1. T

    VBA Save as and overwrite file

    Hi Guys, I have the below code which works great but is there a way to overwrite the files if they already exist Sub Run() Dim ws As Worksheet, newWb As Workbook Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each ws In Sheets(Array("Bethan", "Hannah")) ws.Copy Set newWb = ActiveWorkbook...
  2. Roopher

    ws.Copy: VBA sub just exits there - Excel XP SP3 issue?

    Hello! Using Excel XP SP2, I wrote VBA that does a ws.Copy which works fine (copy a hidden template worksheet within a workbook). When I tried to run the VBA on three (professionally administrated) company Excel XP SP3 machines, the very ws.Copy line of the code caused the sub to bail out with...

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