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    Determine if ActiveX ComboBox is deselected

    I have a Private Sub that runs if an ActiveX ComboBox is CHANGED. The problem is, every time you type a letter in the open field (if a selection is not available) the code fires and slows down your typing. Is there a way to determine if the text field of the combobox is deselected and if so...
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    Object Required error with ActiveX Combobox

    Why do codes A & B below give me an Object Required (424) error (A is assigned to a button, B obviously fires on WB open) but C works without any issues?: A: ComboBox1.Value = "" ComboBox2.Value = "" B: Private Sub Workbook_Open() Dim ROWC As Integer ROWC = Worksheets("JOB...
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    File created by macro won't open

    Hi Team, I have a macro in my workbook, which creates a new word document based on a template, and populates sections of the template with data from my workbook. We use it for producing quote letters based on figures in excel. The macro seems to work fine, it creates the document, populates...
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    Insert Excel Table to Word and replace some text

    I have the below code to create a quote letter in Word from an Excel workbook and it works great, however, I also want the same macro to insert a table from my Excel workbook to the same Word document. Is this possible? I've had a look through the forums and I was able to find various examples...

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