workday function

  1. D

    Working day of each month

    Hello guys, Can you help me with this one, I need to pupulate the 'calendar' with the same task that is due on 'each specified working of the month' ie, every 4th working day is x and every 15th working day is y... At the bottom of the table I have left the 'numbers' in as they show the NEXT...
  2. T

    workday with exceptions

    Hi all, Thank you for spending your time to read the post. I have some questions regarding the excel. I am in the process of creating an excel workday calculator. The issue is 1. There are some working saturdays 2. There are some non-working holidays (which i grouped under public holidays)...
  3. R

    Exclude start date while calculating number of work days?

    Hello Everyone, Greetings for the day! I'm looking for the solution in calculating number of days in which start date could be excluded. Note: putting "-1" in function will not work as I'm already excluding Sundays and Holidays. If work starts on Sundays or on any holidays "-1" will further...
  4. J

    Date Picker - Validation to only allow workdays

    Hello, I have a User Form with a DatePicker. I want to Add validation so that only future workdays can be selected (excluding both weekends and Holidays). Date Picker name = DTPickerLaunch Validation occurs on command: Private Sub CommandButtonContinue_Click() List of Holidays is located...
  5. J

    Sum Billable Hours by Week by Team

    I've been looking around but can't seem to find out how to sum billable Hours by week by teams. Information that I have. All Dates are already calculated as workdays (Mon-Fri) Each row has a different Task that is performed. Below is the layout of my information. E2 = Team name I2 = Total...
  6. J

    Include the Start date in WORKDAY caluclation

    I'm having trouble figuring out the offset for my WORKDAY formula so that the Start date is included in the calculation. I know I can change the number of days to account for this (use 0 instead of 1) but Long story short the higher-ups want to see the 1 as it does, in fact, take a 1 day...
  7. K

    Conditional Formatting w/ Multiple Criteria involving Workday

    I'm using Excel 2013. I have a column of "Closing Dates". I need anything in that column dated today to highlight in red, 3 days in the future highlighted in green, and 5 days in the future highlighted in yellow (anything older than today has no highlighting). The RED formatting is easy...
  8. B

    Count workdays since a date

    Hi guys - I'm confident this is an easy fix but I can't seem to crack it. I'm looking to calculate the workdays since another particular date. I'm sure its NETWORKDAYS and TODAY but I'm struggling. The first date is column D and days since is column E and the table is currently 50 rows...
  9. A

    Formula to apply time loss

    I am stumped with this. I have due dates for my assignments. I would like to apply a 1% penalty for every day they are late. The formula I have been trying to get working is: =IF(TODAY()>Report!D12,F8-((TODAY()-Report!D12)-((WORKDAY(Report!D12,(TODAY()-Report!D12)))-TODAY()))*0.01)...
  10. T

    Adding months to a workday function including holidays

    Hello, I am trying to use a workday.intl function to determine a date 6 months in the future that is constrained by holidays. Here is my formula =WORKDAY.INTL(F5,EDATE(F5,6),"0000000",$T$2:$T$521) F5 =9/5/17 the formula is returning 6/8/2136 Does any one know what is causing this error?
  11. N

    Need to calculate start date

    I have a table to track machine hours needed and the date and hour an order is due. I'd like excel to return required start date and time in a cell. My workweek starts at 12am on Sunday and ends at 8pm on Friday. Due date is in column E, runtime hours in column f, I need required start date in...
  12. T

    A max end date for WORKDAY.INTL

    Hello, I am using a WORKDAY.INTL function to determine a due date. Is it possible to have it stop at a certain date. This is my formula =WORKDAY.INTL(B55,10,1,C$77:C$104). If the due date is going to fall after 6/10/15, I would like it to stop on that day. Is that possible? Thanks,
  13. T

    Conditional Formatting

    Hello, I have a WORKDAY.INTL function that returns a due date given parameters (thanks DRSteele). Now I am trying to conditionally format the cell so that the default return date (Wednesday February 29, 1900) is invisible. I have tried conditional formatting as a date, as number, as text will...
  14. T

    Additional parameters using the WORKDAY.INTL function

    Hello, I am using the following formula to determine a due date (you have 60 days to complete the assignments including weekends and excluding holidays) =WORKDAY.INTL(A1,60,"0000000",C1:C9) A1 = start date 60 = number of day to complete the assignment “0000000” = every day is included (no...
  15. T

    include weekend in the "WORKDAY.INTL"

    Hello, In excel I am trying to return a date given a "start date", "excluding holidays", and "a number of days for completion". For example, given the start date of 9/1/2015, 60 days for completion, excluding holidays, would be XX/XX/XXXX. The "WORKDAY.INTL" function would be great, but I do...
  16. Z

    Need help with WORKDAY function

    I need to calculate a due date based on the number of days (including weekends); however, I need the due date to be on a workday. For example, if my project completion is due on December 1st I need to meet deadlines at various intervals prior to that. For simplicity let's have this sample...
  17. S

    Workday Function

    I need the following formulas to report only weekdays. =IF(F2="","",IF(K2<"","Submitted",IF(F2>=TODAY(),EDATE(F2,0)-30,IF(F2<TODAY(),"Today","")))) =IF(F2="","",IF(G2="S",EDATE(F2,-2),IF(G2="R",EDATE(F2,-2),IF(G2="A","Not Needed",IF(H2="A","Bed Date...
  18. G

    Workday Calculation

    Hello This forum has proved to be extremely useful for me. I have learnt a lot from this forum. I am looking for a function which can help me in finding which workday it is basis the date I mention. For example, in coloum A, I have several date mentioned for a particular month. I want to have...
  19. I

    Better Workday Function - Workday2 Help

    Hello all I'm looking for assistance with Chip Pearson's Workday2 function, linked below; Better Workday Workday2 is a great alternate for Workday.INTL for those of us with Excel 2007. My only issue is Workday2 does not allow 'DaysRequired' to be a negative integer. Allowing a negative...
  20. T

    Workday function combined with If function help

    I have been working on this for a while and I can not figure it out. G8= Student entry date H8 = # of days in attendance I8 = =IF(H8<=30,P8-H8,"Ineligible") column I = the date students are eligible for 30 day release P8 = =IF(G8>=1,G8+75,"") column P = the date students are eligible for...

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