1. M

    NETWORKDAY for a 4 day week

    I'm looking for a formula or UDF to calculate the net working days on a 4 day work week in Excel 2007. I'm attempting to calculate how late or early a project is so I need it to display +/-. Right now I'm using =NETWORKDAYS(L10,E10,0) where L10 is the Expected Completion and E10 is the Contract...
  2. D

    Holidays date range based on multiple criterias

    Hi, I'm trying to have a formula to return the 5th last date of the month after deducting the off days/PH & closing date which we list in a table like below:- <colgroup><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Date *Event/PH Dept 1/1/2014 New Year 4/1/2014 Off-Day CLM 5/1/2014 Off-Day...
  3. E

    Business day interval calculation using WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS

    Hello Excel Gurus, Can someone help with a bus day interval calculation involving WORKDAY and NETWORKDAYS calculations? If the status of the query is "Closed" and the end date is greater than the set interval, then show the number of days the query is late. If the status of the query is...
  4. A

    WORKDAY formula / holidays too

    Can someone please help me integrate the WORKDAY formula into the formula I'm currently using? I have a form that has dates that need to be populated based on a numerical code placed into cell H46. I have the number of days for the 13 codes listed on another tab called Dates. The formula I'm...
  5. S

    Trouble with scheduling

    Hi i am trying to set up an accurate schedule for a project to get a projected finish date with the following information. I am using Excel 2003 with XP Say 3 guys that work a 7-5 day (10 hours) are working on something that should take them a combined 43.7 hours leaving them with 13.7 hours to...
  6. F

    Issues with WORKDAY formula not adjusting for holidays...

    I’m new to this forum, and teaching myself Excel over time, so please forgive me if I’m missing something obvious. I am having trouble with a formula identifying and skipping over holidays. It’s just a piece in a very large template I am creating, but it is crucial that Excel accounts for the...
  7. T

    Removing weekends from calendar days

    Help!!! I'm having tons of trouble when it comes to this piece of excel heaven and cannot figure this out. My excel spreadsheet currently has a cell labeled [Days_Since_Received] and excel is figuring time in the system in Calendar Days. I need it to calculate into Work Days (M-F) or Business...
  8. A

    increase due date based on drop down box criteria

    I have a spreadsheet with the columns "received date", "due date" and "order type". The "receive date" is a manually entered field. The "order type" cell contains a drop down box with 5 choices. The "due date" cell needs to be based on the "received date" of a job plus either 3 working days...
  9. J

    WORKDAY function: how does [days] work

    Column A is the duration of each phase of a job in days. Column B is Start date for each phase. Column C has the following formula: =(WORKDAY.INTL(B1,A1,11)) 1 6-Mar 7-Mar 3 8-Mar 12-Mar 4 13-Mar 17-Mar 3 18-Mar 21-Mar 3 22-Mar 26-Mar 3 27-Mar 30-Mar 1 31-Mar 2-Apr I would like a value of...
  10. K

    Looping WORKDAY()

    SITUATION: Starting with a table where each row contains information about a different item to be shipped, I want to add a column that calculates the expected delivery date. The delivery date is calculated using the workday function =WORKDAY(start_date, days, [holidays]). <?xml:namespace prefix...
  11. W

    Do I want a table or a list or something else?

    Let me just say what a great resource this site is! Yesterday barry houdini was kind enough to offer up this formula: =IF(WORKDAY(A$1-1,ROWS(A$4:A4))>A$2,"",WORKDAY(A$1-1,ROWS(A$4:A4))) So now i put my start date in A1 and my end date in A2 and starting with A4 I get a list of the dates in...
  12. B

    Formula changes

    Hi, This cel (dutch; workday function)= =WERKDAG(D2;C2-1) Changes into the following when I save and re-open: (dutch translation: Blad = sheet) =Blad3!_FilterDatabase(D2;C2-1) After that, the formulas don't work when I start auto-filtering. (I work with mac for excel 2011)
  13. B

    Date function workdays only

    Hi. I would like an excel formula in say B1 to minus a month from the date A1, but only return a workday. If the date returned is not a workday, I would like it to return the next working day (positive only). Thank you for your help.
  14. C

    Calculating Start Date without using Workday()

    I am attempting to calculate the start date when the desired end date is known (Column D), and the duration to complete the work is also known (50 days, Column C). I'm using Excel 2003, and this info will be broadcast to multiple users, so using the Analysis Tool Pack is not an option. Is...
  15. C

    Delivery Dates with weekends and public holidays

    Hi All, I'm trying to build a tool to lookup delivery times in Excel 2007 and I'm a bit stuck. The requirements i have are; - Each suburb can have a different delivery timeframe, these are located on a separate sheet - Delivery times are in working days so it needs to account for weekends and...
  16. A

    How do I fix this formula for stock quotes?

    This is the formula I use to check the price of, say, YHOO, at close , from 6 days ago. = INDEX( GoogleFinance( "YHOO" ; "Close" ; TODAY()-6 ) ; 2 ; 2 ) The problem is that it registers dat 360 days a year and I don't know how to configure it to register data from workdays only. Thanks! A...
  17. D

    Add Time To A Date

    I have tried for a while on this, searched like crazy but have not had much luck, any help is appreciated. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p></o:p> I have found another thread that has been quite helpful but does not quite address my...
  18. N

    Negating Work days and Work Hours from set response periods

    Hello, I have the challenge of calcuting response times within 1 working day for cases filed by my clients. My current function does not account for workdays and holidays. So if a case is filed on a Friday evening and I respond on Monday morning, I have missed my allowed response time window...
  19. S

    Workday function for 6 day workweek and negative/subtract workdays

    Hello, I have searched for hours and hours for a solution to no avail, so I'm hoping the experts here can help me figure this out! I'm trying to calculate a start date, given an end date, lead time and holiday list, but including Saturdays as a workday. For example, A1 = End Date, such as...
  20. J

    Workday not including Saturdays

    Hi guys, Well this is my problem. I work scheduling trucks and I have the following problem. I need to calculate arrival times for merchandise. So if the truck arrives lets say NOV 21st in three different cells would calculate NOV20, nov19 and nov 18. The problem now is that I can not count...

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