1. S

    Capturing Value from InputBox

    Hello All, I have two sub procedures. In sub procedure1 i call sub procedure 2 . In sub procedure 2 I have an inputbox that asks users to enter a city name and stores that as a variable and then some other operations are performed. when I return to sub procedure 1 I would like to insert the...
  2. E

    How to stop Excel's "Save As" function from defaulting to Text (Tab) on XLS files?

    So whenever I attempt to save a fresh excel file, it will have my default save as option as XLSX. But I frequently have to download XLS files and then edit them. Whenever I finish I go to save as, and it tries to save it as a text (tab delim) file every single time. I have checked and confirmed...
  3. B

    Code converting xlsm to xls

    As you can probably tell by looking at the code below, I simply run the code when I have a xlsm file open and it saves it as a xls. A problem Im having is if i accidentally run the code on a xls I will get error at the Kill Filename. Is there something that could be added at the beginning where...
  4. B

    Experience of XLS Padlock

    Hi Is There anyone with experience of the software XLS Padlock (copy protect ). I am looking for a good way to copy protect my worksheet. Or is there any other software to use. Best regards Bengt
  5. B

    XLS Padlock user?

    Hi Is there anybody out there who have tried XLS Padlock software to copy protect a Excel workbook.
  6. B

    Save As Non Macro Enabled Worksheet-VBA

    I was trying to create a macro that when I open a workbook that is macro-enabled I could simply run some code that will change it to an xls or xlsx and save it as the current file name. I need it to save it to its current location. Thanks as always
  7. E

    Is it possible to specify the path and filename of an xls file and use it as a reference without opening it?

    Is it possible to specify the path and filename of an xls file and use it as a reference without opening it? In VBA or formulas. Thanks!
  8. S

    convert xls to xlxs files.

    I found a macro online that works to convert .xls files to .xlsx files. But it works for one file at a time. I would like to modify this code so it loops through all the files found in a folder. Folder path is static (does not change). Currently I have these files in...
  9. A

    loan calculations

    How do i post an xls file? thanks
  10. D

    Run-time error '1004': Method 'Activate' of object '_Workbook' failed only on new PC

    Hi Folks, I have an old excel model last modified in 2010 that was written by a pretty decent VBA / SQL programmer who has since deceased. All our old machines are running Windows 7 professional on a 64 bit OS using 32 bit Excel 2013 (8 gb RAM). A new PC installed recently runs...
  11. S

    Add Validation list in VBA Excel 97/2003 (.xls)

    Hi guys! I'm currently working on a macro where I need to populate a validation list for a cell. The list comes from a string that's joins elements from an array. Here's the code: If Not IsArrayEmpty(Clas) Then For i = PrimeraClase To UltCla Clase = CStr(Ana.Cells(i...
  12. S

    .xls refresh all keeps enabling itself?

    I have a report (.xlsx) with some data connections to a SQL query that sometimes crashes on certain people's PCs. They seem to get better reliability from .xls files, however some of the queries are quite expensive and take a while to run, and I'd prefer to disable the background refresh and...
  13. M

    Excel Speed

    Would you please explain what is the Excel calculating 8 processor(8)? My spreadsheet is talking a long time to open up and inserting rows and column. Does it make any difference whether I save the workbook in xls or xls files. is there any solution to make my workbooks faster to open up? Thank...
  14. F

    Exporting data to a new xls workbook

    Hi, I am trying to export data from an xlsm to a new xls. But the problem is that it only copies the first row and I need a table to be copied. My macro is this one: Sub ExportarTXT() Worksheets("Import").Activate If Sheets("Import").Activate Then Range("A1").Select If...
  15. F

    Macro works perfect on xls.files but not on xlsx.files

    Dear All, Run time error 1004 when using sheet with more than 65000 lines .xlsx ). Even if they are not used. I fear it has to do with the way I search the last used row. Endrowhelp = Firstref.Column Cells(50000, Endrowhelp).Select Selection.End(xlUp).Select myEndRow =...
  16. B

    Downloaded spreadsheet not opening correctly?

    I've made a workbook in Excel (obviously) on my Mac, saved as a xls document and emailed it as an attachment. When it is opened on a windows pc (Excel 2007) it isn't displaying or functioning correctly even with macros enabled. For example I have in cell drop-down menus which aren't...
  17. J

    wheere can upload Xls Files?

    Hi friends where can upload excel files for ask a question? Thanks
  18. F

    Power Query data from "XML (MS Excel)" file type

    I'm using SAP BEx Broadcaster to routinely send SAP reports via email (and concurrently adding to team-space). The output format is listed as "XML (MS Excel)" format. It is sent via email attachment with "xls" extension and older style excel icon. When opened directly from excel (ie 2016) an...
  19. A

    Macro changing all files extensions in the folder to .xlsx

    Hello! I have an issue with Power Query add-in. As you know, Power Query doesn't allow to work with files with extension .xls. The issue is that I have many files in my folder (over 50), the majority of which have extension .xls. I need to get and transform the data from folder with Power...
  20. D

    Automatically copy an entire sheet from one .xls to another

    Morning all. I ideally need to take a specific sheet from a specific document and copy it's entire contents, formatting, filters etc into a new xls such that when i open the new xls it will get all the data once more from the original sheet. I know that you could simply set the new xls to copy...

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