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    Delete rows based on empty cell

    Hi, I know there are a few threads on this but I haven't found one that works. I have a column, column A, that contains headings in the rows. Column B will contain the appropriate data that corresponds to the heading. However, any data that does not apply will be blank in Column B. I would like...
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    Need help comparing two arrays

    Hello, I have 2 excel workbooks, one called "system" and the other called "bond". Essentially, I read data from each workbook into 2 separate arrays and then want to compare the two. I'll walk you through my code step by step and hopefully it will make sense: The data that I need is in...
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    Vba Vlookup to reference range from a file whose name varies

    Hi, I'm trying to do a vlooup where the lookup range is on a file whose name varies depending on when the report being run was run the last time. I've figured out a way to find the appropriate file and open it. What I haven't found is the right way to do the vlooup, so I get the comments...

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