xcelsius 2008

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    Return multiple unique values without using ROW

    I have a list of 168 people that I am using in conjunction with a Xcelsius 2008 USA map. I'm using the map to mouse-over to enter a state code into the sheet in H1. I want to lookup all people who live in Texas, returning their names (unique) and City (could be duplicates) which I will display...
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    Finding functions with missing qualifiers

    Hi, I need to scavenge all the functions like Index or Match that have an auto-filled qualifier (like a column or a row) on a pretty massive excel sheet. As in Excel the qualifiers are "guessed" by software and do not give any issue, the transposition into Xcelsius results patchy if not...
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    To find the nth nonblank value in a range

    I found the next formula in microsoft, it works perfectly, but is there anyway of doing the same thing without using an array formula. The thing is that I am working with Xcelsius 2008 and it does not support neither ROW or the COLUMN formulas, and I guess is because it does not support array...

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