1. G

    Help with explaining this formula, Please

    With this formula, why can’t I use the cell example (F7), instead of (65%), when F7 = 10% is where it is? It gives me the correct answer written this way. =ROUND((A2+10%*A2)/65%,2) Thanks in advance.
  2. L

    recording marco timing

    Hi Can I change the timing in recording macro. For example I want to copy a cell and then paste it to another location after 3 seconds. Can I do that by Recording Macro. Not written a code. Thank you very much.
  3. Richard U

    What is this Index-match doing?

    I've stripped out all the path information and identifiable information. This is referencing an external workbook, but I have never seen an index match written like this before. Could someone please explain what this is doing...
  4. Z

    partial lookup

    hello, i have an issue with some of my colleagues when typing for example shop names, not all of them write it the same way so i need a way to look for the written name in the excel report and look it up from the correct table. Example: Wrong Spelling/Name <tbody> Carrfour Maadi Correct...
  5. pcorpz

    help tweaking my formula ifna match index

    {=IFNA(INDEX(PO[Price],MATCH([@[SO Date]]&[@[User Name]]&[@[Item No.]]&[@[SO Qty]],PO[Posting Date]&PO[User Name]&PO[Item No.]&PO[Quantity],0)),INDEX(PO[Price],MATCH([@[Item No.]]&[@[Cost Exact Match]],PO[Item No.]&PO[Sales Exact Match],0)))} My formula works but I know it should be written...
  6. I

    Calculation just doesnt add up

    Hi, I am trying to write a small basic code for fuel allowance of 45p per mile. Currently i use this which works fine & correct. =E18*0.45 But i now wish to add the cell value at E34 So i have written, =E18+E34*0.45 The value comes back as £256 but it should be £134.65 222 x 0.45P =...
  7. N

    Can Userform, Modules and Class Modules of Excel be exported to Word ? with all the sub routines written in Userform, Modules and class modules

    Hello Before implementing i thought of asking the following Can Userform, Modules and Class Modules of Excel be exported to Word ? with all the sub routines written in Userform, Modules and class Modules of Excel using Excel 2013 Thanks and Regards NimishK
  8. I

    ComboBox set focus

    Hi, Can you give some pointers please. I have a userform on a worksheet then opens automatically when you visit the page. Ive looked for this set focus code but dont find it anywhere. Can this be written another way as opposed to set focus. I just cant seem to find where its being controlled...
  9. L

    Write to closed workbook, Same time as opened workbook.

    Good afternoon all, For more than 3 years I have been happily entering data into an Excel based database and everything works rather well. However, I need a little advice on a problem I have not got a solution for. All data is entered by way of a multi-tabbed userform, I would also like the data...
  10. B

    Assistance with SUMIFS Function formula

    I would appreciate assistance with the following SUMIFS Function formula that I have written so that it will work properly. =SUMIFS(Sheet2!B$3:B$12,Sheet2!A$3:A$12,Sheet2!A$3:A$12,Sheet2!A$3:A$12>=A3,Sheet2!A$3:A$12<=B3) As the following screen shot shows, what I am trying to accomplish...
  11. P

    ADO %, * Wild Card confusion

    Hi I've found the workaround for this issue, but don't understand why it was an issue: I did all the hard work of writing the queries in Access and some of the queries involve sub-queries e.g. Pretend I wanted queries that prepared data on Goals, Assists, Wages, Corners So inside Access, the...
  12. L

    What language is Excel written in?

    Hi I asked this question before and I got an answer. The answer was Visual Basic. Now I came to this link which says it is written in C++ https://www.quora.com/What-language-is-Excel-written-in Which one is the the right one. Thank you so much.
  13. S

    Vba recognize first time startup

    Does anyone know how to write coding such that excel will recognize the first time a particular file is opened on a computer? Situation- I have a fairly self-automated workbook/program I’ve written that does a lot on its own with menus and calculations and all- all written in vba- but I’d like...
  14. I

    Edit to existing code please

    Hi, Basically when i open a specific worksheet i need two things to happen. 1,Select cell A4 2,Open Userform. I can only do one of them using the Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() I have this in use on another sheet which does the two actions BUT its written to select the bottom on my sheet...
  15. J

    VBA copy sheet

    In a workbook, which workbookname and sheet will change, but I want to copy into this workbook/sheet I am in when running the macro. The code for what I want to copy is already written: Developed a code: workbooks.open Filename:="S:\Report.xlsx. Sheets("Januay").select...
  16. Z

    Returning a cell as blank

    Hello! I'm working on a spreadsheet that has some fields that I need duplicating into another sheet on the same workbook - so far I've been using "='TEXT '!C11 so it just copies what I've written. Problem is if the field is empty it returns as 0 - any way I can get it to return totally blank...
  17. M

    Pasting copied columns in VBA

    Hi I've written some VBA code which selects then deletes certain columns. I then want to cut two columns and paste them at the end of the data. I've written the code below, but Excel doesn't like the last line, where I've selected column U and attempted to paste the columns I'd just cut...
  18. G


    Hi, I am new to excel, I want to know if I can add. See Below. Time is written in a specific cell, like this 10:30. I want to add 8:30 hour to it. Can I do it like this = A1 (cell in which time written ) + 8:30. Thanks in advance
  19. A

    Pulling Data from multiple sheet

    In my excel workbook I have 50 Nos of Sheets in which column E7:E are filled up with Dates and for each date there is a numeric value in column H7:H. I want to copy those dates written in E7:E, Values written in column F7:F and and there respective value written in H7:HG along with sheet name to...
  20. R

    Using ISBLANK across multiple cells

    Hi all, I'm sure this is a super easy problem for all you experts out there but I'm trying to figure out: On Sheet1 using an ISBLANK formula to look at cells F8,G8,H8,I8 and display whatever is written in one of them in cell C4 on Sheet2. Only one of the cells will ever have information in...

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