1. E

    VBA code converting cell to Table

    I used this same code in another worksheet but with different ranges without issue. Now when I run the same code it causes the first cell under QTY to become a table. Any idea what would cause this? I did find if I rem out " srcWS.Range("AD4:AD52").AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="<>" "...
  2. V

    VBA Code / Formula - Modify

    Hi, Thanks in Advance, Its possible in VBA or code or formula to automate from column IX to column SO (ROW1798), its copy the formula and paste in only 5 or 10 column and after that copy that cells and paste special as value and make this till SO (ROW1798) 1. It will copy the formula...
  3. P

    Tidying/Amending code

    Hi just wondering is there any way of tidying up the code below as it is repeated quite a lot just wondering if there was a easier/better way in putting it all together. hope you can help. Private Sub CommandButton3_Click() With Sheets("Sheet1") .Columns("C:C").Sort...
  4. V

    VBA Help with last row and paste special

    Hey all, Not sure if this is something you all can assist on, I've been searching through the site for a bit during this project and found great help. I've been tasked with automating some reporting at work that involves pulling data from emails, we get a blanket email and I need to extract...
  5. N

    VBA Code Help

    Hello everyone, I have the below code that copies specific cells and drops them into a new (copied from a Master) worksheet. The sheet contains 25 rows for user input, such as customer name. I created 25 macros and just changed the row reference. Example E1, E2, E3 etc. I am positive there is a...
  6. M

    Vba Append data to multiple tables across multiple sheets

    Hi I think I am NEARLY there with this but not working exactly how I need. At the moment the code is finding the last row and pasting data but I need it to be last row + 1. I'm pasting the data in to two columns for each destination table. This worked but now getting an error on...
  7. J

    WorkSheet_SelectionChange Not Working (Tried the obvious stuff)

    Hi I have the following code in the sheet where the target cells (H20 & N20) are Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$H$20" Then DespatchAddress End If If Target.Address = "$N$20" Then ReceiptAddress End If End Sub The expectation is...
  8. J

    past special VBA

    Hi can anyone show me how to change this macro to paste values and formats but not formulas. Sub CopyStuff() Range("AA4:AD34").Copy Sheets("SummaryData").Cells(1, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Offset(0, 1).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues End Sub if i try and add more than 1 pastespecial it...
  9. I

    Select next available cell without any value in it

    Afternoon, I currently using this code below so it runs when i open the worksheet. Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()Range("A4").Activate End Sub I am only interested in Column A The range is ALWAYS A4:A28 What i would like please "as opposed to going to A4" is that when i open the worksheet...
  10. E

    Autofilter, copy & paste vba not working

    Hi can someone have a look at the below and help with why it's not working? Warning it's messy! Sub Searchproper() ' ' copyandpaste Macro ' ' Sheets("HR Advice & Admin").Select FilterString = Sheets("Offer Received").Range("G5").Value ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$AS$286").AutoFilter...
  11. I

    Advice for worksheet calculation

    Afternoon. On my worksheet i type in values but when i type REFUND "only ever in a column C cell" the text is automatically turned red & also in the row in question at cell D i see in red £0.00 I then continue to enter the refund value in this cell so when i type £50.00 it then turns to -£50.00...
  12. G

    Macro is skipping the first available empty cell and instead pasting data several rows below

    Hi everyone! Honestly this has stumped me for a while now. So my macro deals with sending some data from one excel file to another. I am having this weird glitch where sometimes the data will not be pasted to the next available empty row but instead it gets pasted about 150 rows lower than...
  13. L

    VBA code running when it shouldn't be?

    Hey all, I am struggling to understand why some of my macros are running when I am not intending for them to run. Here's some examples of situations happening in this workbook. 1. Making a change to any cell on any sheet in the workbook run's two of my macros (these macros are written in two...
  14. W

    Pasting 3 blank rows for some reason

    First off I know the code is messy but I have tried so many things that I am just lost at this point. I have a workbook and a user pastes values into a table (Table3, Sign-In Sheet). After running the Macro (CopyTable) the data from Table3 should copy over to SHMM Sections and from there to CBT...
  15. S

    Issues with "Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)" - Code restarting from pasting

    Hi All Have a complicated sheet that does things on the fly as the user changes fields and enters data etc etc. To do this I use: Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) on Sheets(1) Which as you know runs the code whenever the selection changes on the sheet, which is...
  16. D

    Copy and Paste (transpose)

    Hi, I have sheets in t (he same workbook that I need the values of the cells to be copied and pasted from sheet2 to sheet1 depending on a name selected from a drop down list. However, the cells in sheet1 are spread over the sheet. Here is an example of what I have done so far for the first...
  17. jbesclapez

    Why in this macro there is telling Error104 Select methode of range class failed

    Hi, I made this macro and get an error on this line Worksheets("Temp").Range("A1").SelectI run the macro from the sheet Q-Simple. I dont know why there is this error because if I select the sheet, than that means it is activated... so why this error. It is so basic... Please give me a clue...
  18. Z

    when paste, paste values only

    Hi, I would like to set my sheet that only copying values is allowed. I know I should use .PasteSpecial xlPasteValues, but how should I use it if I want to paste values only when user will try to paste something into cell?
  19. R

    Macro only Works Certain Tab is Active

    I have a very simple question that for some reason I am struggling with. The below macro works fine if I am on the "Output Variance" worksheet. But if I try running it when I am on any other tab it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? Sheets("Output Variance").Range("A1"...
  20. G

    Cleaning up VBA Code

    Good Evening, I have my coding complete, it works but it's a little sluggish and slow. I'm thinking it could be improved so I wanted to share in case anyone is able to assist in the clean up. Thanks! Sub FuturePDI() Sheets("Property Segment Data").Range("B2:I18").Clear Sheets("Property...
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