1. A

    VBA calling a bat file not working on different workstation

    Hi there, I wrote a macro which is creating a bat file with values from excel cells and calling it as well. The excel and bat file are placed on a network server. Everything is working perfectly(writing the bat file, calling it, running the commands in cmd) when I run it from my workstation...
  2. J

    SUM of hours for a given Workstation

    I have gotten stuck at the operation every time I try to construct this spreadsheet. So, I need help. I have two tables. On is a reference for times and the other is a growing table of dates. Both tables have the same columns (Parts). The first table has Workstations in rows and Parts in...
  3. K

    Error: Consolidate method of Range Class failed

    I've seen similar issues before, but can't remember how I solved it in the past: File A consolidates information from various files that are typically stored in the same directory as file A. It works on certain computers, but on others the user receives the "Consolidate method of Range class...

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