1. DataBlake

    XLSB Corrupted - Can't Open VBA

    I've gone and donked up my XLSB file somehow. i can access the workbook itself but i can not save it, nor can i access the VBA editor to fix whatever vba code is causing this in the first place. should i just delete it? I don't want to delete it. I don't have a current backup of it i do not...
  2. J

    Very slow saving of small xlsb file

    Hello all, i have a small xlsb file- 1.3 Mb that works just fine until i try to save it- then it blocks for about 5 minutes and i dont understand why. Can u help me with some advices? Thank you!
  3. P

    How do I save a macro as XLSB without any Worksheets?

    XLA used to be just the macro and no worksheets, but I cannot find a way to save XLSB without any Worksheets i.e. just the macro?
  4. E

    Make file properties visible on an encrypted xlsb document

    I have an encrypted xlsb file that I would like to allow file properties to be visible when the file is closed. My IT department would like to use the "Comments" value to store a value that can be read by other systems without opening the file. I tried running the code shown below which I...
  5. J

    XLSM vs XLSB

    Ive been using XLSM for ages but just found anything works the same for me in XLSB format at nearly half the filesize. Does XLSB have any cons? I've read up on it but a lot of the info is old. I read with XLSB, if file becomes corrupt its harder to fix.
  6. A

    Excel workbook slow to close when other workbooks open

    Hi I have a large (>20mb) Excel file (xlsb) that opens and saves reasonably quickly, but takes up to a minute to close (even without saving) if there are other (non-linked) workbooks open at the same time. If no other workbooks are open, it closes almost instantly. Has anyone ever experienced...
  7. S

    Macros in Different versions of Excel

    Hello, I use multiple systems in my office, some of them have 2007, some have 2010, some with 2013 and one with 2016 Excel. I tried to find the Developer tab in all but i could find in 2010 and 2016 only. Second, I could find personal. xlsb file in 2016 only not in any other version. Could...
  8. C

    Disable specific macro

    I have many Excel reports that generate weekly. Those files have a macro in them. I want to use a macro from my personal macro workbook to disable the original macro within the weekly report. So far all I can find: 1. Disabling all macros(but I still need other macros from my personal...
  9. J

    XLSB format caused my file size to increase

    When I have a particularly massive project on a shared drive which needs to run faster and more efficiently on lower quality machines at my company's various branches, I usually save the file in XLSB format to share, because this reduces the the file size, so it can download or be sent via email...
  10. M

    Have lost my Personal.xlsb file and cannot create a new one

    Fortunately, I had already exported the modules to BAS files and zipped them.... just in case I am completely baffled by this.
  11. D

    VBA Runtime Error with XLSB file

    I have a large macro enabled file I saved as a XLSB to reduce size and opening time. Now however, if it is not the first excel file open, I get a Runtime Error '1004' when my macro events run. However, when it is the first file open, the macro events perform perfectly. Hopefully someone has...
  12. H

    VBA to Open Xlsx/Xlsm/Xls excel files and Convert to another format

    Hello all, I need help with this build :confused:. Basically I want to be able to create a path within the code to search this folder for excel files with Xlsx/Xlsm/Xls, open, save as, same name, but new extension. In this case I am converting older files to Xlsb in order to save space...
  13. E

    Problem with Excel Binary format (XLSB) in Excel 2013

    Facing problem with XLSB format when working with Excel 2013 and sharing it with others. The original file was created in Excel 2007. The file works normally with Excel 2013, but when I share it with other Excel 2007 users, it gives the following errors: When the user recovers the document...
  14. B

    Excel 2007 xlsm file crashes randomly, didn't before

    Ok. I am new to this board but have been playing with VBA for a couple of years. A workbook I have developed over a year now randomly decides to crash. Sometimes it fails to find an object, like a userform, that absolutely exists! On restart excel usually finds unreadable data in the xlsb file...
  15. C

    Saving xlsb with VB HUGE FILE SIZE

    Hello All, I have created a little bit of code that opens, calculates and resaves a few reports. These newly calculated wbs are then saved to a communial network drive. as .xlsb. All easy up to now, the machine i was using to do this, was on 2003. I am using 2007 to create all macros. I...
  16. pi

    XLSB file size

    Hi! Using Excel 2007. I work with XLSB to optimize file sizes. I have a huge data table (file size 16 MB). I put it into a file with some analysis (some pivot tables without saving data, some formula driven tables). File size went up by less than 1 MB. Great. Then I did some formula changes...

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