for file tab

    Before updating to Office365, when I clicked on the file tab the option displayed on the right contained the recent workbooks. Now, when I click on the file tab, the default option is INFO and I have to click on OPEN to see the recent workbooks. Is there a way to change this?
  14. S

    harvest data from several workbooks

    Hi guys I have a folder that contains several workbooks - each with an individual number inside each workbook is a tab called STOCK i want to be able to harvest all info in the stock tabs of each workbook - could I "consolodate"? or maybe a macro? i will be wanting to do this action on a weekly...
  15. Starkey

    Data Link Properties

    Morning all I have a programme (VBA macro) that extracts data from all excel workbooks that are moved to a specific folder and adds it to a master workbook. All works fine except for those rare instances where the workbook appears previously to have been connected to a data source. In such a...
  16. P

    Opening other workbooks and ignoring their vba message boxes

    Hi I've got a macro that opens hundreds of files and pulls data from them. A few of the files contain a message box that pops up on opening to alert the user that "this file hasn't been updated for over a week" When this happens it pauses the code of my macro until OK is clicked. Which means...
  17. F

    SUMIF Closed Workbook Issue #Value! Error Message

    I have the following formula that works when both workbooks are open, but not when the one I'm pulling from is closed. This is a report for another team that won't be opening the workbook I'm pulling from. I've read to use SUMPRODUCT for closed workbooks, but struggling on writing it correctly...
  18. C

    VBA question for .AddComment in With statement

    Hoping you can help troubleshoot what part of my code is causing it to hiccup. This procedure will be called from another, and is intended to make identical changes (i.e. add several Comment boxes) on various sheets within each workbook in the user-selected network folder. It has run...
  19. A

    Sum Multiple Books

    I have 200 Workbooks in one centralized folder. Each Workbook has 10 Sheets. Each Sheet is Identical throughout the entire workbook so there is no mixing and matching required. Is it possible to sum all 200 workbooks and generate one workbook of 10 sheets? TIA

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