1. M

    What Is A Real World Use Of Creating An Event In a Custom Class?

    Hi, I've been coding in VBA with Excel's built-in events for the Workbook and Worksheet and their usefulness is very obvious. However, with custom classes in VBA you can also create your own events -- and raise them -- to other objects that are listening for those events. What's unclear to me...
  2. S

    Plotting Latitude and Longitude onto a map in excel

    Good Morning I have been scouring the tinterweb for a while now looking for a post which may offer me the right guidance, but to no avail. I have an excel workbook which holds a database of latitudes and longitudes around the world. I am trying to figure out if there is a way to have these...
  3. P

    Combine multiple cells

    Hi everyone, need help to cover excel formula =(B2&"_"&G2&"_"&I2) to vba code. Because I get Alert msg for excel "One or more formulas in this workbook are longer than the allowed limit of 8192 character." I need to combine B$&G$&I$ in-between space insert "_" to F$ (automate fill up when key...
  4. N

    Inserting Cells of row in Selected Range in a Particular way

    Hello With the code below am able to Insert Cells and move downwards but not able to maintain the values of Column A which is in First Row of Selected Range which shall remain always. So what happens when i insert Value of B in 1st row of selected range Value of Column A moves downwards too...
  5. C

    Convert other number formats to US formats regardless of regional settings

    I'm creating a file that will be sent out to regional offices around the world. We've created a tool that automatically copies pertinent data to a Powerpoint presentation to submit to the corporate office, but I've noticed that all number formats remain in the local currency or date format...
  6. JazzSP8

    Look for a sequence of numbers and letters in a Cell value

    Hi All Scratching my head a bit with this one. I've code that loops through some cells and look for a certain sequence of letters and numbers and if found, copies it. The sequence used to just appear as the first 7 characters so I could just check for it there, however a recent change to...
  7. P

    Auto filter - Error Handler if criteria is missing

    Hello VBA Wizards, Would like to request for your assistance again to solve another VBA problem. I'm sure you have a solution for this, but would like to ask for your guidance on this. PROBLEM: I'm creating a macro which will filter 4 criteria(not necessary true for all 4) on 10 excel...
  8. L

    Formula to Add Hard Space

    I have the following various length text string: Hello World 123 abc; Love Excel 365 I would like to substitute the ";" plus one space with a hard space so that I get my results to show in two separate lines like this: Hello World 123 abc Love Excel 365 Can someone assist with the formula...
  9. M

    Increment Formulas but Adding Empty Rows in Results

    THE DATA A 1 hello 2 my 3 excel 4 world DESIRED RESULT in col C using Formula increment C 6 Hello 7 8 my 9 10 excel 11 12 world 13 What I attempted C6 =$A1 C8 =$A2 SELECT C6-C9 and drag 2 rows to increment formula RESULT C10 =$A5, not the desired C10 =$A3 Any help would be...
  10. K

    Fantasy Football (Soccer League)

    Hi all, I've been racking my brain for a few weeks with a spreadsheet I am working on for the world cup. I am trying to create a lookup for a sheet which tracks statistics of players entered into a template sheet which I have created to record match results during the world cup. There will be...
  11. J

    World Map by country - custom color code

    Hello, I'm trying to find a way to show the world map with all countries. I want to color all countries based on criteria will be 4 colors. Example of country colors - cleared (blue) - removed (red) - review (yellow) - approved (green) What's the best way to do this? I'm not opposed to...
  12. M

    ModelOff 2014 - starts 25th October!

    Welcome to ModelOff 2014 - the 3rd Annual Financial Modeling World Championships. After the success of Alex Gordon (NZ) in 2012 and Hilary Smart (UK) in 2013, we're on the hunt for our newest World Champion! If you are or know someone talented in Excel, spreadsheets, and financial modeling...

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