1. H

    Vlookup Alternative

    Hi - I'm using the code below to lookup data in Ws2 and place it in Ws1. Currently if the value in Ws1 Column A isn't found in Ws2 Column E it will put a "N" in Column P. How do I tweak it so that it only changes the cells in Column P when there is a match between Ws1 Column P and Ws2 Column...
  2. T

    VBA - Need formula to work on dynamic column - But getting a variable error

    Hi all, I have a simple Sub that replaces one value in a cell with another from a lookup table. It loops around the length of the column replacing row by row Sub UpdateCountry() Dim lr As Long, i As Long Dim CountryCol As Range Dim x As Variant Set ws1 = Sheets("2. Final Data")...
  3. C

    Object defined error?

    Hi everyone, Can someone help me debug this code? Dim ws1 As worksheet Set ws1 = Sheets("assets") Dim add As string add = Selection.Address ws1.Range(add).Unmerge
  4. C

    excel vba Add check and then use different reference and source

    So I am using the below code and it works perfectly thanks to some help on here but I want to add a check so that if the row has data but the value of ws1 column G is empty then I want to get the value of ws1 G by using ws1 E as the reference and getting the value for G from ws2 column A. The...
  5. S

    VBA help to transfer additional data to ws

    Hello Forum, I use this code to copy data over from ws2 to ws1 when cell C3 is updated. From ws2 I need the data in column "H" (10) to copy to ws1 column "N" (13) and I cannot figure out how to make this addition. I tried adding in "sn(i, 13) = arr(x, 10)" But this does not work. Thank you...
  6. H

    Lookup Values

    How would I change this code to work in a slightly different way. I have a value in Sheet1("A4") and I want to lookup this value on Sheet2("A1:F20") with the value being in column F. I then want to put the corresponding value from Column A in Sheet1("A6"), the next corresponding value in...
  7. B

    Bad code = CreateObject('scripting.dictionary") failure

    I’m attempting to add a “Y” to ws1, Column Q This only adds “Y” from the last item in ws6. I do not understand what I’m doing wrong. Sub MacroUpdateY2() Dim Cl As Range Dim sKey As String Dim ws1 As Worksheet Dim ws6 As Worksheet Set ws6 = Sheets("6") Set ws1 =...
  8. T

    VBA Macro - naming ws1 - "Billed"

    I'm getting an error "type mismatch" on the ws1 name, not sure why, It worked last month, can someone help me understand. Sub FinanceOwnedFilter2() Dim lRow As Long Dim ws1 As Worksheet, ws2 As Worksheet Dim i As Long, lastrow As Long If AutoFilterMode = True And FilterMode = True Then...
  9. F

    Search for Match and Return Value on 2 lists

    Hello..... I have code that works well to use a value in each row in a column in WS1 and compare it to a list of names in WS2 and if there is a match, put the value in WS2 A1 into Cell O of WS1 (offset 11 columns). What I want to do is make this an "OR" and compare to WS2 range A2:A14 OR WS2...
  10. P

    Add blank row in middle of data and paste userform values to it

    This is my first post so please be gentle with me. :cool: I am currently using Excel for Office 365. I have a user form for data entry to either of two sheets, the sheet is selected in ComboBox5. Sub EditAdd finds last row of the existing data (using column C as the reference) and puts the...
  11. H

    Transferring data from 1 sheet to Another

    Having Trouble with this code. I'm looking up Column A on Sheet3 on Sheet1. When it finds a match on sheet1 its supposed to take column 23 and put the results in column 13 on Sheet3. Right now its just matching Column A with Column 5 on Sheet3 and putting that value in column 13. Sub...
  12. S

    Copy based on condition

    Hi there everyone. Hopefully an easy one :) I have the following code which I am using on another part of my macro (which might be helpful.. I think). Ultimately what I need to do, is copy columns A:J for any row where column L equals Not Exported. It will copy to sheet WS2, beginning on row...
  13. M

    Transferring Data Between Worksheets

    I'm trying to compare columns of first and last names (A:B) on ws1 with columns (A:B) on ws2. If the name exists on ws2, then I need to copy the value of ws1 columns (I:L) to ws2 columns (D:G) for the matching row.
  14. M

    Moving Data Between Worksheets with Match?

    I have an interesting data set that I'm trying to move data between. I've taken a partial swing at this and am coming up short. I keep getting errors on my match formula, and therefore haven't pieced the rest of the code together. Take a look at my attempt if you care, or if you have a...
  15. H

    Copy/Paste Multiple Workbooks Speedup

    Hi - I'm using the code below to copy and paste from one workbook to another, but it takes forever. Is there a better way to do it? Thanks! Sub Macro1() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Set ws1 = ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Dump") Set ws2 = Workbooks("DATA").Sheets("Info") With ws1...
  16. M

    File Error when opening...due to sorting

    I'm not sure if this error is specific to the LAN at work, or if it's a general excel problem, but anytime I run a macro that involves Autofilter, when I save it and reopen it, I get a warning that the file has errors and must be recovered. The recovery log generated says that it is removing...
  17. R

    Rows that stick together

    So some of you have already helped tremendously on this project, and it turned out great! I tested it live and I think I need to make a few changes as I found a few flaws in the design. And I am looking for some help. For example I have 3 main sheets (technically 7 as there is 5 days in the...
  18. M

    VLOOKUP, but causes result to stay permanently

    Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but I'm looking for something that retrieves data similarly to a VLOOKUP function, but the resulting value would then become permanent. My example: I have a list of names on ws2, and an identical list of names on ws1, plus some extra outliers on ws1 that will...
  19. S

    Formula to copy text from a different sheet with a condition

    I have 2 worksheets from 2 separate workbooks. For this question I will say Workbook 1 and worksheet 1 is called WB1 and WS1, the other is WB2 and WS2. On WB2, WS2, I want it to extrapolate row information from WB1, WS1 if it contains the word DV in Column A2-A117. I want it to pull info...
  20. S

    copy and paste macro help.

    Hello, I use this macro to copy and Paste from WS1 to WS2. But I need it to copy and paste new data on the next row down on Ws2 When the button is selected. I cant figure this out. Thanks for all help provided. Sub ButtonCode() Dim ws1 As Worksheet, ws2 As Worksheet Dim DestRow As...

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