x axis

  1. D

    dynamic charts

    I would like to make a dynamic graph that based on operator, can display various metrics related to production to a date range. The caveat here is that the graph will need to change x axis values per operator due to the fact that each operator works different days. For instance, I want to...
  2. B

    X axis multiple data series

    I have stock options with 3 different sets of strike prices. ($7,250 to $9,500) ($8,000 to $9,000) and ($4,000 to $6,000). Each set has different profit multiples that are shown on Y axis. I want to put all 3 sets on the X axis and compare 3 profit multiple lines. Problem I get is that every...
  3. G

    Placing the secondary Y axis below the X axis

    Hi guys This issue at first seemed really simple but I have been at this for hours and cannot make any progress. I have search a ton of articles, boards and all the solutions posed do not fix the issue i am facing, which is to place the secondary Y axis (which is a calculated field, showing...
  4. S

    Trend Line X Axis longitude problem

    Hello Everyone, Many thanks in advance. I have an issue where by a data set on a XY scatter graph is joined with Linear Trend line. It is used to show the routes a ship takes and the scatter graph has a map as a back drop, x axis is longitude and y is latitude. The longitude (x axis) starts...
  5. N

    Empty values in x axis

    Hi, Excel pro's, I have a problem with x axis values. I need to see all of years in the chart as I see now, but Excel includes all empty cells. But I don't need them, because it looks unpresentable. I tried to uncheck empty values on axis values options, but there too many values, so I can't...
  6. H

    Excel 2013 - x Axis label alignment on a line chart (how to rotate labels)

    I know how to do this in Excel 2010 but I can't seem to find options for this in Excel 2013. I would like to rotate my x axis labels. In Excel 2010 there is an option where you can set the angle of an x axis label. But when I choose Format Axis in 2013 I cannot see an option for alignment...
  7. S

    Can I make a custom x-axis??

    I need my x axis to range from 100-2500 but I want it to appear as intervals as 500 with the initial starting value of 100 not being shown. The axis should read 500,1000,1500,2000,2500. Can this be done and how?
  8. V

    How to plot chart by showing continuous month data

    Hi All, Please see data below. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Employee # Employee Name Designation Senior/Junior Allocation Start Date Allocation End Date 123 ABC Engineer J 1-Apr-14 456 DEF Engineer J 1-Apr-14 789 GHI Manager J 1-Apr-14 112 JKL manager...
  9. K

    buble graph x axis putting values in order rather than using value

    Ok I have a bubble graph, works fine once it's working. But i'm changing the data (coping from another workbook and pasting) and sometimes (no pattern as to when yet) it stops treating the x values as it should and instead puts them in the order they appear in the list. Eg with the following...
  10. jan001

    incorrect values on line chart X axis

    Using Excel 2010, I created a very simple line chart showing activity of a certain type, like this: Column A (Date of Report) 01/06/14 01/13/14 01/28/14 02/03/14 02/10/14 02/28/14 03/07/14 03/14/07 03/21/14 03/28/14 04/04/14 04/18/14 Column B (Number of Incidents Reported) 700 374 372 359 410...
  11. J

    Toughy! Multiple X-Axis Interval Tick Marks on Line Graph?

    Here's a tough one for ya. I have a time series plotting daily return data across 1.5 years. My line chart looks great, except for the x-axis. The beginning data does not start exactly at the beginning of the 13-week quarter, and not all quarters are exactly 13-weeks. Q4 is 13 weeks and 3 days...
  12. P

    Graphing XY Plot with defined Axis

    Good Morning, For work, I am trying to graph profitability by state (could be product line, customer, etc) with Net Sales on the X axis and Operating Income on the Y. When trying to graph this in excel, it treats the selected data as two seperate series and doesn't plot based on the values...
  13. M

    Plotting Chart data Accurately

    I have several columns of stock data including the date. All data for all dates that are not high or low for a given period have been removed. I wish to plot this zig zag line that alternates between the last top and the next bottom on a pre existing chart that contains all of the historical...
  14. D

    Take #N/A's out of the x axis

    I have a set of data that always changes and is put into a graph for better viewing. Sometimes I have more data than other days but I do not want to show #N/A in the x axis I have tried many things and nothing has worked
  15. S

    VBA to plot several line chart series on a common date X axis

    Hi guys.... I have a Workbook (Excel 2010) with several Worksheets - each Worksheet represents a business loan, and each loan has a different start and predicted end date. On each worksheet I have a column with the Next Payment Date, and another column with the Balance after the payment has...
  16. C

    Scatter with smooth line - X axis values

    Hello, I am working on a scatter smooth line chart and I am having an issue with the X axis. I have 5 points on my charts and excel is doing an interpolation to get the smooth line. Values one the X axis go from 0 to 6 while I would like to customize it to have: "Put 40" for point 1, "Put 25"...
  17. R

    X - Axis, Cant get excel to use the correct scale.

    Hello, I am making a mortgage calculator that you can use to compare two different scenarios and have the results displayed on a graph. The problem is that Excel is plotting the data based on the location of the data for the x axis and not the value in the cell. I have a balance in one column...
  18. J

    Pivot Chart of Counts - no entry when count = 0

    I want to show from a set of values that for some values there is a high count and for others a count of zero (result in both tabular and chart form). I make a pivot table with my range of values drug to both the Row Labels and the Values (as Count) and it works for for values where the count...
  19. T

    Line charts

    This is the problem: I'm trying to make a force x velocity line graph with pre and post variables in this chart. The problem is that the post variables for velocity doesn't fit in, in the x axis with the pre variables. How do I do that?? PS: Sorry for bad english :)
  20. B

    Graphing Vlookup as NA() X Axis Problem

    I'm trying to graph a vlookup column where the non-values are coded with NA() so that they do not plot. When I add the data series to the graph if plots properly; however, it skews the x axis (a date/time combo format) and will not let me set date/time before a certain value (e.g. the x axis...

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