worksheet compilation

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    Export all worksheets with 3-letter names to new workbook

    I've got a workbook with several hundred sheets, and the only ones I want to keep are the ones with 3-letter names. Can someone suggest a macro that would either (1) delete all sheets except the 3-letter ones; or (2) copy/move all 3-letter worksheets to a new workbook? Thanks! Blackie
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    Copy Data from various worksheets and display row by row in a single worksheet

    Hi, I data on a master document and have data sent in from various independent offices which I would like to reconcile. Each region along with the master is posted onto a separate worksheet in my spreadsheet but I would like to copy specific information in worksheet order and paste row by row...
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    Excel memory application

    I have a small Excel application (1MB) with some hidden sheets. I also have an input sheet with a series of combo, list and textboxes. But, for some reason while I am running the application, part of the input sheet gets greyed out. Now, this doesn't happen often and I would say its rare but...
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    Pulling Worksheet Data from Many Tabs

    Not exactly sure what this is called or what is needed, so I apologize in advance if there is a thread devoted to it (please direct me to it if that be the case!). But what I am trying to do is populate one worksheet (in the same workbook) with data from many (ie 500) separate tabs. An example...

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