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    Lookup Formula for Nth Line in Wrapped Text

    I have the following text wrapped with a line break in a single cell: ABC 1232 DEF 456 GHI 78910 I want a lookup formula to just return DEF 456? Can someone help.
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    finding a text of 2 words in wrapped content in cell from another sheet

    Trying to find text of 2 words like city and state "dallas, TX" from sheet2 in sheet1 ColumnA(anywhere in wrapped text) example of text in Sheet1 columnA Robert is living in dallas, TX with his aunt. I tried vlookup but it only search exact text in cell not somewhere in wrapped cell...
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    Wrap text

    I'm trying to create a template and I need a few cells to be wrapped texted. When I paste text into those cells it some how changes back to no wrapped text. Is there a way to keep (lock) the cell so it is always wrapped text?

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