1. P

    VBA Macro Save File Based On Cell Value in Current Excel Version Issue

    Dim Path As StringDim Filename As String Path = "C:\Report\" Filename = Range("B4") ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:=Path & Filename & ".xlsx", FileFormat:=xlNormal I am self teaching myself VBA and have run into an issue. Despite spending a lot of time searching, I wasn't able to get this macro...
  2. M

    Save userform as .xlsx on users desktop

    I would like to save userform as an image inside .xlsx file. I have button in userform to save as .xlsx. So my code should take a screenshot, create new Excel file, paste screenshot in there and save newly created Excel file as and .xlsx file on users desktop. For some reason my code does not...
  3. A

    Get value from closed work book

    Hello everyone, Given Code getting values from closed workbook where extension is .xls. But now some file is .xlsx format. Where file extention is .xlsx this code not working. please give some idea how to open .xls and .xlsx files. Can we use OR Condition? Sub test() If Range("b1").Value =...
  4. J

    Merging all files in a folder ?

    Hi, I have several hundred .xlsx files with data I want merged into one file. * Only .xlsx files * Sheets("Sheet1") * Data is in A:F starting at row 2 Best way to approach this? Files are all under 100kb and contain roughly 2000 rows in each Appreciate any help
  5. B

    File Save

    Good afternoon Is there a way to insert the Month Day Year Hour & Minute combined with the "Results" file. Thanks guys.... Dim wb As Workbook Dim filename As String Set wb = Workbooks.Add ThisWorkbook.Activate ActiveSheet.Copy before:=wb.Sheets(1) wb.Activate filepath =...
  6. Nelson78

    VBA and Excel: save a copy in .xlsm and a copy in .xlsx

    Hello everybody. I have a file in format xlsm named example.xlsm At the end of a Macro run, I need a one more copy of this file in format .xlsx (to send my workmates via mail), saved in the same folder. Of course, preserving the existence of the .xlsm master. How can I perform this task...
  7. J

    Renaming all files in a folder (there is a mix of .txt and .xlsx)

    I have this macro which is the second half of my process to 1) pull in all the names of the files in a user selected folder and display them in column A and then 2) rename all those files to whatever the user inputs in column B on the spreadsheet. My problem is there are both .txt and .xlsx file...
  8. S

    Can you use VBA code to access a corrupted file?

    I have a file which I've tried numerous ways to open: Excel's Recovery method to resore Renaming Moving from my OneDrive to desktop Outside Software Safe mode in Excel Changing extension from .xlsx to .xls As far as I know I have tried everything and wondering if it's possible to duplicate...
  9. S

    excel getting corrupted after this RUN

    Hi, My Excel doesnt save after i run below VBA. with error msg as corrupted. Sub foo2()Dim x As Workbook Dim y As Workbook Workbooks("TimeSheet.xlsm").Activate ImportDir1 = Trim(Sheets("Control").Range("C5").Value) Workbooks("TimeSheet.xlsm").Activate ImportDir2 =...
  10. E

    Linking Cells between .xlsx Files

    Is it possible to import a single cell from one Excel file to another, such that each time I open a specific .xlsx file, it will import the value from the most recently saved version of a different file (either opened or unopened)? Any guidance here is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Sam
  11. R

    Excel 2010 saved as .xlsx will only allow 65536 rows

    Hello Hello... Is there a reason for this or perhaps I'm missing something in the settings?
  12. S

    Macro: Open .xlsx in folder

    Hello all, I have searched around the web but I didn't find answer to this "problem". What I would like is Macro that would open .xlsx file that is located in the same folder as Excel with Macro (only these two files would be in this folder.), but without specifying path location of both files...
  13. A

    VBA - Customizing Excel file name using named range and attaching to email

    I have figured out how to customize an excel file name and attach it to an email, but cannot seem to get the code to work using a named range in my workbook. I want to use a named range so the file name is automatically adjusted based on information within the workbook. This is the code that...
  14. V

    Macro to carry over information from a .xlsx into a different format in a .doc

    Hey all! I have a .xlsx document with information I want to copy and carry over into very specific places in a .docx. Only the format of the .xlsx file does not match the format I want to present it the .docx - so it is not as simple as me writing a script to copy the entire region in the XL...
  15. phillipclark

    vba to close file after changing from .xlsm to .xlsx file extension

    Greetings All, I am using the below code as a macro with an Image. The user clicks the image and the .xlsm file is saved with a specific file name and converted to an .xlsx file extension. It is here that i need the help. The original file closes " this is ok" the .xlsx file is left open. I need...
  16. sharky12345

    Loop through folder and delete all files that meet criteria

    Can someone show me how to loop through all of the files in a folder and delete any .xlsx files that have a filename which contains the string 'Demand Data'?
  17. T

    Convert .xlsx to .csv

    Hi Friends, Can we convert .xlsx files to .csv files using vba ?
  18. H

    Failing VBA - Access Import

    In the below code, I am trying to append the data in the file destinationpath & CRT_File_Backlog to the bottom of the access database table, strAccPath & tbl_backlog destinationpath & CRT_File_Backlog(excel 2013 .xlsx) >>>>>>>> strAccPath & tbl_backlog(Access 2003 dbo) The VBA editor is...
  19. H

    VBA. Files will not save. Maybe I'm dumb?

    So the code below is supposed to create a folder (Which is does) and then save these 4 files to the folder. The problem is that it won't save them. The code does not error, but it won't save them. What am I missing here? Thanks guys. I know one of you smarties can help me. If...
  20. T

    VBA macro and File/Date question

    Hi, I have a VBA macro working that compares one set of data against another. So basically the macro imports a source file that I save down. The file we get appears to be Text (Tab Delimited). When I compare my data against this files date columns a lot of dates are not matching with each...

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